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Chapter 95: Gama and Hebi

Itachi and Orochimaru stood unmoving in the center of a large hall, Itachi figured they must be quite far underground by now as it had taken the Uchiha quite a long time to make it to the center and locate Orochimaru. Itachi guessed that the size of this Oto base would be close to the size of a lesser hidden village but compressed into a maze and over several levels.

Orochimaru meanwhile had a blank almost lifeless expression on his face, this was in no small part thanks to the Genjutsu the snake summoner was currently trapped inside. "That fool is certainly taking his sweet time, at this rate the others will arrive before him, I bet he got lost." Orochimaru said lazily. 'This is not good. I don't even have any Edo Tensei ninja prepared, because that brat of an Uzumaki can just set their souls free like last time.' he thought thinking back to his fight with the Sandaime Hokage during the Suna, Oto invasion of Konoha.

"It is a possibility, still Jiraiya-sama is close, I can feel his chakra signature is getting closer every passing second." Itachi replied.

Itachi was not lying, the Toad Sage was indeed very close. He was at the edge of the hall leading to the hall containing Itachi and Orochimaru, Shima and Fukusaku sat on his shoulders. "Can you feel that Jiraiya-chan? Orochimaru is on the other side of that door, and it looks like Itachi is with him." Fukusaku said eagerly.

"They're not moving though, although I can tell that they both have strong chakra signatures." Shima added.

"Itachi must have trapped him in a genjutsu if that's the case then the fight may not have started properly yet, we need to move quickly." Jiraiya said a look of determination crossing his face.

He cleared the remaining area between him and the large hall in no time at all and soon found himself smashing open the door into the large hall.

The second that Jiraiya had entered the room Itachi released his Tsukuyomi with a smile. "It's about time you arrived Jiraiya-sama I was beginning to get worried that you may have gotten lost." the Uchiha smirked.

Jiraiya had a sheepish grin on his face as he rubbed the back of his neck. "I well uh."

"He did get lost, that's why he summoned us," Shima interrupted Jiraiya who couldn't help but face palm in embarrassment.

"Kukukukuku, still a fool after all this time. For such an old man you sure haven't grown up much. You're still the same idiot that was tied to the training post while Tsunade and I retrieved the bells from Sarutobi-sensei." Orochimaru taunted.

"Well I wish I could say that you haven't changed either, but we both know that that isn't the truth." Jiraiya said with a angry smirk.

Orochimaru kept a close eye on Itachi while turning to face his former teammate. "Yes I may have changed Jiraiya, but I have found change suits me, I have become far more powerful now than I had ever been." he said proudly.

"That's debatable, when you were in Konoha we all worked together to gain strength as a team, we had each other, and Tsunade as well. But look at you now, all alone hiding in this cave. Yet Konoha still stands stronger than ever." Jiraiya said flatly.

"Konoha? That place is nothing but a parasite that leeches from everyone that lives there." Orochimaru spat venomously.

Jiraiya's face took on a solemn expression. "Still, after all this time?" he asked.

"Always." Orochimaru replied

"You never could get over the death of your parents, but it is not Konoha's fault." Jiraiya sighed sadly.

"If it wasn't for Konoha they would still be alive! And it's not just me, Tsunade would have never lost that brother of hers or Dan. Even you have lost everything in Konoha, Minato was like a son to you, always bragging about how he was progressing, or how strong he was. In the end even he was taken. It's just like when we faced Hanzou the Salamander, we survive yet everyone else dies. When he named us the Sannin and let us live, it was more of a curse than a gift." Orochimaru said.

Jiraiya's face was a blank mask, it had pained him to see the man he once called friend fallen so far. "Maybe you're right Orochimaru, maybe we are cursed to live o while the ones we care about die, your answer was to fester away in hatred. I would rather live on and form new bonds. Still I don't see how any of that will matter soon, once you die we will no longer be the legendary three now will we." Jiraiya said. Not wanting the discussion to go on any longer Jiraiya kicked forward slamming his fist into the side of Orochimaru's face.

The snake summoner slammed into the far wall, thick walls cracking from the pressure of Jiraiya's hit. Orochimaru hit the ground coughing, Jiraiya just stood still knowing that it would take more than that to finish his old friend off. Orochimaru stood up still coughing before fingers began to escape from his mouth followed by two whole hands and so on until Orochimaru appeared to cough out a copy of himself.

