Hunter killer part20


Well Ive got to admit if you have come this far while reading all the bold text and the fuck ups then Ive got to hand it you friend,you are strong for reading this shit.

Anyway this is final chapter for HUNTER KILLER and a part 2 which will countinue the story is up called "Kagamis unlucky star and will pick up where Ive dropped off,it will be much better and will have sarcasm,girls,hopefully abit of sex and of course what Mastu loves most...explosions.

At Kagamis.

Seriously why do I bother with this anymore,the CIA are after me and all Im doing is putting my friends lives in of all Im putting Kagamis life in danger.I wish I hadnt have come to school anymore,I mean I could have just kept being a contract killer and none of this would have then again I wouldnt have sunk that submarine or shot down that bomber that was going to blow up my city.

So many things could have happened to Kagami if I wasnt here,maybe she would have had a boyfriend right now and be happy instead of worrying about me.

Fucking hell why does she have to be pulled into this,Ive got the CIA on my back and it looks like Ill need to get to America by a differnet way.

That small fighter jet in my house will do the trick.

Now I just need to get out of Kagamis.

Better leave a note.

Kagami strolled up the stairs in a bliss,her mind and thoughts were on Mastu, yesterday seemed to confirm her theroy that he might want to "give it a go"with course she couldnt prove it but it was a good feeling.

Maybe he will want to.She thought to herself as she reached her bedroom.

Mastu had been sleeping in her for 17hours after they seemed like he was really tired.The fact that yesterday was the only time that he had ever celebrated his birthday is amazing,doesnt he ever have friends?Maybe we are his only friends?.

The tsundere twisted the door knob that lead to her room,to say she was excited was a understatement.

Taking a deep breath she walked into the room.

Cockpit check:

Flaps ok

Engine ok

Missles ok

Gun ok

Kick the tyres and light the fires.

The sheer power of the engine jolted me back into the seat.

The tunnel at the sides became a blur as the plan accelrated faster and faster until it flew into the sky.

The clouds were beautiful and the scenary would make a mark on any travel but I wasnt flying around at 1000+ feet in the air to make a fucking book.

No Im here to get rid of somefools.The m60 heavy machine would support me in that theroy.

Then again so would a small fighter plane filled with fuel and explosives.Glancing back past the cockpit I saw that the wings were doing fine and the slight vibration from the engine assured me that the plane was doing fine.

My plan:Ram the CIA headquaters with a plane,kill everyone there and then escape back to Japan where I can live in peace for the rest of my life.Ah yes the plane ticket.I reached into a pocket and my hand searched for the plane ride found nothing.SHIT!.

I realised that it must have been left at Kagamis along with 2 million yen.

No bother I can just buy another one.The plane soared further into the clouds and the autopilot guided into a course for the USA

Now we get busy.



Briefing room.

The head director pulled open a list of maps and gestured for his officers to take a look through.

They looked."This is where the targets are living at...if we can grab them then the primary is bound to show up"The head spoke,his voice like steel wire.

"But sir they are just civies and dont the Delta teams have anything else to do?"One of the officers spoke up."Listen this person is a NATIONAL security threat and he needs to be elimated".

"But sir why dont we just kill him instead of doing this"

"Becuase captain we dont know where he lives or where he getting those closest to him is our target".

"Yes sir".

"Our locations are"The head stabbed on to the map.

"Hiiragis,Takaras and Izumis"..."Now send this data to the neartest Delta teams"

"Yes sir they will arrive at the target households in less than 24 hours"

"Excellent you see gentleman when the CIA has its eyes on never looks away".



Radio message sent out

Target is one the move to AmericaOne of our ownTarget is higly dangerous

However this is not our goal

Kagami Hiiragi moving to Tokoyo internation airport,CIA heading to capture other people

Objective:Find the girl and bring to her America where the North sea fleet will pick target up,
Execute any problems without mercy.

SHIN(Acsupermans god of fighting mode that Ive been allowed to use).

There is always one human who will give me a fight...the tournament was barley enough and didnt satifsy my there is another name called Mastu who might even intreast me.

I hope hes worth it.

Well there we have it.

20 Chapters of nonsense that started off crap and terraible but quite funny aswell.

I suppose with flying f15s and blowing up submarines isnt enough for you then check out my other Hunter Killer series.

Thanks for reading and as always have nice day.