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Chapter 140: Relax

"So I've been here less than an hour, and I am already sick of this rain." Gaara said in a drone.

The Yoinokuchi shinobi walked through the crowded streets of Ame, their hoods up to shelter from the downpour. Giant towers that rose high around them which dulled any natural light, meaning that even though there was still several hours of daylight left it was no brighter than the twilight that would normally signal the end of the day.

"Strange, rain has never bothered you before, what is so bad about it this time?" Haku queried, glancing over to the ichibi jinchuuriki, although she couldn't see his face while his hood was up.

"It's obvious isn't it?" Jiraiya replied.

"I don't think so, I can see no adverse way this rain is any different from normal." Haku answered quickly.

"Maybe not to you or I. But Gaara is a little different not because he is a jinchuuriki, it's his unique Ninjutsu that is being affected by Nagato's rain. To control sand like Gaara does, requires constant chakra manipulation. On top of that as I am sure you are aware, he covers himself in sand to form a near impenetrable armour. I am guessing that if you combine the natural way that water makes sand heavier and then have that rain soaked in chakra as potent as Nagato's, then it must be rather difficult for him to hold up that armour." The toad sage explained.

"Right. Not to mention, that it makes it impossible for my sensory skills to work properly. So if we could, it would be nice to get out of the rain soon. How far are we from the tower?" The red haired jinchuuriki asked.

"Not long now. But I do hope Nagato has somewhere to keep our prisoner, judging from what I have heard, he was never really a big on keeping them alive in the past." Jiraiya answered. He laughed as Karin flinched, clearly frightened of where they were heading. "Don't worry your safe, so long as you don't try to escape that is. Then again with all this rain you wouldn't get far."

"Heh sounds like an interesting game to me, would be interesting to see how far the little lady gets, she's a sensor type after all, so she might stand a chance." Zabuza smirked.

"I won't try to escape I promise." Karin shuddered. She knew that no matter how well she could sense those around her, if it came down to it, there was no way she could escape from the Yoinokuchi shinobi.

Once more Zabuza and Jiraiya broke out in laughter at the poor kunoichi's expense. "Lighten up. Like I said before, you're not in any danger with us, we were just messing with you." Jiraiya chuckled in a light hearted manner.

'Who the hell are these people! Half the time they are nice then a few seconds later they are terrifying... Are they doing this on purpose, to unnerve me so I will spill secrets about Sasuke-kun?' She thought still incredibly confused.

She had no more time to contemplate what was going on as there was a large influx of flying paper in the form of origami butterflies that converged to form Konan who was standing next to someone that she had never seen before, but she had heard about this man so many times she instantly knew who it was. His stoic features and sleek black hair in the same raven black as Sasuke's, the only thing that was different to how Sasuke had described him were his eyes. Rather than being as black as onyx, they were a dark blue, that seemed to stand out to Karin more than anything.

"How was the summit?" Itachi asked passively as he walked out into the rain to greet the Yoinokuchi shinobi.

"Rather eventful to be honest. But it could have been worse." Jiraiya answered. He looked up at what would have to be the tallest tower in the city, made with charcoal black coloured steal, with thick pipes that protruded in all directions running around the city. He guessed that they were there before Nagato moved in. 'They are about the size of the Salamanders that Hanzou used to ride.' He thought to himself.

"We're at war. In normal circumstances that is a result that couldn't become much worse." Gaara added casually. Zabuza and Haku couldn't help but chuckle at the truth behind the Ichibi jinchuuriki's statement.

"So where is Naruto-kun? Didn't he leave the Land of iron with you?" Itachi queried.

"Well we did leave together, but on the way here we discovered a rather... unique village, I thought it might be a learning experience for them. They are probably done by now, but I wouldn't expect them to arrive here until tomorrow." Jiraiya explained.

"Regardless. let's not wait around out here. Nagato has prepared rooms for you, even your... guest." Konan interrupted. She waited a few seconds before turning and entering the large tower beckoning the others to follow.


Naruto and Akimi were having a blast, the resort activities were mostly designed for civilian's but that didn't mean that two shinobi couldn't join in. So far they had a rather competitive game of tennis where in the end they couldn't control themselves, starting out they decided not to use any chakra, a prospect that failed miserably. It was their overly competitive behaviour with each other that made any hopes of keeping the fact they were shinobi hidden all but impossible.

Now however the two shinobi were walking hand in hand towards the large open air hot spring baths. Akimi had a rather smug look on her face. "I told you I would win." She teased.

Naruto rubbed the back of his neck smiling. "Does it count as winning if you hit the ball so hard it explodes and we have to stop playing?"