"You've gotten faster Jiraiya, been training with the Uzumaki boy I take it. Just like you, surrounding yourself with those with talent." Orochimaru taunted.

"You're so naive, I have never enjoyed training those with tallent, give me a fool who works hard any day over a lazy genius, my problem is I seem to run into those that are both tallented and work hard, Minato and Naruto are exactly the same, they work harder than anyone I have ever met, yet things come so easy to them." Jiraiya replied with a fond smile crossing his face.

Orochimaru just spat bitterly racing through a set of hand seals. "Enough sentiment, if I am going to be defeated here, then you are going to have to earn it, now let's see if you can finish the job you accepted all those years ago... Fuuton: Great Breakthough!"

"Katon: Grand Fireball!" Jiraiya yelled in response, the fire overpowered Orochimaru's jutsu especially with Jiraiya in sage mode. Orochimaru could use senjutsu himself but he had never been able to use it in the same way that Jiraiya could, the frailty of his host bodies never allowed it, however he could use enough to channel into his curse marks he gave to his subordinates.

The flames rapidly approached Orochimaru, Itachi had the common sense to slip to the edge of the room from the moment Jiraiya threw the first punch. "Summoning: Rashomon" Orochimaru said slamming his palms to the ground. A large wall like door grew from the ground, it had a gold frame with a massive blue demonic face squarely in the center. The flames struck the gate with great force but it wasn't until almost all the energy was gone from the jutsu that the gate finally broke and the flames descended upon the missing ninja.

Orochimaru just managed to escape Jiraiya's attack but he received some severe burns despite his swift reactions. 'Impressive, to be able to break through one of my Rashomon with a simple jutsu, it seems that he has improved.' he thought, gripping his burnt arm. Once more Orochimaru shed his skin appearing completely unharmed. "Tell me Jiraiya, do you really think that you can kill me?" he asked.

"I believe I am more capable than most." Jiraiya replied.

"Oh I know you have the ability, but can you actually go through with it? The last time we fought like this you froze when it mattered most and I defeated you, and last time all you wanted me to do was come back to the village, now you want me dead, so I ask you, what is different this time?" Orochimaru asked.

"Last time I thought we were friends and you had just made a mistake in fleeing Konoha when you did. If you really wish to ask why I think that I can do it this time? Well look at what you have done Orochimaru, this has gone past crimes against Konoha, you have committed crimes against the world as a whole, I let you escape and you set out to every nation taking the lives of innocents and continuing your despicable experiments. I can't afford to let that go on so I will do what I must." Jiraiya declared.

"You talk big, but then again you always did, lets see if you can back up your words this time. Shadow Snake Hands!" Orochimaru said firmly, snakes burst from his sleeves and flew towards Jiraiya.

It was Shima who acted first spitting out a jet of water that cut through the floor ripping up stone before slicing the serpents in half well before they came close to Jiraiya. Orochimaru scowled and jumped forward his sword of Kusanagi shooting from his mouth extending out with his tongue gripping the hilt like a snake curling around it's victim.

Jiraiya jumped out of the way just in time to avoid being pierced by Orochimaru's blade and began racing through hand seals before slamming his hands down as he landed. "Doton: Swamp of the Underworld." the ground beneath Orochimaru's feet softened and he began to sink. In response Orochimaru summoned a large snake to stand on.

Once more Kusanagi flashed toward Jiraiya this time the Toad Sage could only dodge as Orochimaru lashed out at Jiraiya time and again. "You need to put him on the defensive Jiraiya-chan, he will not make a mistake, his movements are flawless." Fukusaku said after almost a minute of dodging.

"Alright, give me some oil, I need to get rid of that snake he is using as leverage." Jiraiya said while preparing several hand seals. Fukusaku nodded and took a deep breath in. "Sage Art: Toad Oil Bomb!" Jiraiya yelled.

Fire and oil combined and the flames became far more intense, even Itachi had to turn away feeling the heat from the flames lightly scorch his skin, while he was sure there was no damage done the Uchiha couldn't help but wince away as Jiraiya's flames became stronger and stronger. 'Jiraiya-sama's comination jutsu with the toads are truly remarkable, even if I was using Susanoo I would not escape an attack like this without luck.' he thought.

Luck as it so happened was something that Orochimaru had in abundance, because as the flames cleared Orochimaru stood, arms and legs burnt to a crisp, but still he stood. "Oh Jiraiya, why couldn't you have been this interesting when we were younger." he said while shedding his broken body for a new one that yet again had no signs of injuries.

