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Laura's POV

Today was the day.

The day that they had found out all of the details that they needed to get the mission 'Find and Kill Roland Cox, That Bastard' (Griffin had come up with the name) to be successful. They knew where he was hiding, they had contacted Griffin's weapon-delivery guy to get the needed guns and armour.

Together with their clothes, furniture, personal items and so on, they had now moved to a Lair in Florida, not far away from where the bastard was hiding.

Laura was currently looking at a computer screen, just having re-checked the small details a couple of times. She wanted this mission to run as smooth as oiled silk, so she'd better flat out the small wrinkles and repair the cuts for it to be great.

Over the last 8 or something hours, she and Griffin had gone through every single detail of the mission. Laura bounced back in her chair when the adrenaline for the upcoming event rushed through her veins. She cursed under her breath and gripped the table to keep her from falling over. Cool, Laura, that was pretty neat, she thought to herself.

The Lair was empty. There weren't any sounds except for the crickets outside. Griffin was currently on a smaller mission, he was trying to find some take-away in the city, without Jumping. They (Laura mostly) thought it was important to keep a low profile so they wouldn't get detected. If that happened, their plans would be thrown out the window, Roland would be moved, security would be increased and so on and so forth. That would be a mess.

Laura was taken out of her thoughts when she heard a noise from the doorway. She looked up to find Griffin running into the Lair, mumbling swears.

"Bloody china people, apparently they're all bloody bastard Paladins. Come on Laure, let's eat."

She jumped up from the chair. "Wait, were you found? How, I mean, you didn't Jump, did you?" She looked away, afraid of the answer.

Griffin's only answer was silence, and when she looked over at him, she found a guilty look on his face.

"I can't believe you!" she cried, looking at their human-detector to see if someone was coming. "Are they following us? We gotta move. Shit. Now they're probably increasing the security. Or moving him. Or tracking us down so that they can kill us. Good job." She continued cursing Griffin under her breath for a couple of minutes, until she realized that he wasn't there. Instead of the sight of him, she heard a noise, which she identified as him taking a beer out of the fridge.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" He questioned her with a fake innocent look on his face.

She growled at him. "Griffin O'Conner, you piece of shit, walking away from me like that! And then when I'm talkin' to ya!" She repeated her earlier words, making sure not to speak fast so the deaf idiot couldn't understand her. After listening to her rambling, he took a swig of his beer and answered.

"They didn't follow me. Unless they're zombies. What else was I supposed to do with them, play cards? Catch butterflies? Run under rainbows, holding hands?"

"Hm, I don't know, maybe stop Jumping when you know that they will find out."

He rolled his eyes at her. "Listen, and listen carefully, I didn't want to walk around to find a china restaurant here, so I took a shot and made it to China. After I'd bought the food, the bastards ambushed me. I poured water over their Manipulators, there was two of them, stabbed them a few times and left them there. Motherfucking Pterodactyls."

Laura wasn't quite sure whether he really said that last part or not, but she could care less about that. Now, after him confirming that he didn't make this mess in Florida, she just wanted some food. Reaching out for the bag, grabbing her food, finding a fork in the drawer. All those moves were memorized in all the months that she had been living off of take-out. Her mother hadn't wanted this to happen, but since the only thing that she could make was eggs, bacon and pancakes, she hadn't cooked for a long time.

While eating the food, she thought the plan through. there was not one detail that they had overseen. They would get there, use fire extinguishers to deactivate the heat sensors, use special shoes and clothes so the moving sensors wouldn't discover them. Wait... She revised the plan in her head and realized...

"How do we get there?"

"Hmm, what?" Griffin drowsily asked, having just been woken up from a nap by her question.

"I said, how do we get there? We obviously can't Jump since there is Jumping sensors everywhere around the place. There is no bus routes, train stations or whatsoever and the terrain is too bumpy for bikes or walking."

After a couple of minutes, Griffin said to her.

"I've got it!"

"How do we get in there then?"

"Well, it's right up against a lake, right?"

She looked expectantly at Griffin, waiting for him to finish. "And?"

"We'll use jet skis! I know how to ride one and I have one back in New York. I'll go pick it up tomorrow. We just have to look at pictures of the other end of the lake to be able to Jump there. I think I can remember that it's about 13 kilometres long, making it possible to Jump at one end without being caught."

Jet skis. It used to be her favourite thing to be on. But then there had been a big wave, pulling Patrick and Lorraine, her brother and sister, under the water, where they got trapped under the machine. If they had been under for 30 seconds more, they would have died. The only reason they didn't was because Lorraine's instinct had taken control of her and she'd Jumped. Turns out, their father was a Jumper who had settled down. It was only Lorraine and Laura herself who had gotten it from him, Patrick had been freed of the curse.

It was pure luck that neither Lorraine nor Patrick had fallen off the vehicle, if one of them had, Patrick would have died no matter what.

That day was the day that she had achieved her fear of jet skis.

Griffin, always an observer, noticed her hesitation. "Don't you think that's a good idea?"

Laura thought about this for a minute. She didn't want to tell him about what happened to her siblings, but she didn't want Griffin to think that she was a weakling. She told him a safe lie.

"When I was a kid, my dad used to take me jet skiing. But one day, a speedboat raced beside us, making waves as big as I am now. I let go of my dad by accident and fell off. I had forgotten that I had on my life vest so I started trashing around, which only made me take in more water. I just haven't liked them since then. I think it's a good plan, though."

"So, you won't be scared if I take you out on one?" Yes, she would. But she answered the opposite. You die if you are soft. You have to be strong. To coin a phrase, be a man. She didn't realize that she had said it aloud until Griffin laughed a dark laugh and answered.

"Yeah, tell me all about it." She could see his eyes darken and his face contracting in pain and sorrow for a second before he pulled on a façade and his eyes turned to stone. When he looked back at her, his eyes were void of any emotion, just grey holes of emptiness. Her heart almost broke. How could such a young guy be so haunted? Maybe it's possible that Laura wanted to be this tough girl, but sometimes her soft side won, not wanting to be overheard.

"Look, I know that you miss them. I miss mine, too. But it doesn't mean that you have to think about it all the time."

"Why? I fucking saw them being slaughtered by two fuckers, they both got stabbed. I had to make it out with a freakin' paintball gun and I was on the run for a couple of years. The ones that had taken care of me for those years got hunted down and brutally killed. My best friend is still on the run from them, getting help from me now and then. My first and only love's family was murdered. She hated me. And you say that I have to ignore all that? I say fuck you. I'm gonna go out, find him and kill him now. Bye, and by the way, good luck with your brother and his girlfriend, they're still alive." He handed her a piece of paper, and when she looked at it, she saw a picture of a porch on a beautiful small blue house with a white picket fence. That had always been Helen, her brother's fiancé's, dream.

When Laura looked up again, Griffin was gone.

CLIFFIE! The info about Griffin is directly taken from Jumper: Griffin's Story by Steven Gould, a follow-up to the novel Jumper :)

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