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"Dean. Dean!"

Dean was jolted awake by a hard slap across his face. Violently jolting, he flew up, barely missing head butting Sam who was leaning over him. Sam jerked back just in time his brown eyes glazed with concern. As his brother groaned and sat up the worry melted away to be replaced with relief.

"Ugh." Dean grunted, shaking his head. "If I have to wake up to that ugly mug every single day I may just scream."

Sam scoffed. "And that's the thanks I get for saving your hide. Your welcome, Dean."

"Shut up jerk."


"Anyways, are the djinn-"

"I took care of them while you were having a cat nap, Dean. How was it? Dream of pie?"

Rolling his eyes, Dean stood up and stretched. He grimaced as he looked around the dank and damp warehouse that he had been kept in. The cot dirty and soiled. He could have sworn he had just caught a glimpse of a cockroach scuttle away. He shivered and shook himself off. He hated those things. Wincing he stood up and was immediately assaulted by a foul, ripe odor. Grimacing he took a small whiff and felt as if he was about to fall over.

"I'm gonna need a shower." He stated simply walking off.

"You don't need to tell me that," Sam muttered. Turning he watched Dean's retreating back. "Oh, Dean! Exits back this way." Sam hiked his thumb back over his shoulder in the exact opposite direction Dean had been heading, grinning as his brother swore under his breath.

Turning abruptly and brushed past Sam, Dean mumbled angrily along the way. Sam caught up to his brother easily with his long strides and kept up with him as they walked back towards the warehouse exit.

"So what's going on exactly?"

Dean huffed in exasperation. "Sam, I don't want to talk about what kind of hallucination that djinn had me under, okay?"

Frowning at this Sam turned to his brother. "I only meant Dean what's going on with these monsters?" Dean grunted and Sam took that as his cue to continue on. "I mean, we have reports of vampire attacks during the daylight with increasing frequency, werewolves turning at any time not hindered by the full moon cycle. The djinn are attacking and becoming increasingly violent, clearly." Sam jerked his thumb at the dark warehouse behind them. Dean snorted at his brother description on the djinn. Sam rolled his eyes and continued not even heeding his brother's snort. "And not to mention the arachnids and other creatures that are spawning all over the country. Heck, Bobby even has reports of an okami and those are supposedly seen only in Japan."

"Your point?"

Sam snorted in derision. "Dean, isn't it obvious? The monsters are acting weird."

This time it was Dean's turn to snort. "Weird? Sam, their monsters. They're not exactly like you and me. I mean you don't exactly see them on Christmas cards or wrapped up with a cute bow and a happy birthday, Timmy!"

"Yeah because were the epitome of normal." Sam shook his head and let out a quiet chuckle. "Dean if I remember correctly we celebrated when a monster was taken down even if it was a national holiday that was intended to be celebrated with family and close friends."

Dean raised his hands in a defeated gesture as they walked closer to the impala. "I'm just saying Sam. Maybe nothing is going on. Maybe things are just, you know, changing? Evolving?"

"Dean, nothing changes or evolves for that matter, overnight. It takes thousands of years for evolution to change its course not a year."

"Yeah, but Sam, it's not like we live in the stone ages. There's airplanes, boats other modes of transportation in the current day. Monsters have an easier access of becoming global than ever before. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to dissuade you or your opinion. But does it not seem like that could be the explanation?"

"I don't know, Dean. It's just why now? After all this time? Airplanes weren't just invented. They could have travelled whenever and it's all happening now? A year after the apocalypse?"

"Sam, if your insinuating that somehow Lucifer is involved in this somehow, God rest his soul and all-"

"No, Dean, I'm not. But doesn't it strike you as weird timing?" Sam asked with a confused frown marring his otherwise handsome features.

"Well have you asked Balthazar about this?"

Sam swallowed at the question and scratched the bridge of his nose. "That's just it." The two of them got to the impala, opened the doors and hopped in, slamming them closed. "He hasn't been around, Dean."

Dean frowned at that as he stuck the keys in. "Not around?"

"No, like, we got back from Paris and everything seemed fine. But shortly after our return Balthazar just disappeared and I haven't seen or heard from him since. Even the connection has been muted to the point where I can't even feel him. It almost feels like a yawning chasm in my chest."

"Okay, were getting way to close into chick territory now, Sammy."


"No, Sammy, wait. I'm not trying to make fun of you or anything." Dean scratched the back of his head. "I just don't know how to really deal with these kinds of talks."

