Chapter 1: Moving to Whipstaff

Lightning and thunder rolled as I pulled up in front of the house. So different from sunny California, yet it matched my mood perfectly. I gave a small wave to the moving men as they pulled away, my stuff being left in a U-Haul truck outside, for the men had been too terrified to come inside. As I unlocked the door and stepped inside, I knew I wasn't alone. " Well, well, well, it looks like we have a fleashie in our midst," said a snide voice with a heavy New Jersey accent, making me jump a little. I looked up at the ceiling where the voice was coming from, and gasped at what I saw. Three ghosts came out of the ceiling, a fat one, a thin one with buckteeth, and finally, a tall one with piercing violet eyes.

After getting over my surprise, I smiled softly; remembering that ghost's couldn't physically harm people. " Hello" I said, looking up at them. " Who are you?" I asked, but when I asked, they glared at me. " Boys, lets show doll face here what happens to uninvited guests!" said the tall one, who I assumed must be the leader. Out of thin air, they pulled out swords, pointing them at me. " Ghostly Trio, attack!" yelled the leader, and the three of them flew at me, their swords reaching for my neck. I stood still, strangely unafraid.

When they realized I wasn't going to bolt, they skidded to a halt, bumping into on another. " Hey, why ain't you running?" asked the tall ghost, confusion and annoyance mixed together on his white face. " Your just, not the scariest thing I've ever seen" I said truthfully, causing all of them to stare at each other. " Well, that hurt," said the fat one, crossing his meaty arms over his chest. " Don't worry, it's not us. This is just a strange little fleshie," said the buck-toothed ghost, staring at me. No that we were at eye level, I noticed he was the shortest and the smelliest out of all three. I held up my hand, quieting all three.

" Before you say anything else, I want you to know that I've rented this house" I said, startling them into silence. I kept talking so they couldn't interrupt me. " I know this house obviously belongs to you, so all I can ask for you to let me stay" I said in one breath, backing up as the tall one advancing on me. " Now listen here, bone bag" he began angrily, but he was cut off by the arrival of a much smaller ghost. " Guys, I'll handle this" he said, taking my wrists and pulling me up to the top of the stairs. " Where do you think your going, short sheet" yelled the tall ghost, but the small ghost ignored him and flew me through an open door. He set me down on the floor and backed up a little bit.

While I had never flown before, much less with ghost, I had felt, exhilarated, if only for a moment. " Who are you?" I asked weakly, sitting down on the bed. " Um, My names Casper, but don't worry, I'm friendly" he blurted out, each of his words tumbling over each other. " I'm Shawn" I said, shaking his cold hand. " So who were the three stooges?" I asked, nodding my head to the direction we had come. " Oh them, that's just my uncles, Stretch, Fatso and Stinky. The Ghostly Trio" he said, laughing nervously. " They sure are real charmers" I said, looking out the window, which overlooked the sea.

" So, you've rented Whipstaff. Why?" asked Casper, wondering why anyone would want to live in a place like this. I looked at him, knowing it was too soon to reveal my past, but I didn't want to lie. " You ever hear of someone running from themselves" I asked, and Casper nodded, looking completely serious. " That's me in a nutshell. But I can't tell you what it is" I said, not meeting his eyes, which were a pretty blue color.

" That's all right. I'm just glad that there's someone living here who doesn't enjoy scaring people" said Caper, sitting beside me, also looking out at the ocean. " Don't worry. I'm not much of a scarer" I said softly. And that' how I spent my first night at Whipstaff, sitting with a ghost and staring at the sea.

Well, what do you think? I know I'm being a bit vague Shawn and her supposedly hard background, but I promise to explain it in the next chapter. Casper and all related characters don't belong to me, only Shawn does. BTW: Shawn is 17 years old, has shoulder length brown hair, and green eyes. Please Review!