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Chapter 10: More Family Members


Nu, te rog nu fi mort...Vă rugăm să trezesc ...Ichigo trezește-te!

Ichigo loved all of the guys, yet Shinji made him slightly unconfortable. "Odd, I figured Ulqui over tha' would make ya uncomfortable."

"He's quiet, and not constantly shoving the fact we're both gay up my ass!" He replied hotly as we walked back to his house.

"But ya 'ave such a nice ass Riga...I'd like ta shove something up it." I laughed when he punched my shoulder. To be honest, I did want sex with him, but only at his pace. I could wait...been waiting long enough as it is really. "Scuze Ichigo. Just wanted ta see ya blush." His face turned even redder and I couldn't help but laugh at him.

"Sh-shut up! Stupid idiot..." He lapsed into english on that last bit.

"I can understand English ya know."

"Yeah, along with German, Romanian, Japanese...too much fucking thinking if you ask me." He sighed, scratching his head. " you...wanna comeovertomorrowevening? !"

"Whoa whoa whoa there. Slow down Căpşună. I may be a vampire, but that don't mean I have super speedy hearing."

" wanna...come over tomorrow evening?" He asked, slower and blood rushing faster in his cheeks. I resisted the urge to inhale and smiled.

"Ta yer house? Sure that's wise?" I asked him. "I mean.."

"You're not going to be a bloodthirsty BroodMother are you?" He gave me a skeptical look.

"Ya and yer video games..." I sighed. "I mean it ya really want this?"

"Of course I do. What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't have faith in my lover?"

"Ya'd be smart." I chuckled. "Then again, a smart person wouldn't willingly date a vampir either." He snorted and I walked next to him and kissed his cheek. "All righ', I'll do it for ya Ichigo." He smiled and turned his head to mash his lips to mine. I kissed him back eagerly, feeling his blood rush in his face and making my fangs grow and thicken. He broke the kiss, panting and staring.

"They're showing..."

"I know..." I sighed, moving away, but he quickly grabs my wrist. "Ichigo-"

"It's fine. If you need it...I'll give it." He said. He squeezed my wrist when I tried to move away. "I mean it Shirosaki. I know you need my blood...Grimmjow told me."

"When did ya meet 'im?"

"I'll...tell you later." He said, rolling the collar of his shirt down. "Do it...I'm ok with it." When I hesitated he sighed. "Are we really gonna go through this again Shiro? I trust y-" I sank my fangs into his neck and he flinched a bit. "A-asshole!"

"You said I could..." I whispered in his mind. I felt him stiffen a bit as I released him, licking his neck and sealing the bite.

"I knew spoke in my head that day at the beach...when you were drowning..."

"Accidental, but ya saved my life, amant. I'm glad ya did too." I hugged him softly and he sighed against my chest. "I'll be over tomorrow night. Better 'ead home Ichigo." He smiled and waved. I watched him go just as Ulquiorra walked up next to me. "Gonna comment, aripi demon?"

"He is a human're putting him in danger, revealing us to him." He said, unaffected by my nickname as usual. One of these days I'll get 'im.

"Were we so different?" I asked him. "We thought we were 'uman once, and then looked at what happened."

"Yes...but he won't change unless you change him." He said and I rolled my eyes. I knew this, and I planned on asking him.

"I'll ask him tomorrow."

I walked with him after school, and he seemed to beam. "Somethin' good happen?"

"My boyfriend's coming to visit my family, who's been asking me for months on who I'm seeing!" He said, sounding geniuenlly happy. "Would this count as 'something good'."

"I uh...suppose..." I murmered. To be honest, I was a bit nervous. Most humans can sense Naturals, gives them a bad vibe, or at the very least an uneasy one.

"Why are you so worried? My family's gonna love you Shiro." He smiled, grabbing my gloved hand. He was wearing a maroon turtle neck, mainly to hide the scar I gave him the other day, but it looked nice on him, matching well with his skinny jeans. I smiled and pulled him close, placing a hand around his waist.

"Ya look adorable ya know..."

"Shiro, I always wear this stuff..." He blushed, looking at the ground.