"Of course it does I was winning at the time so there is no denying it. I won." She declared triumphantly, pumping a fist into the air in celebration.

"Well I guess I can't win all the time, the Akatsuki must be disappointed to have missed such a rare event." The blonde joked.

The dark haired kunoichi laughed in response. "Yes I am sure they would have used that chance to recruit the kunoichi that successfully defeated their biggest threat. But of course I would have to turn them down."

"Well I will just have to hope this war doesn't come down to a game of tennis that would be bad. Then again, it would probably mean that less people will get hurt." The blonde mused. They opened the door to the bath house that was as luxurious as their hotel room. There was a thin mist of steam that filled the room, however it was not so thick as to obstruct their vision, which was immediately drawn towards the counter where two of the maids sat in conversation.

"Oh my, guests and it's the shinobi who were making such a racket outside earlier no less." A maid with short brown hair said calmly, she had a kindly smile but her lime green eyes, held a hint of distrust that was directed towards the young couple.

Naruto didn't care though, he casually approached the maids with a friendly wave. "Hi are you two running the baths?"

The closest maid smiled and nodded. "Yes, were you looking to take advantage of the open air hot springs? Although I believe the suite you are staying in has it's own private in house natural hot spring bath that would be more quiet and intimate." She queried.

"Really? I had no idea." Naruto said arching an eyebrow.

"Oh yes it's just connected to your bedroom. These should be a sliding door that will lead out into a small open hot tub, it's mostly designed for couples though if so if you were looking for single baths then we might be more to your speed here.." The maid replied.

"Huh I guess this was a little bit of a waste then, wanna check out the bath in the room then Akimi-chan?" The blonde proposed.

The sound a private bath together was rather appealing to the kunoichi who did not take long to accept Naruto's offer. "Sure let's go." After a final farewell and thank you to the maid that had helped them they turned to leave, heading back towards their room in the Land of Fire section of the resort.

About half way to their destination however when they found a small group standing in their way. "Can I help you?" Naruto asked calmly despite the rather cold glares they were receiving. 'Great here we go, what do these guys want?'

'Fool! Don't you remember that maid that showed you to your room warned you what would happen if you made a spectacle of yourselves. They are probably here to warn you off attacking who ever it is they are acting as glorified babysitters for.' Kyuubi lectured harshly.

'Oh it's you. What do you wan't I was kind of hoping that I would have a few days of peace.' Naruto groaned.

'Well I'm sorry to disappoint you, but that doesn't seem like it's going to happen.' The fox replied, not sounding very sorry at all.

Naruto's attention was drawn from the Bijuu as the small group began to surround the two Yoinokuchi shinobi. "It's not often shinobi stay in a place like this. So we have to consider you a threat to our employers." Naruto could not see who had spoken as they now stood behind him.

"Oh please, if I really wanted them dead I wouldn't have wasted so much time playing around. They would be long dead by now. So why not just drop it and take me at my word that we will leave them unharmed." Naruto replied, not breaking his stride as he walked.

"You expect us to trust a shinobi? Sorry but I think you will find that your word means nothing. We are all shinobi as well so we know lies and deceit are one of the best tools at our disposal." the same man yelled back. He clearly didn't like how neither Naruto or Akimi were taking him, or the other ninja bodyguards seriously.

"I really don't want to have to deal with this tonight." Naruto groaned. 'Oh well I guess it can't be helped.' He added in thought coming to a halt and pulling Akimi in closer to him. "I'm sorry about this, but I assure you that nobody you are here to protect will be harmed, at least not by us... Shinra Tensei!" In an instant it was over. Whatever the others had been expecting from the two shinobi it wasn't the unstoppable wall of gravitational force that hit them. Naruto paused for a moment, making sure all the aggressors were unconscious before continuing on towards their hotel room.

'Well that was far from entertaining, and here I was hoping for a decent show. Oh well maybe next time.' The Kyuubi sighed.

'You were expecting a different result? They were all Chunin, on long term missions nothing I couldn't handle easily.' Naruto replied.

'Hopes and expectations are often different. This is the result I expected, but I had hoped for a better show.'

'Well looks like this time I get to disappoint you. I might try a little harder to keep them around for your amusement next time. But then again, Itachi wouldn't be very happy with me for toying with my opponents again.'

'That is the last thing I want, you running around making us both look weak... No those idiots that would be so ignorant as to take you on without being aware of who they are facing deserve what they get.'

'Ah you're so confusing... does nothing make you happy!?' Naruto asked in shock.

'Such as? Not much to be happy about being sealed up for the past one hundred years.'

