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Chapter 1: Getting Rid of The Demon.

Three days had passed since Konoha had been attacked. And for the newly reinstated Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, it had been three days of Hell. Strangely enough while most of his woes would have thought to have been caused by the fifty foot tall fox that decimated the village, you would have only been half right.

A small baby born just moments before the attack, an innocent child that had never done anything to harm anyone. He wasn't even capable of supporting his own head let alone causing harm to anyone. But it was unfortunately this exact fear that was causing all of Hiruzen Sarutobi's troubles. For the child was not an ordinary three day old boy. This was a jinchuuriki, the host to the very same fifty foot fox demon that had just devastated the village.

"Hello Sarutobi sensei, you look like you have seen better day's" came a voice from a nearby window from where the Sandaime Hokage was sitting.

"Jiraiya-kun, you are a sight for sore eye's, it has been hell around here. I am missing being retired already" Hiruzen said.

"So he did it after all, I was hoping the stories I heard were false information. Why did he have to use the Shiki Fuin, there were other ways to seal a Bijuu" Jiraiya said sadly.

"Is that why you returned, just to see if the rumors of Minato's demise were accurate?" Hiruzen asked.

"Well yes and no. Minato's son, Naruto where is he?" Jiraiya questioned.

"Ah the boy, he is safe and healthy, he seems to be a happy most of the time, just like his mother. But he looks so much like his father already" Hiruzen said.

"I guess I have to take up my role as Godfather and stay here with him now, or I could take him with me, either way is fine" Jiraiya said solemnly.

"I'm afraid I can't allow that jiraiya-kun" the Sandaime said.

"What! Why not?" Jiraiya demanded.

"Several reasons, for one I need you to look after your spy network, we need it more than ever at the moment. Secondly if Iwa found out you were looking after a child they would know who it was straight away, why do you think they gave him Kushina's last name, Uzumaki. Don't worry about the boy Jiraiya-kun, I will make sure he is safe" the Hokage said with a smile.

"Can I at least see him once before I have to go?" Jiraiya asked.

"Of course you can, strange I didn't quite picture you as the fatherly type Jiriaya-kun, just goes to show just how much there is I still don't know" Hiruzen said with a smile.

Hiruzen left the comfort of his desk and signaled Jiraiya to follow him. They walked until they came to a room with the door slightly ajar.

"He's in here" Hiruzen said quietly.

They quietly entered the room so as not to wake the boy, but he was already awake.

"Three line's on each cheek that look like whiskers, is this the sign that he is a jinchuuriki? Kushina never had them, but then again her seal was different wasn't it" Jiraiya said.

"No from what we can gather, those marks were there before the sealing. So they are only birthmark's if I was to have a guess I would say it was because his mother held the Kyuubi when he was born" Hiruzen said.

It was at that moment Naruto yawned and gazed up into Jiraiya's eyes.

"Would you look at that, same eyes and I think his hair is already becoming spiky like Minato's" Jiraiya said looking down at the boy. "I bet you're going to be a great ninja one day kid, I will be back when you're older so don't go getting too strong without me" Jiraiya said, a small smile crossed his face and he went into his pocket and withdrew a small green wallet that looked like a toad, and placed it in the crib next to the tiny blond.

"A wallet? Interesting present to give to a baby" the Hokage laughed.

"Maybe, but I wanted to give him something that he could use later on in life as well. Anyway, have they rebuilt the bath houses yet" Jiraiya asked changing his tone from serious to that of a super pervert.

"No not yet sorry Jiraiya-kun, you are going to have to wait to do your research I am afraid. It is a shame too because that book you brought out was brilliant what did you call it? Icha, Icha? You could make a killing if you turned it into a series" Hiruzen said.

"Maybe you are right, my last book didn't really sell many but this one is selling like nothing else" Jiraiya said.

"Is there anything else you would like while you are still in the village?" Hiruzen asked.

"No, I should be on my way, if I have to leave I better just get it out of the way now. Keep the kid safe sensei, I do not want to have to face Kushina when I die if Naruto gets there before me. Oh and I am sorry to hear about your wife" Jiraiya said and just like that he was gone.

(Eight Year's Later)

A short blond haired boy was sitting alone on a swing watching the other kids play. In the past he had attempted to join them but they had always said they were not allowed to play with him. Even the kids at the Academy seemed to be extra cautious or simply avoid him. There were however some exceptions. The lazy boy Shikamaru was usually nice enough, but unless you enjoyed watching clouds he was not the best person to hang out with, he also liked playing Go and Shogi but Naruto didn't know how to play either of them as he never had anyone teach him.

