Full summary: Instead of Harry Potter, Lilly and James had a daughter named Harriet, who turned out to be a squib. The Dursley's turn out to be muggle hating, Pureblood, death eater, wizards. One night the Dursley's are summoned for a meeting with the other death eaters but the babysitter is late. Against their will, the Dursley's have to leave Harriet home alone. What's could be the harm in leaving a magicless girl alone for a few hours?

Pairing: Fenrir Greyback/Harriet Potter/Draco Malfoy


Hair: Shoulder long black, wavy.

Eyes: Green

Age: Fourteen

Personality: Skittish, shy, timid, obedient, loyal, caring, sensitive, brave (anything else I can think of)

Past: Harriet's parents were murdered by dark wizards when she was one years old. Harriet was also targeted but was saved by a protection of love from her mother. With nowhere else to go, Harriet was sent to live with the Dursley's; Harriet's aunt, uncle, and slightly older cousin. Although the Dursley's were muggle-born hating dark wizards that didn't take too kindly to squibs. So, through out her life, Harriet was forced into doing all the house chores and would get daily beatings. When she was 13, Harriet was brutality rapped by her older cousin and was denied medical treatment afterward. Harriet was allowed to know about magic but was forbidden to get involved in it in any way.

Warning: As this is a AU things might seem OOC.

Chapter 1

It was nine O-clock at night and fourteen year old Harriet Potter laid against the living room couch as she waited for her babysitter to arrive. Harriet had thought that she didn't need a babysitter at her age but her aunt and uncle showed very little trust in leaving the young girl alone in their house. Although, in this one case, when the babysitter didn't show up the Dursley's had no choice but to leave the young girl alone to avoid being late to an important meeting. There were afraid that it would cause questioning from their master.

While Harriet was born a squib, everyone else in her family were pureblood wizards. The teenager was residing with her aunt and uncle only because her parents, James and Lily Potter, were murdered by death eaters when Harriet was only one years old. She herself was targeted by the death eaters but an unknown spell saved her life, causing the spell to rebound off the infant and onto the caster; killing him instantly. As a reminder of that fateful night, Harriet earned a permitted lightening shaped scar on her forehead.

As the Dursley's were Harriet's last known living family, on her mother's side, they were forced to take her in. Although, unknown to most wizards, the Dursley's were muggle hating death eaters that also didn't think too kindly about squibs. The family had managed to keep their evil status a secret from the Ministry of Magic only because Vernon Dursley worked for them, like few other death eaters did. There was that and because the Dursley's would kill anyone that found out their secret.

If there was something the Dursley's hated more than muggles or squibs it was muggle-borns. Like many other death eaters, or just plain ignorant purebloods wizards, they took to calling muggle-borns mudbloods. Both Vernon and Petunia Dursley had admittedly, more liked bragged to other death eaters, killed a dozen muggle-born wizards throughout their lives as death eaters. The Dursley's hated muggle-borns with a passion and having a squib, which was the opposite of a muggle-born, didn't help all that much.

As a baby, Harriet was pretty much ignored until she was old enough to be dependent. She wasn't given enough food or milk, she wasn't allowed to play with toys and she'd go hours in a stinky diaper, only to be changed when her aunt couldn't stand the smell anymore. Until Harriet turned two, she was forced to sleep in a dresser drawer because her realities refused to spend money on a crib or allow her to share with Dudley. At that age she slept in her aunt and uncle's room, but only because the Ministry suggested it.

Once Harriet turned two and was able to walk up and down the stairs she was forced to live in the staircase supply closet. To humor her and keep her from whining, the Dursley's gave her a couple of small toys and a stuffed wolf to play with. (1) Two was also the age where Harriet was forced to clean every mess in the house. At first the young Potter girl would complain about it but, after a few harsh beatings, Harriet was as obedient as a robot.

By the age of five, Harriet's aunt taught her how to cook. It wasn't because Petunia wanted to bond with her niece but because she'd never have to lift a finger to cook again if Harriet could do it for her. The young girl could only make a couple of things at that time and half of the time she would accidentally burn the food. Every time Harriet burned something, or even under cooked something, her uncle would beat her with a belt until her wounds turned purple. By the time she was six, Harriet could cook just about anything her family told her to without so much as making it over crunchy.

