Title: In the Arms of the Angel

Warnings: EXPLICIT sex scene please do not read if you are offended by male/male pairings! Also there is definite Wing!Kink

Summary: Dean is curious about Castiel's wings and has been begging to see them for months again now, when Castiel shows him the wings though, they get more than they both bargained for.

Disclaimer: I do now own Dean, Cass, or anything Supernatural! The writers are amazing though for creating these characters though!

A/N: Hi! So one of my favorite stories to read is Wing!Kink I find it amazing usually and I swear there isn't enough of it out there. This story will be split into two parts because it just became to long for me to think of it as a one shot…so you'll definitely see more action with the wings next chapter but they still play a key role this chapter! Hope you enjoy!

"Cass come on just show me them," begged Dean to the fallen angel.

Castiel stared at Dean for a second then looked down on the floor. It was only him in the motel room, Sam had decided to step out for the night, and they would not be expecting him back until late in the morning the next day.

Castiel sighed to himself. For months now, Dean had been begging him to show him his wings. He understood the possible fascination; and why Dean would show so much interest. Humans were notorious for wanting what they could not have all the time and wings were one of them. Now add an angel into the mix and you have created a longing and need so strong, that they would not stop until they have experienced it. How many humans could walk around saying they have actually touched an angels wings before? Basically none, and so Dean was one of these people.

It started a few months ago, when this obsessive need of Dean's had begun. Castiel had been in a skirmish with one of his brothers, and had been injured in one of his wings. He had appeared to the boys needing help. Dean had noticed that he was hurt and helped him over to the bed where he sat him down. He had demanded that he tell him what had happened, and when he had told him in full detail; when Dean had learned that, he had been harmed on one of his wings he had demanded to see it. Castiel had been hesitant of showing him it was not something that was normally done and wings were a private matter with most angels. The hard look in Dean's eyes though had squandered any doubts that Castiel could coast through this without Dean seeing them and so he had quietly unfolded them from his back, after he had removed his shirts and trench coat.

Dean had sucked in a breath of awe when he saw the shadows of his wings unfurl. He had not fully materialized them, since he did not need to, and Dean did not seem to want to press the issue. He must have known he was getting a rare opportunity with this and did not want to waste a single moment on a petty argument. Slowly Dean had come over to his wings and lightly placed his hand along one of the shadows. Castiel had shuddered at the feeling of Dean's hand gently carding through the feathers that he could not see but could probably be able to feel.

His wings shuddered under the feel of Dean's fingers and he bit his lip to hold back his gasps. Dean's hands did not hurt him, actually, it felt very pleasurable, but he felt so open and exposed with those emotions coursing through his veins that there was half of him that had wanted the moment to be done. The other half was craving for the moment to last and to explore these new emotions and sensations that were being presented to him.

Dean had mistaken his shudders to mean that he was in pain and quickly treated the wound. As soon as he had finished Castiel had quickly retracted his wings, and thanked Dean. He had thought that that would be the end of that, but he had been wrong.

"Dean I don't know if that is a wise decision," said Castiel still not looking at the hunter, coming back to the present from his thoughts.

"Why not Cass? Were friends and you know I wouldn't do anything to hurt you right?" asked Dean.

"It's not necessarily about trust Dean, it's just, wings are a private and delicate business among angels," said Castiel.

"Oh," said Dean, "Forget about it then Cass, its cool."

He turned around to pack some more loose items in a bag, since him and Sam were going to be moving out of this small town by morning. Castiel stared at Dean's back silently for a while and chewed his bottom lip. He knew Dean was disappointed with this, but he would never show him that. If he thought his friend was not ready and would feel uncomfortable, he would not push the issue. 'What harm would come of it?' Castiel thought to himself. Castiel was curious as well about the feelings and sensations he had coursing through him months earlier when Dean had tended to his wounded wing.


"Yeah Cass?" asked Dean turning around to stare at the angel.

"If you want to touch them and see them I will show you," said Castiel.

Dean looked at his friend slightly shocked; he was not honestly expecting Cass to let him.

"Are you sure Cass?"

