A new take on Twilight and TMNT. Never been touched before if the fanfiction site is anything to go on.

What if Bella had grown up with out favourite mutant turtles? Means changing and tweaking a few facts, but isn't that what fanfiction is all about?

So Bella is getting of the plane from saving Edward, in Italy, but instead of going back with Edward she is getting picked up by her brothers, Aka our favourite turtles of all time. In TMNT world this is after they have finally defeated the Shredder, and Leo is still angry. As a result of the fight Bella will have a scar on her face, and be a little bit cold and uncaring for a while.

Any way on with the story, I hope you enjoy, and please review, it makes me happy XD

Bella's point of view.

Waiting to get of the plane, I couldn't help but be impatient to leave. I had wasted three days in Italy, three days that I could be with my family, helping to look after my brothers.

I was in no fit shape to be in forks, I should have been at the farm house with my brothers and sensei, helping them recover while I helped myself.

I had gone back to forks to collect the rest of my belongings, to bring them home. I only moved in with Charlie to have an education. Charlie and Renee were friends of my sensei's sensei. Master Yoshi had met them when he first moved to New York. Charlie and Renee had agreed to pose as my parents while I finished a normal education.

I was only in Forks for a couple of days, collecting my possessions and tying up any loose ends. I had said after the fight with the Shredder that I was never going to leave my family again.

So imagine my surprise when Alice turns up at my door, and then learning that Edward thought I was dead. Rushing of to Italy to stop my ex-boyfriend from killing himself was not on my timetable.

I had managed to get a message to Donnie, telling him what had happened, and when I would be arriving back in America, but apart from that I have had no other contact with him.

I didn't even know if they were coming with April and Casey to collect me. Part of me hopes they are, but then again part of me hopes that they stayed at the farm.

I have collected new scars from our final fight with the Shredder. I have some across my arms, but I also have a slash across my cheek. Its still red, but fading, you can tell just by looking at it that it will scar.

I haven't slept in a while. I don't know the exact amount of time, but I know that I can last a few more hours before I will need to rest, even if it is only for a couple of hours.

Leaving the plane, I can tell Edward and Alice are shooting worried glances at me when they think I am not looking. I haven't told them anything about my brothers or my real past. How could I? I would never put my brothers at risk like that, not unless they were present.

Its not that I don't trust the Cullen's, I do, but for fear of anyone else finding out about my brothers, I have never told them.

For instance if I had told them Aro would have read it from Alice's and Edwards minds. He would have stopped at nothing to find them. And if they had found my brothers then they would have found a way to find the Utroms.

Walking through the airport, I can sense many people looking at my scar. Ignoring them, I follow Edward and Alice towards where I assume the rest of the Cullen family are waiting.

I spot them, waiting for us not that far. When we reach them Esme places her hands on my cheeks, looking at my scar. I can see Carlisle and Jasper doing the same.

Carlisle steps forward, no doubt worried about my health.

"What happened?" He asked, replacing his wife's hands with his own. He turns my head this way and that, inspecting for infection no doubt.

"Nothing of importance Dr. Cullen. It is in the past and I would like it to stay there" I stated, moving back a step, in the process removing his hands from my face.

I see a brief flash of hurt and surprise in Carlisle and Esme's eyes before it was quickly masked by a pleasant smile.

"Of course. We should get you home, I have no doubt that Charlie is worried about you" He said, while leading us to the exit.

"I assure you that that wont be necessary Dr. Cullen. I will not be returning to Forks, and I have arranged my own form of transport." We had stepped out of the airport now, and I could see Rosalie and Emmett waiting not far away by their cars.

"You are not going back to Forks?" Esme asked, looking confused.

"No, I am returning home to be with my family. Some friends of mine will be along shortly to pick me up" I stated, trying not to be too blunt, not telling them where I am heading either.

I had noticed Rosalie and Emmett slowly come towards us, no doubt drawn in by our conversation.

"Bella…?" Rosalie asked. I turned towards her, waiting for her to continue. " I am sorry, I hope you can forgive me. I also hope that I am not part of the reason your not returning to Forks."

