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The only reason this new fic is popping up is because Vaerin7 keeps asking me ta post it. XD So blame her~! Anyways, it's another vampire fic, but I do think y'all will like this! Ok...time to start!

Chapter 1: Forgein Exchange Student


Have you ever thought that, even for a second, that your boyfriend may have hidden something from you? Something secret, all for your well being? Tsk, welcome to the club, although you don't get a jacket. Ah, bet ya wanna know why huh? Because my case is ten times weirder. No, he isn't part of a gang...well, he used to be, in a sense, but he isn't now. In fact, they're trying to kill me.

Secondly, he isn't normal. I used to be, but now I'm not either. He was trying to protect me, but somewhere along that road I fucked up. Ha ha funny, yes I know. But you see, it took me until after a month of dating him to learn his secret.

My boyfriend is a vampire. He doesn't sparkle, he will drink my blood, and sunlight can hurt him, if he hasn't had to feed in awhile. But that isn't exactly the thing he was hiding from me. Well, it was, but that's icing on a huge ass birthday cake, chocolate with three layers.

Thirdly, and maybe more important than the other reasons, he's in even more danger being around me. I don't mean that he'll get killed protecting me...well ok, fine he could. Just because he's a vampire doesn't mean he's completly immortal! But you see...I'm what he was trying to protect me from...and I can very easily end his existence. Not that I want too...but we both know it's only a matter of time before...geeze, I must sound like a ranting lunatic! Let me rewind a bit for you, ok?

My name is Ichigo Kurosaki...and I'm now built specifically to kill the very person trying to save my life. Rich, yeah?

Six months ago...

News spreads just about as quickly as the rumors do at Karakura High School. And when we get a new student, everyone is buzzing around with excitement. Especially the girls, considering it's a 'super hot ass guy' as they put it. "Hey Ichigo!" I'm currently walking down the hallway to class as two of my closest friends, Renji Abarai and Rukia Kuchiki rush up to greet me.

"S'up guys? What's going on?" I asked them as casually as possible, easy right now.

Now, allowe me to explain my friends here, ok? Renji has bright, red hair he always has up in a ponytail, making him look like a tomato/pineapple hybrid. He has a shitload of tattoos that cover his entire body...ok, it was a dare from Rukia. That's how I know ok? The ones we pick one are the ones above his eyebrows.

Rukia has dark hair and huge, and I mean anime sized, violet eyes. she's a midget, at least that's what people say when she isn't within a three mile radius. Never say that to her face...ever. She also has an obession with Chappy, a cartoon rabbit from years ago, and Renji, her her god awful drawings.

"Aww, c'mon! you've heard the news right?" Rukia whined, pouting as I shook my head. "There's a new guy in school...and he's gonna be in our class!" she sounded so excited, you'd swear her boyfriend wasn't standing there...which he was of course.

"Hey, he can't be better than me, right?"

"Anyone is better than you." I shrugged, getting a friendly glare from Renji and a chuckle from Rukia.

"Of course not, but he's supposedly and exchange student!" Now this was news; Karakura Town hardly had anyone foregin in any way. This actually made me a bit excited as well. So the three of us rushed off to class. We thought we were prepared, but I was least prepared of all.

The moment we got to our seats, the teacher smiled and waved at the door. "Everyone, we have a new student joining us todays." When he walked in, my jaw must have dropped thirty feet. He had very pale skin, and I mean blizzard white! His hair was exatly the same, long in the back and bangs almost shadowing his eyes and he held himself with this 'I'm so much better than half of you' gait. He grinned, a wicked look and glanced at all of us. But when he looked at me, I felt myself go ridged. His eyes...they were a bright, deep gold, almost like a harvest moon in its prime, backed by a pitch black sky. His schelera were black, making him definatly stick out...and he was staring at me. Me, of all people in the class. But just as soon as the moment came, it went and he waved.

"Ce e toata lumea? " He said with an accent. "Numele meu este Ogichi Shirosaki." His grin widened. "Nice ta meetcha."

"Now, for those who didn't notice, he speaks Romanian, as well as Japanese, so please be polite." My tearcher beamed and pointed at a desk for him to sit at. I wasn't paying full brain short circuted. I mean, yours would to if some hot guy strolled into your class speaking a forgein language with such efficency, right?

Ok, and another thing ya need to know about me? I'm 100% gay. Not flippant about it like Shinji (he comes into play later...promise you'll see what I mean) but it's not much of a secret around here. People know better than to fuck with me however...well ok, maybe half of our school populatuion is full of dumbasses who need a refresher course. But, back to my gawking. I heard the chair next to me move and I turned around to lock eyes with golden ones.

"'re Ichigo?" He asked me. Oh, did I mention he spoke very good japanese? God, I must sound like a woman! I nodded and he chuckled under his breath. "Căpşună, eh?"

"Huh?" Ok, he lost me already.

"Your name...means Strawberry?" Ok, not the best way to get on my good side, mind you; I hate that nickname!

"Oi, it means more than just that." I hiss under my breath as class starts. He chuckles and nods and I turn to face the front of the class.

