Jumper – fanfic

Hey, this is my first Jumper fanfic. BTW, I haven't read the books but I will soon.

Summary: Laura Hampton is a normal girl. Well, was until she got involved in a car crash and discovered something completely new about her. Griffin x OC

Disclaimer: I don't own the Jumper movie, nor have anything else to do with it than watching it, if I did I would have tried to score Jamie Bell loooooong ago...

This is beta'd by my good friend Kate Wetherall Baudelaire (We know each other IRL:-P)

Chapter 1: Prologue/The First Jump

Laura's POV

I was 14 when I found out that I was a Jumper. Of course I didn't believe in teleporting, but when I was in a car crash on Manhattan one second, and then in the centre of London the next, the fact that I jut teleported wouldn't go away. After I discovered I Jumped, I suddenly found myself back in my parents' car.

The doctors couldn't explain why I wasn't dead. My mom, my dad and my little sister were dead, hell, even my cat who was in a fucking cage. So why did I survive? I Jumped. Of course, I couldn't say that, they would just lock me up in a mental institution.

That didn't happen to me though.

I was raised by my big brother, Patrick, and his girlfriend Helen; my brother was luckily not involved in the car crash, he had spent that weekend with Helen. After all, he was 20 years old at that time, 6 years older than me.

You may think I lived the sweet life at their place, but it wasn't all that great. Sure, Patrick and Helen had money - and she had lots of it – Patrick was a successful lawyer, but that didn't matter. He and Helen were simply not created to have children. That just didn't work out. So as soon I finished public school, I smashed my piggy bank, grabbed all the money from it... And then I ran off.

Now, 8 years later, I'm living in a penthouse in London. The reason I could afford it was that soon after I took off, I robbed a few banks. Not something that I'm proud of, but hey, I didn't even have a driver's license. I, of course, also had a lair placed in Germany. That was because of my most important discovery. A Jumper's life sucked. Hell, I would do anything to not be able to Jump anymore; I would give everything to be back at Patrick and Helen's house. But hey, damage's done, can't do it over. That's how life is. Get used to it.

I did and now I'm hunting Paladins and rescuing other Jumpers. Not that there's that many to rescue. All of them are already dead when I get to where that Jumper got tracked down by a Paladin.

Anyway, this day was different. I sensed some electricity. I let my instincts take over; they soon Jumped me to the electric source.

I didn't expect to find a Jumper. Or, I didn't expect to find a Jumper who still was alive. So, as always, I hoped that there would be some Paladins, I had this urge to fight. But what greeted me was the weirdest sight ever.

There was a tall man with dark brown, almost black hair talking to a smaller, though still tall man with dark brown hair with blonde streaks. They seemed to argue. But the weirdest thing happened next; the tall guy shoved the other guy into the antenna standing nearby. Why would he do that? The smaller gut would die of the electric shock! Then it hit me.

They were Jumpers.

Of course, the electricity I could sense was from a broken taser cable lying a couple of feet from them. And the smaller guy still had some electricity in him when I Jumped there. Why couldn't I see that? The smaller guy was becoming weaker and weaker now by the looks of it, and soon the tall guy Jumped away.

When the Jump Scar was gone, the remaining guy let out a frustrated howl. Then I got an idea. Why not play a little with him before rescuing him?

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