"What is this man Jiraiya-chan? He took a jutsu of that power almost head on and doesn't have a scratch on him." Shima said in shock.

"Can't you feel it Ma, he has trace amounts of senjutsu running through his body, he must have been trained in sage arts, but his body can't seem to take the strain. What we are seeing is most likely a transformation jutsu, he is hiding his true form." Fukusaku said wisely.

"I have known Orochimaru all my life, and he's always looked this way, what do you mean he is hiding his true form?" Jiraiya asked.

"You said the snake boy does experiments on himself? Well over time they are bound to cause physical changes to his body, he has the stink of the snakes on his body, far stronger than any normal summoner." Fukusaku replied.

"Well he has always had a fascination with snakes." Jiraiya sighed racing through several hand seals. "Sage Art: Hair Needle Senbon!" Jiraiya yelled. His long white hair lengthened and spiked out before thousands of strands of hair rocketed towards Orochimaru.

The Hebi Sennin kicked out of the way and the needles of senbon crashed into the wall impaling several inches deep. Orochimaru continued to run as more and more hair senbon followed him where ever he would run. Several times Orochimaru had attempted to force the Toad Sage to fire upon Itachi but the Uchiha saw right through this plan and easily moved to avoid the snake before he came close.

It did not take long for Orochimaru to come to the conclusion that Itachi would not allow him to get close enough to turn Jiraiya's attack onto his ally. Deciding to change tactic Orochimaru formed two hand seals before thrusting his palm out in the direction of Jiraiya. A huge compressed pocket of Fuuton chakra rocketed out from his palm collecting all the senbon as it traveled deflecting them back towards Jiraiya.

"Needle Jiizo." Jiraiya replied calmly, his hair grew once more forming a shield around him, Orochimaru's jutsu dispersed and all the senbon that struck Jiraiya's hair bounced harmlessly off. Orochimaru used the distraction to draw Kusanagi back out stabbing out at Jiraiya who couldn't see thanks to his hair jutsu.

The blade made it three quarters of the way across the room before Jiraiya moved, his hair shot out like a toads tongue as it catches a fly, wrapping around the tongue holding Kusanagi and yanking it forward. Orochimaru flew through the air towards Jiraiya who stood up and slammed his fist into the snakes face.

Orochimaru was accustomed to pain, you don't gain what he had over your life without being able to take pain. Despite this fact even he had to admit the blow Jiraiya had just landed hurt, only Tsunade had ever been able to hit with more force, a full powered senjutsu strike would kill a lesser man he knew this.

Despite the pain Orochimaru could not use his regeneration skill as Jiraiya still had his tongue. 'I need to shed this skin, I will be weakened if I don't break free soon.' he thought as Jiraiya pulled him forward to strike him again. This time the Snake Sannin was ready, he flicked Kusanagi up with the small part of his tongue that was free of Jiraiya's grasp. Kusanagi was not an ordinary blade, it sliced through Jiraiya's tough as steel hair like it was nothing. Orochimaru then used the momentum gained from being pulled forward to land a powerful blow of his own, striking Jiraiya in the chest forcing causing him to roll back.

Orochimaru didn't let up there as Kusanagi extended its blade ready to pierce the Toad Sage in the back. He was inches away from a killing blow when two things happened at the same time, Jiraiya burst into smoke and he felt sand wrap completely around his body up to his neck. 'Sand! Then that means.'

Gaara was standing at the doorway with a blank look on his face. Clenching his fist he watched as Orochimaru's body was crushed by his sand. But his eyes widened Orochimaru burst out of his own mouth.

"So reinforcements huh, and it doesn't look like this one will be as passive as Itachi has been." Orochimaru said.

"Gaara, it's good to see you made it here safely, but I have this under control, it may be hard to understand, but this is my fight and I need to finish this." Jiraiya said from the ceiling reappearing after he substituted out of harms way with a clone that he had been hiding.

"Very well, but I will not allow you to lose." Gaara replied, not taking his eyes off of Orochimaru.

"My my, maybe you do have some sort of control over your pets Jiraiya." Orochimaru smirked.

"No Orochimaru, that's your way of seeing things, it always has been. That is exactly why Sarutobi-sensei did not pick you as the Yondaime Hokage and picked Minato instead. Minato saw comrades that he would die for, where as you only saw tools that could be used for your own selfish purposes. It was never going to be a hard choice for someone like Sensei." Jiraiya scoffed landing on the ground in front of Gaara who had not moved since agreeing to not get involved unless necessary.