Castiel nodded, and then proceeded to take off his trench coat and shirts underneath. Within a few short minutes he stood in front of Dean, bare chested. Dean gulped slightly at looking at the angel's body. He was not heavily muscled but he was lean and there was muscle where there should be. His arms were corded and well defined, and his stomach had the faint outlines of a beginning six-pack. Dean felt his cock twitch slightly in his jeans, and he quickly shook his head. What was wrong with him? He shook his head and tried to temper down his arousal.

Castiel looked at Dean slightly confused, he seemed slightly flushed; Castiel frowned slightly and walked over to Dean. He gently placed his hand against Dean's cheek.

"Are you alright Dean?"

Dean felt himself flushing, most likely from embarrassment and slight arousal at Cass's close proximity to him. He probably did not even realize the extent of the gentle and intimate touch that he was giving him.

"I'm-"Dean's voice came out slightly cracked, he cleared his throat and tried again, "I'm fine Cass really, now lets get this thing on a roll hey what do you say?"

Castiel stared at Dean a few seconds longer and then slowly nodded at him. He stepped away from Dean a bit and then closed his eyes. Finally, he felt the gentle unfurling of wings from his back, the weight of them extending and stretching. He sighed slightly when he felt their great mass, stretch, and expand away from him. Dean let out a gasp of surprise and Castiel knew that the hunter was looking directly at his wings.

Dean walked over to Castiel slowly, as soon as Castiel felt Dean approach, his eyes snapped open and regarded the hunters every move closely and carefully. Dean hesitated for a split second then when no danger was imminent, he started to walk closer again to him. Slowly his arm outstretched and finally his hand came into full contact with the wing.

Castiel and Dean both jumped slightly. It felt like a huge electrical current had jolted through both of their bodies as soon as Dean had made contact with his wing. Castiel shuddered in the pleasurable aftershocks that one gentle touch had given him.

Dean was absolutely fascinated by the angel's wings. They were huge, probably fully extended they would reach 13 to 15 feet in length. The feathers were a beautiful ebony black colour, and there were streaks and flashes of different hues of blue dispersed equally between each feather, so that the wings gave the impression of a beautiful black sky at night. Coincidentally the blue in Cass's wings reminded Dean of the blue in his eyes, so rich and deep like the most pure of oceans.

Dean gently started to card his fingers through the feathers that were in front of him, some were slightly crooked, and Dean took it upon himself to straighten those ones out for the angel. Slowly and meticulously, he groomed each feather on the angel's right wing. Castiel the whole time was trying desperately to control his shakings, and moans that were threatening to escape from his mouth. Then Castiel felt a hardening in his lower regions, and swallowed back another moan. He knew what was happening to him now and if Dean did not stop, he did not know how he would explain himself to the hunter. Dean was so engrossed in the wings of the angel that he had not noticed Castiel's predicament.

Finally, he came closer to the base of Castiel's wings and felt a small bump the size of a small peanut maybe. Dean became curious and lightly rubbed along the bump. Castiel's eyes shot open wide, his nose flared, and his wings extended as far as they could in the small room stretching all the way up to the ceiling. Dean jumped back quickly afraid that he had hurt the angel.

Castiel stared at Dean, and cocked his head slightly to the side, when he had gained enough control over his emotions.

"Dean? What is wrong?" asked Castiel.

"Oh umm it's just I thought that I had hurt you," said Dean in a sheepish voice.

"No you did not hurt me at all," said Castiel a small smile playing along his lips. Poor Dean he had thought that he had injured him, but little did he know he had hit one of the most sensitive parts of an angel.

"What did I touch then?" asked Dean hesitantly walking back over to Castiel again. Castiel lowered his wings again so that Dean could have easy access again.

"They are my oil glands," replied Castiel, "They keep my wings, healthy, and keep them aerodynamic, and glossy."

"So basically healthy," chuckled Dean.

"Yes basically," said Castiel rewarding Dean with a small smile again.

Dean walked over to the other wing, and proceeded to give the same treatment as he had on the other wing. He noticed more now this time around that Castiel was more affected. His breathing became more ragged, his pupils dilated where the blue of his eyes was almost completely taken over by the black, and his feathers seemed to be becoming puffier and shook more and more under his caresses. Dean was busy studying Cass's reactions to his touches that he startled slightly when his hand came into a wet patch that was growing rapidly throughout the wing. He looked at the other wing and noticed that it too seemed to be more shiny and slick in the light. Dean lightly ran his hand through the fluid and raised his hand to his nose to smell it. It smelled faintly like ozone, and mainly of the ocean. With it's salty tang.