"There is nothing to forgive, I am not going back to Forks for the simple reason that my family needs me, I have collected all my belonging that I wish to take with me and now there is nothing left for me there"

"What about Charlie?" Edward asked, his eyes looking a bit panicked. I could tell the real question he wanted to ask was 'what about me?' but he didn't say anything more than that.

"I am sorry to say that I have not been completely honest with you." I looked down while saying this. Even though I only lied to protect my family, I am not proud of lying. I looked up again "Charlie is not my father, and Renee is not my mother. I don't know who my real parents are, but I was adopted my sensei and he has raised me like I was his own. Me along with my four brothers. I cannot, and will not tell you more than this."

To say that they were surprised would be an understatement. They all looked absolutely shocked, even Alice, who could see and predict the future.

I could also see the doubt in their eyes, see them chalking down everything I had just said to lack of sleep.

Not particularly bothered either way if they believe me or not, I shrug and turn around, waiting for the battle shell to appear in my line of sight.

"Bella, come on, lets get you home" Esme places her hand on my shoulder, trying to steer me in the direction of their waiting cars.

"Mrs. Cullen, I have explained that I will not be returning to Forks with your family. If you do not believe what I have just said then you may call Charlie and ask him. Either way whether you believe me or not I will not be returning to Forks"

She looked hurt by my words, but it is the truth. I will not be going back to Forks, I will be going to New York to be with my family once again.

True I should've been kinder with my words, but I am tired and wanting to be on my way. The sooner April and Casey get here the better.

Speak of the devil and he will appear. I could see a very familiar green armoured van moving towards us. Many were staring at it, trying to figure why it was here and who might be driving it.

They didn't have to wait long.

The Cullen's were surprised further when the van pulled up in front of us. Even though where it was parked was a no parking zone, we would not be stopping for long.

The doors opened and April came rushing towards me, embracing me in a tight hug.

"Don't you dare scare us like that again. Do you know how worried we were when Donnie told us you were going to Italy and then not hear anything for three days?" She demanded, not expecting an answer, and not giving me the chance to give one before hugging me tighter.

"Sorry April, wont happen again" I returned the hug, placing my head onto her shoulder, letting her support most of my weight.

"Babe, let her breath for a minute. She's tired" Casey pulled her April away from me, and brought me into a more gentle hug. May sound surprising since this is Casey Jones we're talking about, but he has always been more gentle with me, always treating me like a little sister. Even though he knows I can handle myself in a fight as well as the rest, he always makes sure that my backs covered.

"Hey Case" I sighed, letting myself give all of my weight over to him. He doesn't seem surprised, and supports my weight.

"Master Splinter is in the van." He says as he turns as to the van.

"Of course. I will just be a second." I turn back towards the Cullen's. They are watching us silently. I don't need to be a mind reader to know that all of them apart from Jasper and Edward are wondering whether there is something between me and Casey.

Though I know that Edward knows that Casey sees me as a little sister, I can tell the he is wary of him. I don't know Edwards feelings, but they do not matter.

I am going back to New York, and it will be very unlikely that I will see them again.

"As you can see, my ride home is here. So goodbye, and… thank you I suppose" I finished awkwardly. I didn't really know how to say goodbye to the people I had started to regard as a second family.

"Wait! Can you please tell us where you are going?" Alice asked, grabbing my wrist as I was turning around. I see Casey and April look at each other, not sure whether this is a good idea.

"I am going home, to New York. Its unlikely that we will see each other again, as you cant see my future anymore and our address isn't listed" I added when I saw Alice about to speak.

I probably shouldn't have said as much as I did, but I don't think that I will see them again. I turn to the van, climbing into the back, where my father was sitting.

He looks at me. He looks like he's aged ten years. He stands and embraces me, but says no words, knowing that the family outside could still here us.

There is a makeshift bed attached to one of the sides, not there before, but I assume that either father or April set it up on the way here. I am guided to the bed, and laid down.

"Sleep my daughter, your brothers are awaiting you at the farm" My father whispers to me, stroking my hair with his paw.

And for the following hours, I know nothing more.