Naruto still sitting on the swing contemplating whether or not he could find a way to join in the other kid's game when he heard a voice from behind him. "Hey, you're one of those weird people with no pupils who think they are a noble or something. So do you think you are better than us huh" the voice said.

Naruto turned in the swing and saw three older boys bullying a girl from his class, he remembered trying to talk to her once but she went red and was unable to respond so Naruto just figured she was like everyone else and wanted him to leave her alone. 'What do they think they are doing to her. Her name was Hinata wasn't it? She looks scared, maybe I should help her out. I don't care that they are older than I am' Naruto thought as he got off the swing and started to make his way over to where the bullies were now forcing Hinata to bow and apologize for something.

"Hey what do you guy's think you are doing, leave her alone" Naruto ordered as busting into the clearing.

"What the, oh look she has a little boyfriend" one of the bullies taunted.

"Hey, isn't that the kid our parents said to stay away from, he doesn't look scary to me, he is just as short as this one" the other bully said pushing Hinata to the ground.

"I said leave her alone" Naruto yelled and jumped up punching the bully who had just pushed Hinata to the ground in the face.

"Alright, we will let your little girlfriend go, but you are going to pay for that" the Bully replied and punched Naruto in the gut forcing him to kneel and was unable to block all of the punches that were sent at him.

When they finally relented they left Naruto with two black eyes a bleeding nose and lots of small cuts along his face arms and legs.

'Oh no Naruto-kun he got hurt to save me, what do I do' Hinata thought as she slowly approached the blond and became more and more concerned when she looked at the state of him. 'I need to get help, oh where is Kou I need his help' she thought desperately.

It turned out the young Hyuuga heiress's bodyguard was at that very moment approaching. "Oh Hinata-sama there you are, come it's time to go home, I have a mission tonight and I need to prepare for it" Kou said.

"Please Kou, he needs your help" Hinata said pointing to where Naruto lay still unconscious on the ground.

"Hinata-sama, get away from that... that thing at once!" Kou ordered.

"But he is hurt, he might need to be taken to the hospital" Hinata said.

"That is of no concern of yours, or mine, he got himself hurt it is not our obligation to take care of that thing" Kou said.

"But he got hurt to save me, we should help him" Hinata said bordering on tears.

"I will not help that boy, now come on we need to get you home, just forget that you ever saw the boy, I am sure he wont bother you again" Kou said as he pulled Hinata from the area. She could only look back at the place Naruto was slowly regaining consciousness worried if he was going to be okay.

It was another thirty minutes before Naruto was able to crawl over to a tree to support himself to stand. "Why, what did I do, why wouldn't she help me, I saw her leave as I came back around, why does everyone hate me so much" Naruto said to himself not caring that the sun was no longer lighting the now dark playground. By the time Naruto finally found the strength to begin his walk home the sun had long since set and only the streetlights on the corner of every street lit his way.

"Look's like you finally got what you deserved, who should we send the congratulations too" Came the voice of a man approaching behind Naruto.

Turning around Naruto recognized him as a member of the Konoha police force. Naruto never really had a good relationship with the police force, he had been the cause of far to many pranks for any of them to sympathize with Naruto's current predicament. "Look I have had a bad day, just leave me alone" Naruto snapped in reply.

"Oh I don't think I should, you are a disrespectful little whelp who needs to be put down for the good of the village" the man said and Naruto stared in horror as his eyes turned red with three tomoe in either side. "You know I think most people will cheer for what I am going to do" he said taking out a katana from his side.

Before he could even move to strike at Naruto however he was stopped by the arrival of a man in a weasel Anbu mask. "I think you have done enough to merit an express trip to the T and I department" the Anbu said.

"Itachi, you know what he is, just let me finish him. It is because of that filth, that we Uchiha, have been watched more carefully and had our district compressed until we are almost uncomfortable" the man spat.

"I do not care, I will not allow you to harm the boy" The Anbu said. Before grabbing the man and disappearing in a puff of smoke.