The Dursley's never let Harriet eat meals with them; she was barely allowed to eat at all. The only time her aunt and uncle let Harriet eat was if their son, Harriet's older male cousin Dudley, had left overs on his plate. Luckily for Harriet her cousin was a greedy pig and always took more than he could handle. The only other time Harriet was allowed to eat was as if something was starting to spoil or if something was too old for the Dursley's liking to cook; like boxed noodles. For drinks Harriet was denied soda and was only allowed milk if it was starting to spoil, or if a Ministry member came to visit.

When it came to clothing Harriet wasn't allowed anything fancy. Harriet's clothing mostly contained of baggy pants, dull colored t-shirts, a few sweaters, a maid outfit and a couple dull skirts. (2) For nightwear, Harriet was given nighties until she reached age of nine. When she reached that age, Harriet started wearing green and black camouflage like pajamas; the colors of the death eaters.

In her opinion the pajamas were more comfortable than the nighties and she didn't mind what colors they were; Harriet wouldn't be a death eater no matter what. Not that she would ever be allowed even if she did want to. Harriet was a squib and all death eater's hated her kind. If she were to join the death eaters, willingly or not, it would be as a slave. Going back to the clothes, Harriet was only allowed to have them washed when she had one clean pair left.

For personal hygiene Harriet got to brush her teeth very day, but that was only because her uncle didn't want to waist money or the time taking her to the dentist. When it came to getting clean, the young Potter was only allowed to bathe once a week. If someone was coming over to visit, than the Dursley's would allow her to bathe earlier that same day. Otherwise Harriet would sponge bathe herself in her room.

By the time Harriet had turned eight she and the Dursley's found out that she would need glasses. Of course the Dursley's ignored this, as they thought she didn't need glasses to continue with her chores. They were proved wrong when Harriet continually walked into walls or fell down the stairs while carrying loads of laundry. It was only after Harriet got a sprained wrist that her aunt took her to get her fit for glasses and a two pairs of contact lenses.

When Harriet turned ten the Dursley's began using their house as a meeting place for fellow death eaters. Because no one knew who she really was, Harriet would act as the house servant to the visiting death eaters, serving them food and drink. Still, to keep conversation's secret the Dursley's had no choice but to let her live in Dudley's second bedroom. Harriet was pleased however as she finally got to sleep in a real bed since living with her parents.

There was really only a handful of death eaters that would attend the meetings at the Dursley's, as their house couldn't fit as many people as a normal wizard house would. The only people that would attend would be the Malfoy family, the Lestrange family and a few random members now and than. Because they would come to the meetings, they were the only ones that knew about Harriet, despite not knowing she was the surviving Potter. Since they knew of her existence, the Dursley's would pay the Malfoy and Lestrange family to babysit whenever they were needed to leave.

To keep the members from guessing Harriet was their niece, the Dursley's told them that, since they lived in a muggle area, they couldn't risk having a house-elf so Harriet was nothing more than their house slave. Luckily it wasn't easy to detect a squib and Harriet looked nothing like her aunt so the death eaters easily believed them. From that moment on those were the people Harriet would get as babysitters, much to Harriet's dismay.

Outside the wind had began to howl like a wild beast and rain poured down with the force of gun bullets. Harriet yawned tiredly and rubbed her eyes as they began to burn. She had been waiting almost half an hour for the babysitter to arrive and she was beginning to believe that he was never going to show up. So, taking out her contact lenses and putting them in their case, Harriet laid across the couch, using the arm rest as a pillow and allowed herself to rest.

Harriet was actually pleased that the babysitter wasn't here as it meant she would have a peaceful night. The young teenager hated it when she needed to be babysat as it always turned out in her getting hurt. The nice babysitters would pretty much just make Harriet stay in her room after she makes them tea but the really mean babysitters would amuse themselves by using curses on her. Yawning once more, Harriet closed her eyes and felt herself drifting off to sleep.

(1) In the first movie you see Harry playing with a horse while Vernon covers up the mail slot. I don't know if they bought them for him or just gave them to him but they still allowed him something to play with

(2) When I say dull shirts or dull skirts I mean they aren't very colorful and kind of look like something from a life sucking boarding school would wear

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