"So yer always adorable." I kissed his cheek. He smacked me lightly and I chuckled as he walked to the front door of his house.

"Fair warning. My Dad's a bit...eccentric." He sighed. I looked at him as he opened the door. A human came flying out, Ichigo simply ducked and I side-stepped.

"Ah, my son! You have found someone with good reflexes! That's wonderful!" The man said, face implanted in the concrete.


"Leave him. He'll be bouncing around in a few minutes anyways..." Ichigo shrugged. I stepped inside, only to be hugged by a small girl with short brown hair and big eyes, similar to Ichigo's.

"Hi Shiro!" She smiled. "Ichigo's told us sooooo much about you! I'm Yuzu by the way!" She beamed. She pointed to a girl with black hair in the hall. "That's Karin!" Karin simply shrugged at me, her eyes gazing at me uncertainly. "Oh! I need to get supper ready!" Yuzu ran off, Ichigo waving at her from the kitchen. Karin walked up and stared at me.

"Hello, i'm-"

"I know. Yuzu was telling the truth when she said that Ichigo wouldn't stop talking about you." She said with a matter of fact tone. "I haven't seen him this happy since Mom died." Her eyes narrowed at me. "So if you hurt him...I'll kill you." One would think she wasn't being serious, but I could see the determinaztion in her eyes, the same as Ichigo's.

"Don' worry squirt. I won't hurt him." I smiled, ruffling her hair. She pouted and brushed my hand away as I joined Ichigo and Yuzu in the kitchen.

Dinner was lively, with his father constantly asking questions, and his father wanting me to answer in Romanian. When we finished, Ichigo took me to his room and sighed. "Sorry, my Dad's a bit pushy and nosy."

"Nah. It's refreshing really. I 'aven't had a family dinner like tha' in a long time." I sat on his bed, and he sat next to me. His room was simple, but it was comfy. I turned to see a guitar in the corner and smiled. "Ya play?"

"Hmm? Oh that dusty thing. My Mom got it for me a long time ago. I was gonna learn...but then..."

"Ea a muit." I murmered. He knew what I said and he sighed.

"Yeah...she did."

"Riga, it's ok. I know how ya feel." I hugged him close and he ran a hand across my chest, stopping above my heart.

"Did it beat before?" He asked me.

"Not as fast. It sped up when I met ya." I explained. "It's why my skin ain't as cold anymore."

"Hmm..." He sighed and laid his head on my lap. The day seemed to wear him out, and he quickly fell asleep. As I sat there, stroaking his hair gently, his father walked in.

"Mr. Kurosaki."

"Call me Isshin." He said, his voice serious. "Listen...I knew your father Shirosaki." Now that threw me for a loop. "A good man, and I knew one day you'd find Ichigo. You two met as babies."

"We...we did?"

"But due to complications, we couldn't visit anymore after our one time. I miss your father, Alistair was a good man." I nodded and felt Ichigo grip my pant leg tightly in his sleep, letting out a content sigh. "I know that you'll need to turn him in order to be with him." I couldn't reply to that. "You have my permissionn, if Ichigo wishes it."


"I know what you are. Like I said, I knew your father." He laughed. "Just promise me something."

"Yes Isshin?"

"Take good care of him, and make sure he stays happy."

"Threat's already been delivered from Karin, and I promise. I swear it on my soul." I said, not breaking eye contact with him. "Inima mea si sufletul apartin Ichigo."

"Ok then. Go ahead and get some sleep. His bed should be big enough." Isshin left us and shut the door quietly.

"All righ' Ichigo. Gotta move for a bit." I pushed him up gently and he grumbled as I removed his shirt and shoes and socks. I pulled the blankets back and laid him down, quickly getting out of my own shirt and shoes to curl up next to him. He clung to me quickly, mumbling my name against my neck. "Night Ichigo...te iubesc."

Chapter 10 end

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Romanian Translations~! :3

Riga- King

Căpşună- Strawberry

amant- love

aripi demon- winged demon

Ea a muit- she died

Inima mea si sufletu apartin Ichigo- My heart and soul belong to Ichigo

te iubesc- I love you

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