"Cass what is this?" asked Dean to the angel.

It took Castiel a while to focus on what Dean had asked him, but when he had, he looked down at Dean's hand and saw it slick with oil.

"It is my oil Dean," said Castiel.

"Does it always come out this heavily for you?" asked Dean, smelling his hand again. Call him crazy but the oils smell was addicting for him. Slowly underneath the ozone, he smelled other faint scents that he enjoyed. He swears he could smell the faint traces of one of his favorite burgers, and gunpowder along with the faint smell of freshly fallen rain.

"No only under certain circumstances," said Castiel.

"Like what?" asked Dean.

"Either when an angel is in danger, the oil will coat the entire wing and form an impenetrable barrier so that they cannot be damaged by any weapon made by demon, angel or man; it will also present itself during grooming or…" and Castiel trailed off at that point.

"Or?" asked Dean hedging Castiel to answer. He thought he knew already what the angel would tell him, but he wanted the angel to acknowledge it for himself and admit it aloud to Dean.

"Or when an angel is sexually aroused and wishes to mate," said Castiel looking down at the floor.

Dean smiled to himself and walked to stand directly in front of Castiel. He cupped Cass's chin in the palm of his hand gently and raised the angels face up so that their eyes could connect.

"Cass would you be comfortable with me showing you the ropes?" asked Dean to the angel.

Castiel tilted his head to the side and frowned slightly at Dean.

"I do not understand what this "show you the rope" saying comes from Dean. What ropes?" asked Castiel in an adorable confused look.

Dean snorted with laughter at his friend's innocence.

"What I mean Cass is would you like to mate with me?" asked Dean giving Castiel a gentle smile.

Castiel gave Dean a look of complete bafflement. Something like this had not been done since the first Nephilim had been born and subsequently killed. Castiel's vessels heart began to beat faster and Castiel knew the answer to Dean's question in a split second.

"Yes Dean I would be honored to take you as my mate," Castiel replied in all seriousness.

Dean smiled gently at his friend.

"Ok Cass let's do this then," said Dean and gently he took the angels hand and led him to his bed in the small motel room.

He turned Castiel and gently cupped his chin again and gave the angel a slow and delicious kiss. The kiss was extremely sensual, and maybe a little inexperienced on Castiel's part but Dean knew with a little practice that he would happily provide Castiel would be well rehearsed in sex and kissing by the time he was through with him tonight.

Their tongues danced together lightly. Dean curled his around Cass's, tempted, and lured it into his mouth. When he felt his tongue in his mouth, he started to gently suck on it as if you would suck on your favorite lollipop. Castiel gave a small moan at the sensation of Dean lightly sucking at his tongue. His hands came up and rested against Dean's chest, lightly rubbing all along Dean's upper body. Dean let go of his tongue, gave a small moan of Castiel massaging him, and then went back to his thorough exploration of the angel's sweet mouth.

Dean captured Cass's mouth again, and this time the kiss was more demanding. He overwhelmed the angel and plundered his mouth. His tongue lightly flicked against Cass's and when Castiel tried to engage his tongue the same way Dean had he quickly moved his tongue to trace Castiel's teeth, memorizing all the little ridges and tips of them. Castiel gave a small moan of disappointment at Dean's avoidance tactics and slowly his hands became bolder. They slowly moved to the hem of Dean's shirt. He slipped the shirt up slightly and lightly rubbed his hands against Dean's midriff that was exposed. Dean pressed closer to Castiel at his motions and kissed him with more passion.

Teeth could be heard clashing in the room, and the slight breathy whispers of moans. Castiel tugged off Dean's plaid shirt until he was wearing his black wife beater underneath just for shirts. As soon as Dean's arms were, free from the confines of his shirt he moved his hand and lightly rubbed against Cass's more than obvious arousal. At this Castiel arched his back into Dean, and attempted to mold his body to the hunters. His wings flared out and the same scents assailed Dean's nose again that he had smelled on his hand. Then Cass's wings brushed against his bare arms and Dean lost it. He gently pushed Castiel onto the bed.