"I do not care what that senile old monkey thinks, Konoha picks helpless saps to rule it then it is hardly my concern. I never truly cared for the title of Hokage anyway, I only saw it as a means to further my research." Orochimaru replied.

"Yeah, I know that now." Jiraiya replied.

The Toad Sage kicked forward and Orochimaru mirrored his actions. They met at the center of the room and began a violent exchange of taijutsu, the strength of Jiraiya exceeded that of Orochimaru several times, but Orochimaru would move his body, contorting into unnatural positions to counter Jiraiya's strength. Even the extended range of Jiraiya's senjutsu powered attacks would miss one the rare occasion that he attempted to strike with one. Orochimaru was faring no better, on the rare occasions that he would actually get a hit in Jiraiya would barely flinch.

Itachi and Gaara watched on stoic faced as the two Sannin clashed nether one giving an inch. "As it stands the winner will be the one who tires out first." Gaara said.

"No, Jiraiya-sama is on top, Orochimaru may be landing more hits, but Orochimaru is taking more damage, they are equal in taijutsu and Jiraiya-sama has a type advantage in Ninjutsu, then Jiraiya-sama's proficiency in Senjutsu puts him on top." Itachi reasoned.

"Yes but Jiraiya-sama has no tallent for Genjutsu, something that Orochimaru is quite skilled in." Gaara replied.

"True, but as I have discovered the instability of Senjutsu provides a rather potent shield against most genjutsu." Itachi explained knowing Gaara who like most jinchuuriki had no talent for genjutsu as it required high levels of chakra control, the exception being the Nanabi jinchuuriki's as illusions were part of the Bijuu's arsenal like sand was with the Ichibi. And finally Jiraiya-sama is not alone, he has Fukusaku-sama and Shima-sama with him." Itachi explained.

Jiraiya and Orochimaru split apart neither looking fatigued in the slightest, suddenly Orochimaru began to cough and once more shed his skin appearing without a mark on him. "On we go, Jiraiya, you cannot defeat me because I cannot be killed." the snake taunted.

"That regeneration jutsu could be a problem Jiraiya-chan, as it stands our best option would be to finish him off with jutsu that is strong enough to destroy his body completely." Fukusaku said cautiously.

"Well that's no good, mass destruction is really more Naruto-chans style." Shima added.

"I have plenty of powerful jutsu,especially with our combination jutsu." Jiraiya replied with mock hurt. This was a perfectly true statement, Jiraiya had a wide arsenal of S class jutsu, the problem was S ranked jutsu do not always destroy a body completely. What Jiraiya really needed was one of Naruto's completed elemental rasengan, a direct hit would certainly do the job.

"So he sheds off his injured skin, but how many times can he possibly do such a thing?" Gaara asked.

"I can not say, I would hazard a guess that the more time that passes between shedding skin the more times he can escape death. It's an impressive technique but all jutsu no matter how powerful have a weaknesses." Itachi answered.

"So the question is can the old man find out what it is huh, kami you're always the same Itachi." came the voice of Zabuza from the doorway.

Gaara and Itachi turned to see the Demon of the Mist approaching them, Kurotsuchi was just behind the former Kiri ninja, her eyes transfixed on Jiraiya and Orochimaru. "Well you two seem to have arrived in one piece, that's good to know." Itachi greeted the pair ignoring the slight jibe sent his way.

"Then all we are waiting for is Naruto-kun to arrive then." Gaara said flatly.

The groups attention was suddenly drawn as Orochimaru slammed his hands to the ground and thousands upon thousands of snakes began sliding across the room towards Jiraiya. There were so many snakes that they were crawling over each other trying to get to Jiraiya as quickly as possible.

"Jiraiya-chan, supply the fire, Ma ya' need the supply water, I'll cover the oil." Fukusaku ordered as more and more serpents continued appearing.

"Right, lets do this!" Jiraiya said backing up to the edge of the wall, before jumping up to as safe height while racing through his hand seals. "Sage Art: Goemon!"

Itachi's eyes widened, he knew what was coming. "We need to move, now!" he whispered urgently jumping up onto the wall. Gaara and the others followed Itachi's lead just as the three jutsu combined forming an tsunami of boiling oil that was hot enough to melt everything that it came across.