'Yeah I guess you do have a point there, unfortunately letting you out would not end well for me. Still I would like to do something, so if I think about something, or you tell me something else I can do for you I will.'

'Trying to be my friend again?'

'Yeah why not? I would be much stronger if we could learn to work together.'

The large fox began to laugh. 'I genuinely thought you would have given up on such a impossible request, I hate all humans. That includes you!'

'Doesn't mean I can't change your mind. You just wait I know we can find some common ground. I can wait.'

'Then prepare to wait for awhile.'

Kyuubi shut the connection off which was fine by the blonde as they had arrived back at their room. "Are you alright, you've been quiet since we were stopped by those chunin?" Akimi asked as she opened the door to their room.

"It's nothing, I was just having a quick conversation with Kyuubi that's all. Now let's go check out that hot tub it's been a long day so I could use a soak." Naruto replied cheerfully.

Akimi nodded readily. "Sounds like a plan to me." They were surprised by the ample size of the bath, easily large enough for them both and then some. "Whoa this place really is amazing"

"Yeah not bad at all." Naruto added. Discarding his Akatsuki cloak as he went to test the water.

"I'll go grab some towels, I'll be right back." Akimi said grabbing Naruto's discarded cloak before heading back inside. She came back a few minutes later in a soft bath robe, a second tucked under her shoulder for Naruto who had made himself comfortable, discarding his clothes with reckless abandon. "What a mess, did you even care where you threw your clothes?" She asked shaking her head with a small grimace of a smile.

"I didn't want to wait, once I tested the water it was perfect, felt like a shame to let it go to waste." Naruto explained offhandedly as if he didn't have a care in the world. "Now hurry up and come join me... did I mention how amazing the water is at the moment."

"Yeah give me a sec, you're so impatient." She sighed. Rather than jump straight in as Naruto had evidently done, she placed the their towels at the edge of the hot tub and pulled her hair up into a tight bun before carefully removing her robes. Despite having seen her wearing nothing in the past, Naruto couldn't help but blush slightly at the sight of her spotless porcelain skin. "You're staring." She said with a smirk.

"Oh sorry, guess I was just stunned. It's feels like some sort of unbreakable Genjutsu that I would never want to end." Naruto replied, unashamedly not looking away.

The kunoichi sighed as she slowly slid into the water next to the blond. "Well you were right, this is nice." They stayed in silence, each enjoying the comforting warmth of the water, it was by no means an uncomfortable silence, rather it signified how at ease they were with each other that no words needed to be said, they just sat and watched the last dying light of the day slowly fade away.

Dim garden lights automatically came on around the bathing couple once more illuminating the small yet quaint garden, yet not enough to obstruct the view of the stars in the night sky. "This is really peaceful, we should definitely come back here once the Akatsuki have been dealt with." Naruto said, finally breaking the silence. "We can bring everyone along it would be a great place for a celebration."

"Yeah." Akimi replied a little underwhelmed.

Naruto cast her a concerned glance. "Is there something wrong? I thought you were having a good time." He asked a look on concern on his face.

"I am having a good time, but talking about coming here with everyone when the war is over... We don't even know if they even have an army, or how they plan on fighting us. That masked bastard can't fight everyone by himself." Akimi said casting Naruto a worried look. "I remember when we were younger it was just after Jiraiya took us in. Akaru challenged Itachi to a spar and was defeated... badly, it wasn't even a contest now that I think back. Still at the time I couldn't believe my eyes. I had never seen my brother lose in a one on one fight, but then again I had no idea what Itachi was capable of at the time. I'm a little worried we might be in a similar situation now."

Naruto sighed and nodded. "There are a lot of unknowns, and you're we could be walking right into a trap and to be honest I am a little worried as well." The blond admitted. He looked down almost ashamed with what he had just said but at the same time a steely determined glint shone in his eyes. "But if I cant believe that we will make it though this war and be able to enjoy more nights like this together with our friends... then why bother fighting. You may not have known what Itachi was capable of back then, but Akaru did. He would have known Itachi's reputation and abilities, but he wanted to challenge him anyway, no point in giving up without trying. So I will try my hardest to keep as many people safe as I can." He declared confidently.

Akimi smiled and pulled the young jinchuuriki into a tight hug. "Thank you." she whispered quietly into his ear before leaning in once more this time for a light yet passionate kiss. "I won't let anything happen to you Naruto-kun, I want to come back here with you, every year until we're both too old to travel and we have a large family to ca-." She was stopped mid sentence by Naruto pulling her into a tight embrace, his lips effortlessly claiming hers and letting out a possessive growl.

(Lemon Warning!)