Castiel toppled onto the bed, easily. He stared up in surprise at Dean not having expected this. His wings were open wide on both sides of him and his eyes glazed as he stared up at Dean. Dean stared down at Cass and admired the bird's eye view. Cass lay before him completely stretched out on his whole bed. His wings took up the whole bed that Castiel's body did not take up. They were so large that they draped off the sides as well and curled slightly on the ground. Cass's mouth was kiss bitten, red, and puffy from the intense kisses that Dean had given the angel. His hair seemed to be in more disarray even though he had never touched it yet. He panted in deep breaths and stared up at Dean in expectation. Dean's gaze lowered down the angel's body and came to rest on Castiel's concealed erection. A huge bulge was denting the front of his pants. It showed Dean how much Castiel wanted and needed this. Without any doubt he was ready for what was about to happen.

"Dean," Castiel rasped out, his deep voice dropping even more and turning incredibly huskier from the want and desire coursing throughout his body.

Dean's eyes snapped back up to the angel and he made eye contact with him. He lightly smirked at the angel then slowly dropped down onto the bed and crawled up to rest above Castiel. He placed his forearms on either side of Castiel's head in order to avoid the wings, so as not to crush them with his weight. Slowly Dean started kissing down Castiel's jaw line until he met his lips again. He caught his bottom lip between his teeth, worried, and nibbled it with them. Castiel gave a choked moan at the feeling. Then slowly Dean released the abused lip and started to kiss along the opposite side of his jaw, he came to his right ear, swirled his tongue around the lobe and then bit down gently and tugged. At this Castiel gave a gasp, and arched up into Dean's body, he grinded against Dean's hard cock through his jeans looking for relief. Dean released Cass's lobe at his action a moaned out to the room in the harsh friction that Castiel was creating between their over sensitive bodies. When Dean had recovered from the shock and pleasure of the angel rubbing against him he looked down at Cass with a wide smirk plastered against his face. Who would have thought that his ear would have been a sensitive point for the angel? It made Dean even more curious to find the other spots on the angel.

Castiel was in a state of bliss below Dean. He loved to feel the hunter's solid weight against his own body. Even though he knew, he could easily over power the hunter he took great pleasure in the hunter dominating him. Their hard cocks rubbing against one another brought him to a new high that he had never experienced before. His pants were extremely constricting now around him, and he was starting to get desperate to rid their clothes in the fastest way possible. He arched his back again, almost impossibly like a cats and began to rub against Dean again, desperately trying to create some type of relief. Dean grabbed onto his hips and forced him down onto the bed. Castiel groaned in disappointment and want. Frantically he then tried to use his hands to unbuckle Dean's jeans and tug them down off him. The hunter laughed lightly at the angels inexperienced actions on his clothing and swatted his hands away. He lightly straddled Cass's hips.

"Let me help you with that," said Dean in a husky voice looking down at the angel lust burning like a wild fire in his eyes. Castiel's breathed hitched at the look.

Dean lowered himself so that he was lying in between Castiel's spread legs. He looked up at the angel and winked at him. Castiel gulped as he stared down at Dean, his breath catching in his throat in anticipation of the human's next move. Dean moved his mouth down and lightly blew on Castiel's hard on through his dress pants. Castiel's eyes became half lidded and he groaned lowly in the back of his throat at the feeling of the hot air warming his most intimate area slightly.

Dean smirked up at the angel. Soon he would have the little angel completely loosing it at his hands, or more importantly, he thought, his mouth. Slowly he unbuttoned Castiel's dress pants, took the zipper between his teeth, and tugged it down until he was fully unzipped. All the time he was staring up at the angel and Castiel stared down at him. Slowly Dean sat up slightly and tugged down the angel's pants roughly and quickly. Castiel lifted his hips to provide Dean with easier access, and he tossed the pants over his shoulder onto the floor, and then stared down at the boxers that were covering Castiel's cock.

His mouth started to water slightly thinking about what lay beyond the thin barrier that kept them separated. Slowly he hooked his fingers as well around Castiel's boxers and looked up at the angel for confirmation to see if this was ok. Castiel stared at Dean and nodded his head, giving permission to proceed. Dean nodded back at him and quickly tugged off the boxers and through them in the same general direction as the pants earlier.