"Then try."


"Dean. Try. Please, for me. I need someone to talk to. And it's not like I can go to the corner store and talk to someone else about they're angel mates. It's not exactly a common thing."

Dean sighed. "Fine. But before we do this I'm making a stop at a local diner and picking up a double bacon cheeseburger with everything on it and some cherry pie and then we can unload about all our feelings and crap like that." Dean started the engine and the impala purred to life.

Sam snorted. "Yeah, okay, thanks Dean."

"Should I also buy the notebook or something so we can have a good cry?"

Sam glared over at his brother and Dean laughed as he pealed out of the parking lot. They stopped at a diner twenty minutes away and Dean ran in to order a large burger and a pie while Sam got a salad. They went back to their motel room and sighed as they sat down at the rickety table and unloaded the food in front of them. Dean didn't waste a second as he began scarfing down the burger, grease and condiments dripping down his chin. Sam winced at the sloppiness that Dean ate the burger with, but he couldn't help the small smile at the look of pleasure on his brothers' face. It was amazing how something as small as a burger could make his brother happy. Almost like what books did for him.

"So," Sam took a forkful of salad and chewed thoughtfully as he organized his thoughts. "Have you heard from Cass or Gabe?"

Dean frowned at him from around his mouthful of his burger. "I thoughft fthis fwas abousht you."

Sam winced at the food that spat out from between his brother's lips. "Dean, seriously chew and swallow."

Rolling his eyes, Dean did exactly that. "I thought this was about you, Sam. Not me."

"No, I said that you would understand me. And the fact that I haven't seen either of your angels around recently leads me to believe that something is up on your front as well."

Dean took a swig of beer as he ruminated over Sam's question. His brother was right. They had been back from they're honey moon for about a month when things had went topside. He had lost contact with Castiel and Gabriel suddenly and unexpectedly. All of his prayers had been answered with stone cold silence. Even the ones where he got stone cold drunk and screamed up to the sky in the dead of night with the stars twinkling back at him, his silent witnesses.

The fact of the matter was he never heard from either of his angels and the radio silence of the bond that usually linked the three of them together had been blocked. Almost as if a wall had been erected and no matter how much he scrabbled and fought at it he could never break through.

Eventually after a few weeks the depression and loneliness had numbed slightly until it felt like he was slightly dead inside. But upon hearing that Sam was experiencing the same exact thing? Well that just sent his blood boiling. He could throttle Balthazar, never mind his own mates.


Dean snapped out of his thoughts and looked over at Sam, "I'm sorry, what was that?"

"Your angels. Have you seen them?"

Dean sighed and laid down his half eaten and now forgotten burger. Sam raised an eyebrow. "Lost your appetite?"

Dean grunted as he wiped his hands on a napkin and leaned his head on his hands. "I haven't seen Cass or Gabe since roughly around the time you said you lost contact with Balthazar."

Sam nodded. "I thought so."

"Have you tried praying to him?"

"Of course, Dean. That was the very first thing I did when I hadn't seen him in a day or two. But I got nothing, not even a buzz of recognition telling me he got it he just couldn't really respond at the time. I don't know," Sam laid his fork down, "what if somethings seriously wrong? And they're hurt or in danger?"

Dean snorted at that. "I think if something was really wrong Sam we would know about it. They're freaking angels for crying out loud!"

"Dean, we know perfectly well that angels can get taken out," Sam jabbed back at his brother. "We can't afford to take that risk."

"Sammy, okay, just calm down and take a breather. Listen you would know. Cass told me that if a mate dies the other mate or mates, depending on the case, would feel it. It would be like, I don't know, a tidal wave hitting you full force. Something like that. Even if you were blocked off you would still have felt it. So the question is have you felt something like that?"

"Well no," Sam hedged slightly.

Dean waved his hand at that. "And there you go and there you have it, Sam. So clearly the angels are still alive because neither of us have felt anything."

"I still don't like it, Dean."

"I know, Sam. Tell you what. As soon as we get back to Bobby's we'll sit down and try to figure everything out that's going on. Sound good?"

Sam shrugged and didn't answer. Dean looked down at his pie and burger and couldn't bring himself to take another bite. Grunting, he stood up, grabbed some clothes and walked into the bathroom. The lock clicked into place and he hung his head in the cold room.