Orochimaru's snakes never had a chance as they were enveloped by the boiling oil. Orochimaru jumped at the last second but he didn't fully avoid Jiraiya's attack and his legs were enveloped by oil, however he managed to grab hold of the wall using his arms to to hold himself in place while the oil slowly dispersed. "You are really beginning to annoy me Jiraiya." Orochimaru said angrily after he regenerated once more.

"Good to know that I can still do that after all this time." Jiraiya replied with a grin.

"This is serious Jiraiya-chan!" Shima yelled hitting her summoner with a rolling pin she retrieved from inside her cape. "You need to focus or we won't get home in time for dinner!" she said raising the rolling pin ready to strike again.

"Ma this is hardly the time to be thinking about dinner, we need to stay focused on the task at hand." Fukusaku replied.

"Just like you to not care about dinner, I swear you can be as forgetful as the senile old coot you call a grand sage!" Shima yelled.

The two toad elders continued to bicker until all that anyone could make out were angry sounding croaks."Kukuku, even your summons seem to be little more than children even if they look so very old." Orochimaru smirked.

"Big words, the only decent summon you have is Manda and if you summoned him in a place like this he would be more likely to get stuck in a doorway than be a threat to anyone." Jiraiya taunted. Orochimaru scowled at this, Jiraiya knew as well as he did that what he said was not true but at the same time he was right, his snakes were all far to large to be used in combat, sure he summoned one earlier but that was only to escape Jiraiya's swamp of the underworld jutsu. "We need to stop him from regenerating, do you two have any ideas?" Jiraiya asked the elder toads.

"Hm well we could use a genjutsu." Fukusaku suggested.

"You know as well as I do that I am no good at that." Jiraiya answered.

"No but we can do it for ya right Ma?" Fukusaku said.

"No I can't I wont be singing a duet in this kind of situation, we should just wait for Naruto-chan to get here!" Shima protested.

"This isn't Naruto's fight! I was supposed to capture or kill Orochimaru all those years ago, but I failed. I have failed at everything that mattered to me, I was never able to win Tsunade's heart, I wasn't able to save Minato, or protect Naruto when he was a young boy. This time I won't fail, I'll finish Orochimaru off and finally be worthy of my title." Jiraiya declared determination burning in his eyes like fire.

Shima looked at Jiraiya with a sense of pity, she knew that her summoner had always cosidered himself a failure but never had any idea of how much it still hurt him. 'Jiraiya-chan, you have worked so hard for everything and have accomplished so much, yet still you think so little of yourself, what would have happened to Naruto-chan without you there to guide him? If nothing else raising that boy to be a man is a superior to all of your perceived failings' she thought sadly. "Very well but we will need some time to prepare, keep him busy for a few moments."

"You got it!" Jiraiya said kicking forward, fist cocked ready to strike Orochimaru in the face.

The Snake Sannin rolled out of the way at the last second and Jiraiya's fist all but shattered the wall at the point Orochimaru had been standing. Meanwhile Shima and Fukusaku began to croak loudly in symmetry but it could not be considered anything remotely like a song, but Jiraiya guessed that it would probably sound different to the ears of other toads.

Orochimaru replied to Jiraiya attack by spewing forth s large group of snakes in an attempt to constrict his former teammate. Jiraiya knew that Fukusaku and Shima were busy so dealt with the serpents himself with a Katon jutsu. Orochimaru used the distraction his snakes caused to sneak around behind Jiraiya, withdrawing Kusanagi to stab him in the back.

Jiraiya however was able to spin out of the way at the last second, thanks to the increased danger awareness awarded to him by his sage mode. Orochimaru lashed out again and once more Jiraiya avoided the strike. During this time the toads song was growing louder and louder, only Itachi who was watching with his Doujutsu activated could see what was really going on. 'It's a genjutsu that relies on sound as long as your target can hear he will be caught, and judging by how long it is taking to take effect it will be a powerful one.' Itachi thought with great interest, if there was one thing that could fully claim the Uchiha's attention it was a powerful genjutsu.

Jiraiya continued to narrowly avoid Orochimaru's strikes highly thankful that he was in sage mode and able to sense the attacks coming. On and on Orochimaru would lash out at Jiraiya with Kusanagi knowing that one strike should be more than enough, the blade extending and withdrawing to his will. Suddenly Fukusaku and Shima both hit a high pitched note at the same time and Orochimaru froze completely still.