Castiel's cock sprang up as soon as it was free from the constraints of his clothing. It made a slapping sound as it rested against his stomach and Dean stared at it. He felt like a starving man that had not eaten nor drank anything for days. He crawled in between Castiel's spread legs again and his head rested level with the Castiel's cock. The angel's cock was glorious Dean had to admit to himself. It was thick and was about 8 inches in length. Its head was red as if angry and demanding Dean to take it in his mouth and suck on it. Who was Dean to ignore that order? With that, he lightly took a long swipe of his tongue across the head of the cock.

Castiel choked, and thrusted his hips up off the bed desperate to feel more of these sensations. Dean grabbed onto the angel's hips with both hands and somehow forced the angel down back onto the bed. He then grabbed the base of Castiel's cock, and while holding onto one hip with one hand he took a long lick from the very base of the cock all the way to the head. Beads of pre-come were starting to glisten on the head of his dick, and Dean fitted his mouth over the head, he began to tongue and lap at the head of Castiel's dick like someone that just could not get enough.

Castiel threw his head back and stared up at the ceiling giving a long drawn out moan from deep within his throat; his wings flared out so violently that one of them knocked the bed on the other side and sent it flying until it hit against the motel door and laid there. Neither the angel nor the human took notice of this though, as they were so deeply engrossed in the others body, giving, and receiving pleasure. Castiel had never felt something so heavenly before in his long years. The way Dean's mouth suckled on the head of his cock was exquisite. The pressure and suction made him want to thrust deeper, but he did not want to harm his human and therefore tried to restrain himself. He gripped the bed sheets with his hands and one gripped the headboard behind them. He moaned again even stronger as Dean gave a particularly harder suck to his head and lapped with his warm, wet tongue at his slit. Tonguing it, in a parody of what was going to happen shortly later.

Dean was having the time of his life being this close to the angel and in the most intimate of ways. He could smell Castiel's heavenly and manly scent mixed in. His salty sweat that smelled strongly of the ocean, and the odor that was unmistakably manly was coming off him waves. His wings were beating gently and would stop and shudder and shake when Dean would give particularly hard sucks and slurps. Dean slowly started to take more and more of Castiel's cock slipping down the hard smooth surface. For something as hard as his penis was, it was incredibly smooth, and felt like velvet. He took more of the cock, and whenever he would gag slightly he would back off and suck on the length of the cock that he had in his mouth. Swirling his tongue and licking against the penis until his throat, and stomach calmed enough to try again. After a couple of tries, he was able to go down fully on Castiel. He closed his eyes and could feel the angel's balls resting against his chin, his wiry, curly black hairs tickling his nose; and where his lips stretched around his girth.

Castiel moaned loudly the windows in the room cracked, his hips arched up off the bed even with Dean's hand trying to keep him steady. His eyes flared slightly with light and his wings arched as high as they could above him as they could in his position; they seemed to grow even bigger in Dean's eyes as they opened and looked up at Castiel to witness exactly what his mouth was doing to the angel. Castiel then snapped his gaze down onto Dean, and stared at the hunter with a heated and full-blown lustful stare. Dean swallowed around Castiel's rock hard dick in his mouth, and the angel groaned lowly and released the headboard that was broken under his grasp to hold onto the back of Dean's head and lightly direct the hunter in the pace. He may be inexperienced in this field but he knew what his body wanted instinctually.

Slowly Dean raised his head up a bit and from Castiel's cock, he gripped the bottom of Castiel's dick with one hand the other resting on the angel's thigh lightly. Slowly he started to lick and suck at the angel's dick as if it was the best tasting Popsicle he had ever had. Pre-come was coming through the small hole at the tip more and more like a small river and Dean licked and swallowed it every time, not letting a drop of the angel's essence go to waste. The smell of Castiel's dick and from his wings was driving him crazy. That oil smelled so good to him, and with Castiel gripping his air it was becoming overbearing for the him. He lowered the hand that was not touching Castiel's dick and undid his jeans, and sighed when some of the pressure was released from his own dick. His hand started to palm and stroke his manhood and he moaned and groaned in pleasure. Castiel's hand tightened in his hair as he felt the vibrations that the hunter was making. They surged through his dick and up his spine, that made his wings start to beat more forcefully, creating a mini tornado in the room.