Later that Night


Dean could feel the soft fluttery kisses of slightly chapped lips against his cheeks, the bridge of his nose and just skimming over his eyelids. He couldn't help the slight grin that stretched across his face. Huffing, still slightly groggy from coming out of his dream haze, he turned over and buried into the pillow below him in an effort to escape the ticklish elusive touches.

However, that was not to be as another set of lips began skimming over his forehead and the left hand side of his face that was left exposed.

"Ugh, stop it," Dean grumbled out slightly. The dream had been beautiful and he was reluctant to let go of it so suddenly. His mind tried to grapple, to wrestle the dream back.

But the touches refused to abate and he forced one of his hazel/green eyes open, glaring at the culprit in front of him.

Gabriel smiled back at him. The smug archangel winked at him, making a crude smooching face at him.

Dean rolled his eye at the archangels' actions and huffed as he relaxed back into the pillows.

"Is it morning already?" He winced at the sound of his voice as it cracked after having been out of use for hours.

"It's actually nine in the morning, Dean," Castiel's deep, raspy voice chimed in from behind. "We allowed you to sleep in this morning since it was a busy night."

At the mention of last night Dean sighed and rolled over. He ran a hand over his face, staring up at the ceiling.

"Sammy's dating that dick of an angel."

"Dean." Castiel frowned at his choice of words, clearly not impressed by them.

"Eh he's pretty much right," Gabriel chimed nonchalantly.

Castiel shot his glare at the archangel. Gabriel just shrugged and stared back. "What? It's true? Balthazar can be a dick."

"Thanks, Gabriel. That makes me feel better that the biggest trickster in the heavenly garrison is giving that kind of standing ovation for his brother." Scratching his forehead, Dean couldn't help but let out a slight groan.

Gabriel shifted on the arm he was leaning up on. His lean muscles rippling inside his vessel at the slight movement. Dean swallowed the groan that almost escaped from his throat. The archangel was deceiving. Such a small vessel housed such immense cosmic power and strength. The wrath of heaven and all it's wonders. Dean could feel his heart rate speed up at realizing the power he held over one of the most powerful beings ever created.

"It's the truth. But one thing I'll say about Balthazar is that he looks after whatever is important to him," Gabriel responded with completely unfazed.

Castiel frowned again at that. Not at Gabriel but merely at what the archangel had just imparted to them. "But Balthazar has only cared about himself."

Gabriel glanced at his brother. Sighing he sat up in the bed the covers pooling around his waist as his back faced them. Dean studied Gabriel's turned back to them, patiently waiting for whatever the archangel was about to spit out. He couldn't help remembering the archangels regal wings with his back turned to him. All six appendages flared out wide and open displaying all of their strength to him. He snapped back to the conversation at hearing Gabriel's voice once more.

"Not true, Castiel," Gabriel started without glancing at them, "he cares about his possessions and Balthazar was not always so cold and ruthless. He's always been calculating, yes, that much is true. However, that angel does have quite the capacity to care about his brothers and sisters at times. Trust me Dean, your brother is in good hands.

"I would know. Balthazar and I are much the same. We don't care about much in life. But when we find something that's worth us protecting and caring for we do it with all of our power. An angel's mate is a very strong motivator for protecting a human."

Dean huffed somewhat. "Yeah but the guys' still a dick, Gabriel."

"There was once a time where you thought I was a jerk and a dick Dean if I need to remind you."

The mood in the room became still and slightly tense at that comment. Gabriel still hadn't yet turned around and Dean could feel Castiel clench up slightly beside him. He chanced a quick glance at the seraph beside him and he watched as his eyes hardened slightly at Gabriel's statement.

Sitting up, Dean leaned forward and slowly, hesitantly, wound his arms from behind Gabriel, locking his arms in front of the archangel. To his relief Gabriel didn't tense, instead he surprised Dean by leaning back into his embrace. Feeling emboldened by that action, Dean scooted closer to the warm body heat powered by the grace burning brightly just under the skin and rested his head on Gabriel's shoulder.

"You're right to a point, Gabriel," Dean began slowly. He thought of his words before he used them making sure he was careful about what he said before he said it. "After what you did with me and Sammy that time. Screwing with us. Trapping us in that time loop; I won't lie, there were times where I had to think, 'What a jerk.'"

Gabriel couldn't help the snort that came out at Dean's honesty.