Orochimaru found himself floating in the middle of a world that seemed to stretch on forever, all he could see was what appeared to be a dark red floor with pattens that seemed to make his eyes blurry. 'A genjutsu, Jiraiya was so woeful at genjutsu I never even thought about trying to defend against one.' Orochimaru seethed as he looked around in this empty world. His world was not so empty for long, four giant toads rose from the ground holding their hands out to box the snake Sannin in. each toad wore bright blue samurai armor and held a sword that was just as large as the toad that held it. Orochimaru struggled to break free but could not move no matter how hard he tried.

Outside of the genjutsu Jiraiya approached Orochimaru slowly. "I take it that he is under?" he asked not ready to lower he guard.

"Our Illusion cannot be broken, the only genjutsu comparable is Tsukuyomi which is both more powerful and weaker in it's own right." Fukusaku said.

"May I ask what that means?" Itachi spoke up from the sidelines.

"Ah Itachi-chan I mean no disrespect, the difference in our jutsu is simple, Tsukuyomi has the ability to harm those inside mentally, while the Demonic Illusion Toad Chant only immobilizes requiring outside interference to finish the job. The other difference is the Toad Chant can capture entire armies inside and we can still move, Tsukuyomi requires constant eye contact." Fukusaku explained.

"I see, it also occurs to me that your jutsu requires two participants to cast and enough time to cast it." Itachi observed while Jiraiya began making several sharp swords from stone and laying them on the ground in front of Orochimaru.

"Precisely, the weaknesses of the Toad Chant are all too clear, as it's an audible genjutsu the moment you begin to use it your opponents will be aware of your location. Also our throats get dry so we cannot use it more than once a day." Fukusaku explained.

'Still, with such a powerful jutsu they could take an army of shinobi out, if used correctly.' Itachi thought highly impressed with the power of the two little toad elders.

Jiraiya looked at Orochimaru with sadness. "I guess this is the end, old friend." he said lifting the first of the stone blades up and sliding it into the snake summoners heart. Two more went into his lungs, one for each side, then his liver until all his vital organs were pierced. "It's done." he sighed.

The toads let the genjutsu drop, and with it so did Orochimaru crashing to the floor limp and lifeless. Jiraiya had made it all the way over to the others before he realized something was wrong. He could still feel some of Orochimaru's chakra it was weak but he was sure it was there. He turned around just in time to avoid the tip of Kusanagi that had flown through the air towards the Toad sage. "How are you still alive!?" Jiraiya asked in shock staring to run through hand seals ready to burn away the snakes body.

Orochimaru's mouth opened and out came a long white snake that stretched the length of the room, but it's head was different, it had Orochimaru's head. "Kukukuku, what a delightful little genjutsu, I had expected something like that." he chuckled.

"What have you done to yourself?" Jiraiya gasped struggling to comprehend what he was seeing.

"This is my true form Jiraiya, it is the result of countless experiments and is so close to being complete, all it needs are the right eyes." Orochimaru leered.

"Why!? Why do this to yourself?" Jiraiya asked not really sure he wanted to hear the answer.

"Why? That's simple. For the ultimate goal, immortality. I cannot be killed, you have seen it yourself now. All of my vitals were cut and pierced, and all I need to to is save a small amount of chakra to shed my skin and it was all for naught." Orochimaru answered rather pleased with himself. He had never been that close to dying before, and surviving Jiraiya's attack had given him a sense of invulnerability.

Jiraiya scowled, he never knew Orochimaru had gone this far, he had wanted to at least save Orochimaru's body in order to return him to Konoha, Hiruzen at least would have wanted that in order to say his final farewells. He also knew that trapping Orochimaru in another genjutsu like the last one would be all but impossible as Fukusaku and Shima said that they could not perform the duet more than once a day. "Well on the plus side he's too big to escape our jutsu now." Jiraiya mused.

"Well I never thought I would see something uglier than his curse sealed freaks, but that scaled freak takes the cake." Zabuza said from where he and the others were standing.

Kurotsuchi couldn't help but nod, 'Can this thing even be considered human anymore?' she asked herself as she stared on wide eyed unable to look away.

Orochimaru recoiled his body ready to strike while Jiraiya slid into a defensive stance unsude what to expect next. 'Taijutsu won't work, his body is too big and he no longer has any arms and legs, so it must be some kind of Ninjutsu or Genjutsu.' he figured. His sage mode gave him ample protection against most genjutsu so he was more concerned about what other abilities Orochimaru might bring out with his new body.