Dean's hand that was gripping the base of Castiel's cock moved downwards and started to lightly fondle his balls, lightly rubbing them. Castiel's legs were shaking and his grip on Dean's hair forced the hunter all the way and to take all of his 8 inches into his mouth. Dean was unprepared for this, and slightly gagged on Castiel's hard dick, but got through it by forcing himself to swallow repeatedly around the angels hard dick. Castiel moaned deep in his throat and a little of his true voice broke out and shattered the TV screen behind them, neither paid any attention to that either though. The sensation of Dean continuously swallowing around his hard cock was driving him mad. It felt like a continuous massage and if he could, he would stay right here on this bed, buried deeply in the hunter's throat for the rest of his days no matter how many that would be. He looked down at Dean and took in the beautiful the image the hunter presented to him right now. His eyes almost closed from the amount of pleasure that he realized he was giving the angel and that in turn was a huge turn on for him. His lips stretched wide and thin around the girth of his cock, and if he cocked his head slightly to the side, he could see the side of Dean's throat, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down as he swallowed his hard meat.

"You look like you have been starving for my cock Dean," said Castiel in an extremely husky voice, roughened with pleasure, "Look at you swallowing me down, your lips stretched wide around me to take me all in. I can feel your throat and I can only imagine what your ass feels like if your throat is already this tight, wet, and warm."

Dean moaned harshly at this and stroked himself faster, at Castiel's words. Suddenly Dean's hand that was stroking himself shot up and fisted in Castiel's feathers on one of his wings. The angel gave a great groan of pleasure and lost all control of his body. The dual sensation of Dean's mouth on his cock and his grip on his wing pushed him over the edge.

Dean stayed and sucked on Castiel's dick. Castiel had gripped the back of his head and had forced him all the way down onto his cock as soon as he felt his orgasm, and did not allow Dean to give one bit of space. Dean though, would not have let up from Castiel's dick even if he could. He loved feeling the hard, smooth cock pulsing on his tongue, and its spurts of cum go down his throat. It was somewhat salty, but also kind of sweet a perfect blend between them. To Dean it tasted great, he could not get enough of it, so he kept enthusiastically sucking on Cass's dick until it stopped shooting cum and became slightly limp in his mouth.

Finally, Cass's grip on the back of Dean's head relaxed, and he allowed Dean some give. Dean raised himself off Castiel's cock, and with a slight pop let it fall out of his mouth. He lightly started to lick all over his cock, cleaning up any cum that may still be on his dick.

Dean then sat up slowly and began lightly to card his hands through Castiel's wings. The feathers were soaked with sweat and oil. Castiel gave a broken moan on the bed. He was spread eagled, no pun intended, on the bed. His wings stretched out fully on either side of him. His wings trembled with the light and gentle touches Dean was giving them. They were super sensitive after his orgasm, and were shaking from the over stimulation but it felt so good that he refused to tell Dean to stop.

Dean was staring at the wings in awe. They were so smooth and glossy it felt like very fine silk running against his fingers, or water trailing through his hands. He could not get enough of their feel, smell, and the sight of them. Castiel gave another moan of because of his ministrations. Dean smirked down at the angel, and winked at him.

"Doing ok down there angel?" asked Dean in a smug voice.

Castiel stared up at Dean, "You can laugh Dean, but wait until I claim you and we shall see who will have the last laugh or so they say."

Dean smiled down at the angel and leaned down slowly so his body rested against Castiel's and their heads were in perfect alignment.

"Are you going to live up to that threat?" asked Dean, slanting his lips still puffy and red from sucking Cass off over the angels to share in a slow, passionate kiss.

Castiel moaned into the kiss and tried to keep up with Dean's kisses. Cass could taste himself on Dean's tongue and he became even hotter from the realization that he had fucked his mouth. The hunter had to admit to himself that the angel was a fast learner and smiled slightly as their two tongues dueled in a love dance of what was going to happen very soon.

Dean sat up lightly and started stroke Cass's wings. His hands came back slick with the oil that coated them and slowly he lowered his hand down to Cass's most secretive of entrances.

He lightly stroked the rim of his hole and prodded gently at it. Cass's breath hitched above him at the slight intrusion that was about to happen.

"Cass tell me what you want me to do to you," said Dean in a husky voice.