"She warned me you were a feisty one." He whispered back. "Sunteti foarte distractiv." I could feel my blood boiling a bit. I have no idea why, must've been the 'strawberry' comment.

"Will you stop that?"

"No, it annoys you."

"Correction; you annoy me." I replied, trying to write down some notes, but the sexy Romanian/Japanese guy was getting annoying. "Now let me do my work." He just chuckled some more and turned to face the front of the class, writing down his own notes. Curiosity got the better of me and I peeked, noting that he was writing in both Japanese and Romanian. He caught me glancing and smirked, but he didn't say anything. When the bell rang for lunch, I tried to get away from him, but he was insistent, grabbing my wrist.

"Where does everyone eat lunch?" He asked me.

"Out in front of the school, but me and my friends go to the roof."

"Then I'll go to the roof." He grinned wickedly and, for reasons unknown, I blushed. Yes, blushed. I guess I really like his grin...wait huh?

"Why, just to pester me?" I asked, annoyed instead.

"Partially, but so far, you're the only one who's talked to me." He shrugged. Our school uniform,white t-shirt and long grey pants, looked fairly good on him. The shirt clung to him in all the right places, save for his legs...they were baggy there. What? Can you blame me for looking? We all know it's a general rule that all foregin exchange studens are hot. And what he said was true too. In study hall, no one approached him, leaving him be to doodle or write in his notebook. But his eyes rarely left me, and the same goes here.

"Fine...but please refrain from speaking Romanian." I asked him. He smirked and shrugged.

"I'll speak it when I wish, Căpşună." He said, walking towards his locker. Ok, I hate the nickname Strawberry, but the way he said both irritated me and made me feel a bit...jumpy I guess. I liked and hated it. So I contradict myself, big whoop. "Well? Are we going?" He was now standing in front of me, lunch bag swung over his shoulder.

"Uh, yeah..." As we walked towards the stairs to the roof, I could feel his golden eyes staring at my back. Ugh...this is either going to get worse...or level out and become mediocre... I thought. Boy was I right...

Well, needless to say, my friends were excited to see that I managed to drag the new student with me. "Hiya Ogichi!" Rukia waved.

"Shiro will ya? My name sounds too weird." He grumbled, sitting next to me as we sat in front of Renji, Rukia and Orihime. Ok, now I shall explain Orihime Inoue. She has strawberry blonde hair, and bright, grey eyes. I believe she has a crush on me, but she knows I'm gay. It's sad really...I feel bad for her. But she's content just being friends. Oh, and if she offers you food, never ever ever ever eat it. I could go on forever with the 'ever's ...but I won't. Wow, talk about repeating a sound too many eve- ok, stopping now.

"Ok, that's understandable!" Orihime chimed in. "It's kinda a mouthful anyways!" Shiro smiled at that and nodded, then turned to me, waiting for introductuions.

"Oh uh, Shiro, this is Rukia, Renji and Orihime and..." i looked around, noting that Tatsuki wasn't there. "Where's Tatsuki."

"Wrestling tournament." Renji said. Shiro glanced at Renji and laughed. "What is it?"

"You look like a roşu ananas." He laughed. Renji quickly grabbed a Romanian translation book, no doubt Rukia gave it to him, and he went beat red, as in angry red. It's a great sight. It makes my day sometimes.

"Oi! I do not! don't you dare insult me like Ichigo does!"

"The Căpşună just simply says the truth." He looked at me with a sideways glance and I couldn't help a tiny shiver crawl up my spine.

"Will you quit calling me that? !" I snapped as Renji searched up the word and he laughed.

"Oh, rather high and mighty, eh?" He cackled. "I may call you something else...say Rigă?"

"And what does that mean? !"

" 'King' of course. You are acting like one, and it's...rather entertaining." I was just about at the end of my patience when Orihime chirped in.

"Well! It's so nice for you to be here, Shiro! It's rare when someone can infuriate both Renji and Ichigo at the same time." now, at this, we all stared at her before bursting into laughter. It was true, simply because we infuriate each other enough. I listened to Shiro laugh, well still more like a cackle, and I couldn't help but blush again. I felt really...comfortable with him, if that makes any sense. Maybe I'm just weird.

The rest of the day was perfectly fine, until it was time to go home. Shiro walked up and offered to walk home with me. I know now, that if I had said no, I could've avoided everything...but I'm glad I said yes. This is where the story leading up to the juicy stuff really starts...

Chapter 1 end

Ok, I'm gonna do my best to make this all as long as I can, ok? O.o I keep getting complaints that my chapters are too short nowadays. XP Well, here's a new fic for ya~!

Romanian translations :3

"Ce e toata lumea? "- What's up everyone?

"Numele meu este Ogichi Shirosaki." - My name is Ogichi Shirosaki

Căpşună -Strawberry

Sunteti foarte distractiv - You are very entertaining

roşu ananas - red pineapple

Rigă - King

Lol he'll say some other things too. Oh, and the reason he speaks Romanian is pratially to blame because of Tiana Misoro. She did a vampire fic for my birthday, and I like the language, which she uses as the title of the fic and its chapters, and some other things. XD Thanks girl! Ok, reviews would be so welcome~!