The snake spat what looked like two jet's of clear water towards Jiraiya who rolledout of the way before they hit the wall behind him. The wall began to sizzle and soon it started to corrode away. "It's acid, he is spitting it like venom, you can't get hit by that Jiraiya-chan." Fukusaku said, shocked at what he was seeing.

"Enough of this!" Shima yelled, she spat out a stream of water directly at Orochimaru who slipped to the side in order to avoid the attack, but Shima had been expecting this. The jet of water followed Orochimaru and passed through his body near his head.

Orochimaru's head began to fall to the ground but small snakes flew out and reconnected his body. "Do you get it now Jiraiya? I cannot be killed!" the snake laughed triumphantly before his tail shot out wrapping around Jiraiya tightly. "Now escape this!" he roared before taking a deep breath in.

A stream of acid shot right towards Jiraiya. The Toad sage was about to fire a jutsu to burn the acid away when Itachi appeared before him, his Susanoo fully formed. The acid struck his shield nullifying the attack. "I'm sorry Jiraiya-sama, while I have confidence that you would be able to escape from such an attack I also believe his gloat about immortality is not entirely unfounded. As such it will have to be me who defeats him while we are in this cramped area. You have proven your superiority, but an opponent like this is not one that will be killed by any normal jutsu." Itachi said standing on the snakes back.

Jiraiya powered himself free and landed on the wall looking down on Itachi and Orochimaru. 'He's talking about the Sword of Totsuka, is that your plan Itachi to seal Orochimaru away?' Jiraiya thought and the more he thought about it the more he realized that it was their best option in order to end the fight cleanly. "Alright Itachi, you finish him off." Jiraiya sighed.

"Jiraiya-chan are you sure? We can still win." Fukusaku asked obviously surprised that Jiraiya would fold so easily.

"Not without bringing this place down around us, Itachi is the best suited for the task now, well at least while Naruto hasn't shown up yet. I wonder what's taking him so long?" the Toad Sage replied.

"The boy is fine jiraiya-chan, we can all sense his chakra signature from here. The child of destiny will not fall in some dank cave like this one." Shima declared boldly.

Orochimaru meanwhile was not pleased, he thought he had the fight won when Itachi jumped in. "Itachi, you said yourself that this was not your fight!" he seethed.

"I did, but Jiraiya-sama has won, you only still live because of the horrendous things that you have done to your body. All I am going to do is put an end to you." Itachi said flatly.

"Why you, I cannot be killed! Now die!" Orochimaru yelled his tail soaring towards the Uchiha's back like a massive spear.

Itachi didn't move out of the way rather he stood perfectly still as the tip of his tail came closer and closer. "I didn't say I would kill you now did I?" Itachi said as he finally moved, the sword in the right hand of his Susanoo impaling into the snakes body, pinning it to the ground.

Orochimaru's tail stopped less than an inch from Itachi's back, whether or not his attack would have been able to pierce his protective shroud he never found out. Orochimaru's eyes widened as he felt something pulling on his consciousness from inside his body.

Everyone could only watch as the snakes soul began to break free of its body and slide towards the large gourd on the back of Itachi's Susanoo. "This is new, I expected his entire body to be sealed." Jiraiya mused.

"Obviously the sword changed along with the physical appearance of my Susanoo." Itachi reasoned as Orochimaru's soul continued to be removed. "It seems to have taken on the aspect of Naruto-kun's Human path, although I cannot say that I am able to read through Orochimaru's memories." he continued.

"It is for the best Itachi-chan, if Naruto-chan was to use Human path on Orochimaru then everything that he had experienced would be absorbed into his mind. Some things are best left as they are, his plans and experiments are best left to be forgotten what ever he knew would always cause more harm than good." Fukusaku said sagely.

Itachi thought about it and nodded, Naruto disliked using the human path, and experiencing even half of the things that Orochimaru had done would be enough to make most people wish they were dead.

The sealing finished and Orochimaru's body that had been twitching constantly now fell lifeless onto the ground. Itachi waited a few moments before dropping his Susanoo and stepping off the snake. At that exact moment Naruto burst through the door an alarmed look on his face that fell as soon as he saw the dead body in the center of the room. "Aw man I missed it!" he whined in disappointment.

End Chapter!

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