Castiel looked up to Dean a small frown furrowing his eyes.

"I don't know what I want Dean, I just know I need something," whined Cass.

"That's called lust or love Cass. You have desire right now, and don't worry we are going to take care of that," said Dean lightly pecking Cass's lips, "Don't worry I'll give you exactly what you need Cass."

Castiel stared up at Dean with a determined look in his eyes.

"I need you to be able to trust me though Cass," said Dean.

"I trust you Dean," said Cass in a breathy whisper.

Dean then lightly started to insert the tip of his finger into Castiel's entrance. Castiel's eyes flew open even at the small penetration. Dean kissed him again to try to distract Cass from the pain that his finger was causing him. Slowly as the two kissed, he wormed his finger fully into the angel's hole. Castiel ripped his mouth and gave a huge strangled moan against Dean's cheek as he felt his whole finger inside him.

Dean sat up to see between Castiel's legs and watch what he was doing so as not to hurt the angel any more than had to be done here. He thrusted his finger in and out of Castiel's hole slowly allowing the angel time to get used to the sensation. Suddenly Castiel arched up from the bed and his wings flared as high as they could from their position still trapped under Castiel's body. Dean smirked to himself he had found Cass's prostate.

"What…what is that?" gasped Castiel staring at Dean, his eyes blown wide and his pupils fully dilated; he stared up at Dean in awe.

"That my little winged friend is called a prostate," said Dean smirking down at the angel's complete virginity. 'It's cute' Dean thought to himself.

Slowly he kept on striking Cass's prostate and the angel quickly left like a gibbering mess on the bed, writhing to the thrust on Dean's finger. Slowly Dean added another finger and began to stretch Castiel's hole wider to prepare him for his cock. Cass's breath hitched at this slightly bigger intrusion but quickly relaxed and began to lightly thrust his hips up again to meet Dean's rhythm. When Dean thought Cass was ready, he slipped a third finger in the angel. Cass's eyes opened slightly wider. The extra intrusion caused his body to lock against the fingers, and it created a slight burn inside him. Dean lightly started to massage his inner walls again and he felt himself relaxing all over again and craving more from the hunter. His body needed something desperately but he did not fully understand what that was. Dean stretched his fingers out again and when Cass was a mess below him, and his wings were, beating strongly Dean deemed that he was ready.

Slowly he pulled his fingers out of the angel and they made a slight squishing sound as soon as they were free of his body. Castiel whimpered pathetically beneath Dean and tried to thrust his hips up to find the missing fingers.

Without them in his body, he felt strangely empty, as if he was missing a key part in a jigsaw puzzle.

"Please," whimpered Cass, staring at Dean with desperate eyes, "Please…"

Dean touched Cass lips with his finger lightly to stop his talking. "It's ok Cass, your going to get something much better right now."

With that, he reached up to slick his hand again in more of Castiel's oil from his wings and started to slick up his cock with the oil. It felt heavenly the oil on his cock. Like gentle caresses were stroking him and it felt as if he heated up more on his cock as soon as the oil made contact with his sensitive skin there.

Dean moaned lowly and gripped the base of his dick. Slowly he pushed the head so it rested against the angel's opening and paused there for a second. It seemed as soon as Castiel's hole sensed his cock there waiting for him it tried to suck him in. He could feel the tip of his penis being nudged and nibbled gently by Cass's hole. Dean looked up at the angel as if asking for permission to continue.

Castiel stared at Dean and then lifted his hips slightly and with his wings helping to propel him, he engulfed all of Dean's cock in one hard thrust. Castiel's eyes rolled into the back of his head at the sensation of feeling all of Dean's 7 inches of beautifully hard cock inside him. His dick was pulsing and it felt like his whole body was humming from the intense sensations that was generating from where there bodies joined. Any amount of pain taken away, for on the first thrust, Dean's cock had rammed into his prostate and stars had gone off in his eyes.

Dean was like wise enthralled by what Castiel had just done. He had not been expecting the angel literally to impale himself in one huge thrust on his dick with out him knowing. Dean was over come by the sensations of feeling his cock in this warm, wet, and tight channel. It felt like a never-ending massage and he had to wonder if this was how Cass had felt when he had blown him just a few minutes earlier. The continuous rhythm of Cass's ass felt like it was trying to pull him in deeper but that was impossible. Dean's balls cradled against Cass's cheeks and he could not go any farther even if he wanted to, and boy did he just want to bury himself in the angel.