Castiel smiled at Dean, proud of the hunter being so open and honest to they're mate. It may not be the most pleasant thing to hear but it was something that needed to be said between the three of them.

"But I've gotten to know you better, Gabriel. And intimately. And if there's one thing that I do know it's that I trust you. Both of you." At this Dean looked over his shoulder at Castiel and locked eyes with the angel still lying on the bed behind them.

Sighing, Dean turned back around and laid his cheek back on Gabriel's shoulder. "And if you say Balthazar is okay, and that my brother will be treated fairly, then I trust that your right."

Gabriel's grip tightened on their joined hands. Turning his head the hunter picked his head up slightly to meet him and the two sealed they're lips together.

Dean whimpered at the feeling of Gabriel's lips moving softly against his. The slightly sugary sweet flavor that always seemed to permeate the archangels very being and the electric zing of the grace as it zipped along their mental bond. After a few seconds of sharing soft, gentle kisses, Gabriel gave one last nip to his bottom lip and pulled away smirking.

"Thanks, Dean-o. I'm glad you trust this sexy ass." Gabriel winked at him and Dean couldn't help rolling his eyes at the antics.

"Whatever." Huffing Dean let himself fall back and flop onto the pillows.

Castiel raised an eyebrow and glanced up at Gabriel. The two shared a small smile as they looked at they're hunter once more.

"So what's the plan today guys?"

"I think it's about time we head back." Castiel stated quietly. "Sam and Balthazar have gotten wind of some troubling news and I believe it requires the attention of all of us."

Dean frowned and rolled his head to the side to glance over at the seemingly relaxed angel. "Is it serious?"

Castiel frowned. "I'm not sure yet. Probably nothing to be too worried about. Most likely an errant rumor. However, I'd rather be safe than sorry and check out the information."

Dean nodded and sighed. Looks like his honeymoon was over.


Dean bolted upright in bed sweating profusely. His sheets drenched, his skin clammy and sticky with his shirt plastered against his chest and back making him wince in discomfort. Shifting slightly he swore quietly at the feeling of the cold, slick sheets rubbing against him.

Beside him Sam slumbered on, none the wiser of Dean's discomfort. It would almost seem as if his baby brother didn't have a care in the world but Dean could see through his brother especially in his sleep. The slight wrinkle at the corner of his eyes, the gentle down turn of his mouth and the fact that his hands kept clenching and unclenching at the sheets all told Dean that his brother was suffering through his own troubled dreams.

Sighing, Dean threw the sheets back and stood up. He walked over to his duffel bag, grabbed it, and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. The last remnants of the memory turned dream haunting his conscious, bringing him down.

A few minutes later he opened the door and a cold voice met him.

"Don't move."

Dean froze and looked up. Sam was sitting up in bed on his elbows slightly propped against the headboard. A woman was standing over him. Her right hand was extended almost touching Sam.

"Lower the bag slowly and walk a little into the room. Slowly."

Dean smirked at her. "Now listen sweetheart. I'm not doing anything. Your breaking and entering and you're very close to threatening us. Tell you what. How about you leave quietly out that door and don't come back and we won't press charges. Sound good?"

Seemingly in answer to Dean's words the woman's arm lit up with blue flames and she smirked at him. Raising an eyebrow challengingly she didn't even bother to hide the enormous grin that came over her face.

"Or okay, you know, now that that's all settled," Dean laughed.

"You killed my father, and my brothers," the woman hissed angrily moving her hand closer to Sam.

Sam flinched back slightly. "Dean." He hissed angrily; not daring to look away from the glowing hand not even a foot away from him.

"Sam, just shut up for a second," Dean said back not taking his eyes away from her.

"How does it feel?" She began talking with a heavy scorn in her voice. "To see your baby brother here. One touch and I could just send him into a sleep that will kill him. It would almost be humane of me to do that for him in comparison of what you and your brother did to my family!"

"I wouldn't exactly call it humane especially since you're not exactly human, sweet cheeks," Dean replied with a smirk.


The woman smirked at him. "I know that ruse you're playing at boy."

Dean raised his eyebrow. "Oh do you now? So tell me what am I playing at?"

"The whole I'm a cocky little shit and no one can touch me act," she said with scorn, "that nothing bad happen to me. You're full of shit. You think that you or your own can't be touched? That one day something won't kick your ass into next Tuesday? How naïve do you have to be?"