If Naruto was hoping for a response, he wasn't left waiting for long, Akimi greedily returned the blonds fevered ministrations while allowing him entrance to her mouth for only a second before they began a duel with their tongues, each pushing for dominance over the other without wanting to give an inch. In no time at all however the duel turned into more of a dance, while still not admitting defeat their movements were in sync as if they were guiding the other where they wanted rather than fighting against them.

It was Naruto that finally yielded. Allowing the kunoichi the entrance that she craved and immediately setting off to explore everything that her tongue could reach. Her soft yet triumphant moan caused the blond to stiffen slightly in enjoyment.

Akimi's hands explored her lovers back, gliding to reacquaint herself with familiar territory, leaving slight scratches with her nails as if to mark the area as her own. Naruto meanwhile had moved one hand to cup her well endowed chest, while the other began to attempt to release her long dark hair from the tight bun she had tied. "Mmm wait let's not do this here." Akimi moaned half berating herself for asking to stop when she felt so content and all round amazing.

It didn't seem to get through to Naruto who used the slight withdrawal from their heavy petting to take control. He slid her effortlessly through the water positioning them both so that the kunoichi was straddling his waist. She could feel his readiness, pressing against the underside of her thigh and bit back a moan in anticipation. She opened her mouth to begin once more to suggest they move to a more comfortable environment but that just invited another passionate kiss that made her forget about even the slightest bit of resistance.

Akimi slid her hands down the jinchuuriki's chest, the very tips of her fingers tracing the solid pecks and well toned abdominal muscles, marvelling at how well built he was even by shinobi standards. Her exploration didn't stop there however, gliding her hands down into the water and softly gripping his now fully erect member and lightly stroking it. Naruto relaxed a bit enjoying the added stimulation and didn't even argue as Akimi pushed him back so he was sitting on the edge of the bath with only his ankles still in the water. His confusion didn't last long however as she took him into her mouth, her tongue massaging his member. "Oh fuck me." He moaned falling back to rest on his arms as she continued her service.

There was a audible plop as she pulled back, the tip of her tongue tracing the edges of the head. "Don't be impatient, I'm only just getting started." She teased. Before once more taking him all the way to the back of her throat before bobbing back and fourth, her lips and tongue stroking him in a steady rhythm.

Naruto groaned as Akimi continued her teasing, his arms that were supporting himself were getting weak as he felt his lust rising. "I can't take much more, Akimi-chan I'm close." He admitted through tightly shut eyes and clenched teeth. The kunoichi just smirked and began to increase her tempo. "Oh fuck I'm going to cum!" It was not much of a warning, Akimi felt his shaft twitch slightly and soon felt his hot seed coat her mouth, she pulled back slightly to avoid choking and continued to lightly tease the head of his dick, inviting more cum into her mouth.

Once she was satisfied that he was finished, she pulled back making a show of playfully swishing his cum around in her mouth before swallowing. "I couldn't love you more if I tried." Naruto huffed.

"Well thats good because I was just thinking the exact same thing." Akimi replied. Naruto pulled her close and claimed her lips, he didn't even mind that he could taste himself on her lips. In fact that just turned him on even more, knowing that she loved him, that this exquisitely beautiful was his and his alone.

That thought took hold and with a possessive growl he spun her around so she was sitting in his lap. "Hey what are you doing?" She asked.

Naruto leant forward and nibbled lightly on her earlobe. "Repaying the favour." He guided one hand to cup and massage her breast while the other slid down in between her legs, his fingers sliding between her moist folds, wet with her own juices.

Akimi moaned as she felt two fingers enter her, he began lightly spreading her lips as he pumped his fingers. "I can't take it anymore, fuck me!" She demanded grinding against Naruto's waist making him erect again.

"Who's being impatient now." Naruto chuckled.

"I don't care, just hurry up." She pouted. Her impatience got the better of her and stood up despite Naruto's continued teasing.

"Where are you going?" Naruto asked curiously.

"To dry off, then to the bedroom, and you're coming too. It's uncomfortable out here." Akimi replied l making a show out of slowly bending over to pick up her towel giving the blonde a full view from behind. Knowing there was no changing her mind now, Naruto quickly rushed over to join her, picking her up bridal style before running back to the room. "Wait your still wet, it will ruin the bed."

"Nah I'm good watch." Naruto replied confidently. Akimi quirked an eyebrow as nothing seemed to be happening before a thin tunnel of wind erupted around them, that acted as a blow dryer. "See, told you. I don't need a towel." He added confidently as he slid open the door to their bedroom before tossing the young woman unceremoniously onto the centre of the bed, using a small amount of gravity manipulation to cushion her landing incase he had thrown her too hard.