Naruto gave a sigh of relief but soon lost his breath as he heard a new voice come from behind him. "Well that got rid of your bodyguard, now you are all alone. Normally I would appose working with that man, but we had the same goal and nobody else was willing to help. But don't worry I am not going to kill you, I wouldn't want to risk freeing the beast and returning it's power. Instead I think I will just take you far from here, so you can either find your own way back or preferably die in what ever way you see fit" the man said. And before Naruto could even call for help he was knocked unconscious with a swift punch to the face.

"It is time that we got rid of the demon from Konoha once and for all" the man said before tying Naruto up and stuffing him into a sack and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

(With Itachi)

Itachi arrived at Anbu head quarters with his Uchiha prisoner and took him straight to be handed to Ibiki.

"Ah Weasel I thought you had an easy assignment tonight, I didn't expect to see you here" the scarred torture specialist said.

"Well, tonight my easy job was not as easy as I thought it would be. I was supposed to be watching young Naruto-kun when Kizu here decided that my charge didn't deserve to live any more" Itachi informed Ibiki.

"That's not true, in fact I wasn't going to harm the boy at all, I just want him out of the village" Kizu Uchiha said.

"What are you talking about, I saw you draw a blade on Naruto-kun" Itachi said.

"Maybe I just wanted to scare the little brat" Kizu replied.

"Regardless the punishment for attempted murder of Naruto Uzumaki is death, you should be aware of that, seeing as you are a member of the Konoha police force" Ibiki said.

"Blow it out your ass Ibiki, I'm not scared of your mind games, you would have better luck getting me to break with that snake whore you allow to work here" Kizu spat.

"Anko Mitarashi, happens to be a good friend of mine and I would advise not calling her that in my presence" Ibiki said.

"Or what? You will kill me sooner" Kizu laughed.

"He is clearly drunk so we are not supposed to kill him, but may I recommend a few hours in the torture room with Anko" Itachi recommended.

"Why not, should be entertaining at least. Do you want to stick around?" Ibiki asked.

"No I need to get back to watching over Naruto, kid get's into all sorts of trouble and it is rather amusing to watch" Itachi said smiling beneath his mask.

"Alright, good luck keeping up with him, not many people can, I saw young Tenzo try it, he thought the boy was just going to be at the academy all day so it would be an easy days work. Then by the end of the day he comes into the jonnin bar and collapses from exhaustion. Kakashi and Yugao had to carry him home" Ibiki laughed.

"It's true he can be a handful if you need to chase after him but remain unseen all day. But I like it, there is just something about the kid that is calming and friendly" Itachi said.

"Have you ever thought of talking to him when you are not on missions?" Ibiki asked.

"I am not supposed to, Hokage-sama wants the boy to grow up like any other child and he doesn't think my influence would help that. And my father has forbade anyone to befriend the boy, it is a shame too because I think he would be a good friend for Sasuke" Itachi said.

"Same line Kakashi got, he was not allowed to have prolonged contact with the boy until he became an official ninja. I don't understand it myself, the kid has no friends and is lonely and Hokage-sama is worried that Kakashi might teach the boy more than he is ready for. The only thing Kakashi could teach anyone is how to be over two hours late all the time" Ibiki laughed.

"Anyway I have wasted to much time here already, goodbye Ibiki-san" Itachi said before he disappeared to locate Naruto in a shunshin.

Itachi arrived at Naruto's apartment, he was sure the young blond would have made it home by now. But Itachi arrived to find Naruto's home completely dark and Naruto nowhere to be seen. 'That is odd, I only left him a block from here. Maybe he went to have dinner at Ichiraku's before heading home' the stoic Uchiha thought and once more shunshined away.

Again Naruto was not at Ichiraku ramen. And now Itachi became slightly worried, even though he would never show it. 'This is not good, I need to find him quickly' Itachi thought and this time left without using a shunshin, so he could look around the area in case Naruto turned up.

After close to thirty minutes later Itachi was clearly worried. He could not find any sign of Naruto anywhere. Something that was impossible considering the boy wore a bright orange jumpsuit. 'I need to tell the Hokage, if Naruto is missing, he needs to know' Itachi thought and one last time disappeared.

He arrived at the Hokage tower and quickly entered and went straight for Hiruzen's office.

The Hokage was reading one of his favorite books written by his student and the moment there was a knock on his door the old Sarutobi quickly hid the book from sight in fear of it being one of the many kunoichi who opposed Jiraiya's masterpieces. "Enter" Hiruzen called once his book was well hidden.

He gave a small sigh of relief when Itachi entered.