Dean let out a short bark of laughter. "Oh man babe you're so wrong I can't even begin to express how wrong you really are. See, I know that eventually something will get me in life. Whether it's sickness, disease or a freak accident. Hey, it could even be by one of you sons of bitches. But hey, I'll tell you what, I'm taking out as many of you as I can before I bite it. So have at it girl. But I should warn you I have some heavy protection on my side; you might want to think twice before you touch me."

"Please your little angel mates are the least of my concern right now. Events are in motion and I don't have time for a child thinking he can play our games."

"Wait," Dean said with a frown, "what are you talk about exactly? What events?"

But before she could maybe answer him, the door to their motel room burst open with a forceful slam, bouncing off the wall and startling all of them by the sudden loud noise.

Dean and Sam's instincts were honed after years of hunting and quickly rolled away while the djinn was distracted. The woman was confused by all the commotion and her attention was split by their sudden movement. When she turned to grab onto Sam one of the people in the door shot her with what looked like a tranquilizer dart.

She yelped at the sting and reached her hand up, grabbed the needle and pulled it from her neck. Before she could do anything else her eyes rolled up into her head and she fell onto the ground with a heavy thud.

Dean and Sam stood against the back wall as the group of people entered their room. They closed it behind them and the lights flicked on. Blinking at the sudden brightness, Sam and Dean shaded their eyes and squinted at the figures.

"Well, I'll be damned," a gruff voice echoed in the small room.

Dean frowned. He recognized that voice. Looking up he forced his eyes to get used to the sudden brightness, blinking and squinting.

A man had stepped closer to them. He had a bald head, stern and severe expression and a sturdy body. Dean knew him because he had met him once before. Technically before he was actually born.

"You're our grandfather." Dean barely managed to stammer out. Sam looked at him in shock and confusion then looked back at the man.

The man grinned. "Hey there, Dean. That's right. My name's Samuel. Mary's father and your grandfather."

Sam turned and looked at Dean. "Is he for real?"

Dean swallowed. "Yeah." He cleared his throat and began again. "Yeah, Sam, he really is our grandfather. But how do you know who we are?"

Samuel chuckled. "Come on son; do you think I wouldn't do my homework as soon as I got back?"

Dean frowned. "Wait. How are you back anyways?"

Samuel shrugged. "No idea. One second I'm up living the high life upstairs with the wife. Next second I'm waking up in the middle of a field, almost felt as if I was just slammed into my body. Talk about getting windexed."

"What do you mean?" Sam asked.

"I mean I don't remember anything else. Who pulled me out and yanked me down. Or why I was brought back. It's all blank."

"Wait, I'm sorry, hold up a sec," Dean put his hand up to stall anything else Samuel might say, "your telling me that you just ended up here, no warning, and you don't know who dragged you back?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying, son," Samuel said patiently.

Dean couldn't help the slight irk of annoyance about Samuel calling him or Sam son. He may be their grandfather but they really didn't know him. Samuel had died many years ago before he and Sammy where even born. It was odd how close and chummy he was trying to be with them.

"So how did you know we were here? Or her?" Dean jerked his chin at the djinn still lying comatose on the floor. "How did you know?"

Samuel scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Please, don't insult me, Dean."

"I'm not-"

"Yes you are." Samuel raised a finger towards him and glared. "I've been hunting since before you boys were born. This isn't my first rodeo. I may have been out of action a couple of decades but I can assure you I'm still as sharp as I always was." Samuel shifted his stance and jerked his thumb back at the djinn. "You weren't covering your tracks well enough. Usually before you do something like this you know your mark inside and out and how many you should take out roughly. This wasn't an overly large nest. You're lucky we came along when we did. She had you by the short and curlies. We watched her and tracked her back here where she led us to you. Figured she would want revenge on the hunters who decimated her family."

Dean startled as some of the other hunters moved into the room and over to the body lying on the floor. They stuffed a sack over her head and bound her arms behind her back. Picking her up they started to lug her out of the room.

"Hey, where are they taking her?" Dean made a move forward almost as if to stop them, but Samuel stopped him from moving to far forward.

"Don't worry, son," Samuel began, "were going to dispose of her ourselves. Let you guys get back to your sleep."

Dean choked back a scathing retort at the son comment once more and instead focused on what was going on around them.

"Since it was part of our hunt we shouldn't let you do it. We should finish her-"

Samuel waved his hand at him. "Nah, don't worry about it. We'll get her out of your hair.