Dean moaned low in his throat and his eyes made eye contact with Cass's below him. Cass's eyes were the bluest he ever had seen before and seemed to shine with light and understanding now and above all else with desire. Dean panted slightly.

"Cass man your going to be the death of me," panted Dean leaning down slightly so they shared the same air as they both panted and became used to the new sensations flowing through out their bodies. "You are so tight and hot, even tighter than a glove that's one size to small, ugh."

Cass moaned at Dean, and his hole clenched down on the hunter again suffocating Dean's cock inside him.

"Dean move, you are not going to break me and I need you to move NOW," said Castiel forcefully rocking his hips up into Dean in an effort to make him get going.

Dean then slowly pulled his hips back a little bit, and then forcefully rammed them back. Castiel's eyes flew wide at the sensations. He moaned, groaned, and rocked his hips back into Dean's thrusts.

Dean tried to keep control of himself; but Castiel was just too much for him. He was pounding into the angel and the slap of skin on skin, and the squelches of his cock continually ramming into Cass's hole, along with the more ferocious beatings of the wings were the only things that could be heard through out the room.

Dean could not get enough of the angel and he roughly slammed their mouths together. The kiss was rough and sloppy with teeth clicking viciously against one another and saliva leaking down their chins, but Dean absolutely loved it. He had never had this kind of a passionate encounter with anyone before; and he had quite a long list to his name if he admitted it to himself.

Castiel was in heaven to. The pounding Dean's cock was giving him was making fireworks go off his body he felt like. He wrapped his legs around Dean's hips tightly and tried to pull the hunter faster and deeper into himself. His wings flared and wrapped themselves around the angel they belonged to and his chosen mate. As if, they were shielding the two from the outside world and encouraging the mating to progress and finish.

Dean felt the wings wrap around him like a soft cloak. The feathers were soft like downy and seemed to ripple over the skin of his back like water. Dean could feel the oil slicking down his own back, adding the scents and sensations to them. He could smell all his favorite scents that he had earlier and the unmistakable scent of Castiel like the ocean all over him and it was driving him mad. The oil slowly trickled down his back, over his thrusting hips, and came to pull and lightly drip through his crack. Some of it rested on his own hole and it gave Dean the curious sensation as if his muscles down there were relaxing and stretching as if waiting for something. Dean had never felt sensations like this and moaned deeply again and buried his face into the side of Castiel's neck still thrusting his hips deeply in the angel. His hands came up to the base of Castiel's wings and immediately he found the oil glands were it was seeping continuously out.

The glands had swelled from maybe the size of a peanut before, to walnut sizes now due to Castiel's high arousal deemed thought to himself. He rubbed the glands viciously trying to make Castiel reach his peak before him. Castiel let a huge moan tear out from his throat and his wings seemed to light up slightly.

"That's right Cass let go for me," cried Dean, thrusting his hips even faster and rubbing the glands faster.

"DEAN!" cried Castiel and he seized up around Dean's cock. His wings locked around there bodies and Dean felt a new slickness pour down his back. Castiel's cock spurted thick ropes of pearly cum and his orgasm sent Dean tumbling over the cliff to his. His muscles seized up and he thrusted as deeply as he could get into Castiel and stayed there as he unloaded his load into the angel.

Dean thrusted and grinded gently into Castiel still as the two lightly came down from their high. He stroked the glands and the surrounding wings gently as if to soothe them from the rigorous activity that had just happened. Finally, he became too soft to remain in Castiel, and slipped out. Castiel lifted his wings, and lowered his legs with a sigh of relief and Dean toppled onto the bed in a dead heap being careful though still to miss the delicate wings.

Castiel shifted around and stared at Dean quietly. The lay relaxed together and the rest of the world did not matter except for them. Castiel and Dean gently kissed repeatedly. Then Cass sat up slightly.

"So Dean ready to go again?" asked Cass his eyes heating up and his wings flaring in dominance above him.

Dean looked up at his angel and had to gulp. He knew what Cass was about to do and by the look of the angel he was not going to take no for an answer.

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