As soon as the swift release kunoichi landed he was crawling like a predator on top of it's prey. He stopped at her waist and began to torment her lower lips with his tongue, every so often he would just permit a small lick of her entrance for a taste of her sweet nectar, or to the bundle of nerves above. He basked in the revelry he felt as each time he would move a little deeper Akimi would moan a sweet note and she would grab a fistful of the bedsheets, or her back would arch inviting him deeper.

Eventually his teasing became to much and she reached down and gripped his hair this time forcing him to comply to her wants and needs to which Naruto was readily willing to oblige. "Oh kami... more." she begged Naruto lapped at her velvet walls massaging deeper where he found would cause a larger reaction.

There was a deep knot building in the pits of Akimi's stomach, she knew what it meant and begged for her climax, as her breathing became ragged and shallow. The blonde pulled back for the briefest of moments tracing her walls as he retreated. Once reaching the apex he instantly latched onto her clit, ever so lightly pinching the small bud between his lips. Akimi gasped at the sudden burst of pleasure and she climaxed when Naruto quickly returned his attention to her folds, greedily lapping up her juices.

Each stroke of his tongue sent another wave of pleasure throughout the kunoichi's body and her chest heaved with laboured breathing. "Amazing." She panted while Naruto finished up and moved up the bed to join her. She could see his readiness and the anticipation sent a small shiver down her spine. "Come here." She begged with a voice filled with lust, once Naruto had complied she pulled him close and forcefully kissed him. "I'm ready now, no more playing around." She whispered.

"Alright, I guess that I wouldn't want to keep you waiting." The blond chuckled in reply as he positioned himself. They shared a passionate kiss portraying all of their shared love as he entered her though it was somewhat lessened by Akimi raking her nails across Naruto's back causing him to lightly wince though he found the pain somewhat enjoyable, like it was badge of honour.

Naruto set a slow pace at first, basking in the feeling or tight walls constricting him, pulling him in deeper. Akimi moaned in both pleasure and frustration with each slow and measured thrust. For awhile she was fine with the slow pace, they both busied themselves, with locked lips while their hands freely roamed the other. After awhile however Akimi was quickly wanting more, and she could tell that Naruto was as well, she bucked her hips to make her desires known.

While the blond was more than willing to indulge the swift release kunoichi he made her wait just for the briefest moment casting an eye down to her lusting form, smirking before rapidly thrusting with a lack of any abandon.

She squealed in delight as each thrust sent waves of pleasure through her body, once she regained some small measure of composure she began to match his strikes sending them both to new levels of euphoria. "Akimi-chan, I'm close." The young jinchuuriki groaned.

"So am I. Don't stop... Together." The kunoichi replied through panted breaths. Rather than slow down, Naruto began quickening his tempo, trying to push Akimi over the edge, with great success, she could feel her release moments away. "Naruto-kun I'm cumming!" She shrieked, raking her nails along the blonds back while her toes curled and her eyes rolled back involuntarily.

Naruto bit his bottom lip trying in vain to last, but Akimi's walls constricted him as her juices flowed out violently milking him of the last of his resistance. Akimi felt another intense wave of pleasure rock her like a bolt of lightning as she felt his seed shoot out coating her readily waiting insides.

They shared a passionate lip lock as Naruto rolled to the side, he did not want to make the beautiful creature beneath him uncomfortable by putting his weight atop her slender frame and he repositioned the two of them so that she was lying with her weight on his torso, still connected at the waist. "Oh I have wanted to do that for days." He sighed contently.

"That makes two of us, I'll have to thank Jiraiya-sama for giving us some time to ourselves." Akimi replied snuggling into his chest and loving the warmth of the young jinchuuriki's body.

"Only problem is, now we both are going to need another bath." Naruto chuckled, kissing the top of his lovers head. "Care to join me?"

Akimi smirked and nodded. "I would love to."

(Lemon End!)

(Later That Night)

Deep within the seal Kyuubi rested, his awareness of the outside world had been subconsciously blocked by his warden during his private time, but now he was able to watch over his container again. Not that there was anything interesting to report on. Naurto and 'the woman' as was how the fox referred to Akimi were both asleep resting peacefully in each others arms.

The Kyuubi deciding himself to be content that they were both safe for the time being lowered his head onto his paws and began to close his eyes. The fox was moments from joining his jinchuuriki in a peaceful slumber when he felt it... Chakra so foul that it could only belong to one person.

'Naruto wake up! We have a big problem!" The fox roared doing everything that he could think of to gain his hosts attention.

A moment later A rather annoyed looking Naruto entered the room that contained his cage. 'What is it? I'm trying to sleep.'

'Madara Uchiha!'

End Chapter!

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