"Oh weasel, what are you doing here? I thought you were busy with an assignment" the Hokage said.

"That is why I am here, tonight just after nightfall there was an attack on Naruto-kun which I prevented, and I took the person responsible to Ibiki. However when I went to find Naruto-kun after I finished with Ibiki-san I could not find him anywhere" Itachi said urgently.

"Are you saying that Naruto is missing?" Hiruzen said standing up and looking worried.

"Exactly, but it doesn't seem like he is simply hiding anywhere, I have already checked his favorite hiding area's" Itachi said.

"Could it be that Naruto has run away?" The Hokage asked.

"It doesn't look that way, his room has been undisturbed, if I was to hazard a guess I would say he has been kidnapped" Itachi said.

"This is not good. Go fetch Kakashi's team, we need to find Naruto immediately" the old Sarutobi said urgently.

"At once Hokage-sama" Itachi said before giving a small respectful bow and exiting the room.

(Two Day's Later)

Kakashi walked into the Hokage's office with a defeated look on his face.

"Ah Kakashi-kun, tell me you found Naruto-kun" the Hokage asked pleadingly.

"I'm sorry Hokage-sama, we looked everywhere, search parties are still looking but not even the Inuzuka search teams can find any trace of him, all that we know is he left the village with someone from Konoha. And they were skilled enough to loose any hunter ninja or tracking team's we sent after them" Kakashi said.

"Then I guess it is too late... I'm sorry Minato, I have failed you in every way" the old Hokage said sadly.

"It isn't over yet, he could still turn up" Kakashi said.

"Yes and he could also be sold to Kumo you know how much they love jinchuuriki" Hiruzen said.

"If that is the case I hope I live to be far older than you do" Kakashi said his voice shaking slightly.

"That's not a nice thing to say to your Hokage, Kakashi-kun" Hiruzen said.

"Yes but in fairness Hokage-sama, you can only punish me while I am alive, if Minato and Kushina find out we lost there son and failed to protect him, then they will make us pay for an eternity" Kakashi said.

Hiruzen paled when he thought of the prospect of what Kushina would do to him if they failed to recover the young blond. "We need to redouble our efforts immediately!" he said quickly.

"I had a similar response, I will inform the team's at once" Kakashi said before leaving the room via a shunshin.

"Good luck, I do not want to have to tell Jiraiya about this. I promised both Minato and Jiriaya I would keep you safe Naruto, I am sorry where ever you are" Hiruzen said as he looked out over the stone faces of the Hokage monument.

Reaction to Naruto's disappearance was far from one of concern. On the contrary most of the village seemed to be in great spirits. Nobody but the top ranking Jounin and Anbu had been informed of Naruto's kidnapping, but the villagers were just happy because they had not seen Naruto for a few days.

There was of course some people in the village who were worried. The old man and daughter that operated Naruto's favorite place to eat knew something was wrong when he didn't show up for any ramen in two days. And at the Academy only one person seemed to realize he was even missing. A young Hyuuga girl who had been forced to leave the blond when he was battered and beaten.

(Land of forests)

A long haired man carrying a large sack was jumping from tree to tree. 'At the speed of an eight year old child it would take months for the demon to return to Konoha from here, that is if he ever found his way' the thought smirking victoriously.

Suddenly there was movement in the bag he was carrying. "Oh so you are awake again, but don't worry I wont need to knock you out again, I think this would be a perfect place to leave you. After all I still have a mission to do, and I wouldn't want to upset Hokage-sama would I" the man said before jumping down from the tree and tossing Naruto to the ground the bag opening around him.

'Would you look at the, the demon has healed all the wounds, that might help him to survive. Oh well I guess I cant luck out completely' the man thought to himself.

"Hey I know you, you're the bastard that left me in the park after I saved that girl from your clan!" Naruto yelled in accusation.

"Looks like you got me. But so what if I am, there isn't anything you can do about it" Kou Hyuuga said smugly.

"So what are you going to do kill me?" Naruto asked angrily refusing to show how scared he really was.

"No I wont be doing that, it is far to kind for filth like you. Instead I am going to leave you here to die in what ever way you see fit" Kou said.

"Fuck you, I am going to make it back to Konoha and then I am going to make you pay!" Naruto roared.

"Well good luck with that, I eagerly await your return" Kou laughed before kicking Naruto in the face one last time and quickly removing the bindings on his arm's and legs before jumping off into the trees.

End Chapter!

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