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Chapter 7

"What the hell is a semi-werewolf?" Draco snapped impatiently as he watched Wendy tend to the young teenage girl. Wendy, the same black woman that had tended to Draco's wounds, sighed inwardly as she bandaged Harriet's arm stump.

The teenaged boy had regained consciousness soon after the werewolf alpha had left the cabin. He wasn't too happy about waking up on the wooden floor but he let that go. Standing up, Draco saw that the girl the werewolf had brought in was laying on the bed in his place with the black woman tending to her.

Having remembered the werewolf and his encounter with the strange man minutes before sunset, Draco frowned. He was smart enough to know that the man that bit his shoulder was also the werewolf that brought the girl. Although he didn't understand why he a werewolf would bite someone while in human form. What did a human-werewolf bite do anyways? Draco inwardly cursed to himself for not paying attention about the lessons on werewolves. It probably covered this kind of thing.

Another thing that confused Draco was why the werewolf hadn't attacked him or the black woman. One of the only things that he remembered from his werewolf lessons was that they were monsters. They lose every ounce of human ability, including remembering who they are, and would even kill their best friend if their paths crossed. The only reason Draco even remembered that much was because the smarty pants mudblood he liked to bully told the teacher.

So when he asked the black woman, who introduced herself as Wendy, he got an answer that he didn't want to hear. According to the woman, Draco was something called a semi-werewolf. Although he understood what a werewolf was, the teenager had no idea what Wendy meant by semi-werewolf. So he demanded an explanation as the woman was wrapping up the stump where her hand should have been.

"A semi-werewolf is a person who is bitten by a werewolf while they were still in human form. If you paid any attention in school you would have learned that a human-werewolf bite doesn't turn the victim into a werewolf completely but gives them wolfish instincts. You wont change at the full moon but your sight, smell and hearing will enhance. You also smell like a werewolf so you don't have to worry about being attacked by the others. Oh, you'll also like your meat on the rare side from now on." The woman answered as she placed a cloth on the child's forehead. She stood up from her spot as Draco seemed to pale a little in relation to his situation.

"What kind of freak werewolf bites while still human?" Draco asked in a grumbled. In no less than five seconds, the young teenager found himself pushed against the wooden wall.

"If you care about your life, you'll never insult our alpha ever again." The woman said with such an anger that Draco nearly fainted again. Although, being the tough guy he liked pretending to be, the boy refused to show the girl as he raised an eyebrow in question.

"Why are you defending him? Didn't he attack you as well? You're not a furry mutt like the rest but that werewolf didn't attack you ether." Draco questioned thoughtfully. A frown came onto Wendy's face and she pulled back her hand to let the boy go.

"Yes, I am a semi-werewolf, bitten by the same man three years ago. I was bitten because my husband had angered him and, since I don't have children, I was targeted. I think he may have been impatient because he didn't bother to wait for the full moon before biting me in his human form. I think he may have even killed me if he hadn't found out I was a healer. I was brought here against my will to help and heal the others when they got hurt." Wendy said with a sadden sigh and Draco crossed his arms while the woman walked back to the girl.

"By him you mean Fenrir Greyback?" He asked. The woman flinched and whimpered as if she had been slapped across the face.

"If you're smart, you will not address him by his name. Like it or not, you will show him respect." The woman ordered while she took the girl's good arm in her hand. Scoffing, Draco stepped close to the woman and the girl he was supposed to babysit.

"And what if I don't? Is he going to kill me?" Draco asked smartly, smiling in a smug like way. Wendy turned her attention to the boy after putting a fresh, hot cloth on Harriet's head.

"If you are lucky. There are things much worse than death, boy." The woman said with a frown as she got up from where she sat. Draco rolled his eyes as he took to staring at the young girl.

"What if I left? That monster can't keep me here." Draco said and once again found himself pinned to the wall. This time the woman looked more frantic than angry.

"Don't even try to run away; it's not worth it." The woman said as her purple eyes danced in such fear that it startled Draco. He opened his mouth to ask Wendy what she meant but the woman quickly pulled away and chewed on her fingernails before looking at Draco again.

"Very few people in the pack want to leave but fewer actually try to escape. Out of those that do try to escape only about two out of ten manage to get away. The others get caught by the alpha or his men. If you're lucky, and it is your first attempt, the alpha will let you live but if you anger him to many times he will kill you. The very unlucky ones will get eaten alive." The woman said with a frown as she wrapped her arms around her waist. Draco stared at her and waited to see if she was going to continue; she was.

"After my first two months here I sneaked away late at night while mostly everyone was sleeping. I managed to make it home without being caught but when my husband saw me he tried to kill me. He thought I had been turned into a full fledged werewolf and no longer loved me. I had no choice to come back to the pack; it is the only place I am safe. The alpha had found out that I had left but he told me I already learned my lesson when my husband tried to kill me. Normal wizards can't be trusted. The pack has become my family now and I will do anything I can to protect them." Wendy said with a frown and rubbed her eyes with her sleeve as a few loose tears escaped her eyes. Draco stared at the woman as what she said went through his mind.

A part of him didn't want to believe her but the other knew she was right. His own family hated werewolves and disliked them in their house. Draco could even remember how his father complained that a werewolf had gone to the same meetings as him. He was sure his father would easily disown him if he found out a werewolf had bitten him, human or beast. He was unsure what his mother would do but he was pretty sure his aunt would probably try to turn him into a pet. Sighing, Draco leaned against the wall, crossing his arms as he watched Wendy get back to work.

"My father will find me." He said in a convincing tone. Although he himself wasn't too convinced.

"No human knows where we are. Any human to step into our territory gets killed, eaten or turned if alpha find a use out of them." Wendy said in a soft tone as she checked the young girl's pulse. Draco rolled his eyes and got ready to respond but the woman got off the bed and walked over to him.

"The alpha had ordered me to show you to hut four once you were strong enough to walk. Follow me." Wendy ordered as she opened the door that lead outside. Draco grimaced and stayed where he was.

"There's no way in hell that I am going outside where there are bloody werewolves walking around." Draco almost shouted but got quieter when he realized the werewolves would hear him. Wendy rolled her purple eyes and held out her hand.

"They will not hurt you; they think you are one of them. Would you like to hold my hand?" Wendy asked as she held her hand as an offering. Draco huffed and stared at her stubbornly before he slowly took the hand with a slight blush.

"You better not tell anyone about this, woman." Draco grumbled. Wendy only chuckled as she walked Draco outside.

"You don't have to worry, I wont embarrass you. I have to get you to the hut so I can get back to the girl." The woman said with a kind smile. Draco rolled his eyes stubbornly but tightened his grip on the woman's hand as they walked outside.

There were werewolves everywhere that Draco looked. Some were just laying in the ground, enjoying the moonlight, others seemed to be talking to one an other. Draco even noticed a couple werewolves eating what looked like a deer and it made his stomach turn and his face turn pale. Every time one of the wolves looked his way Draco would tighten his grip on Wendy but the werewolves never got close. Wendy seemed to take no notice to this as she walked up to a hut with a four on the side.

"Just enter on your own. Room three on the inside is empty. Make yourself at home." Wendy said and, with a wave, walked back to the hut she had left. Draco watched her leave before entering the hut in front of him quickly. It was dark and smelt like pine but it relaxed the young boy.

'Damn it!' Draco thought as he growled inwardly to himself. He was now stuck with a large group of werewolves.

Sighing in anger, Draco searched for the third bedroom. It was easier than he thought, seeing as there was a large three on the door. The door opened easily and when Draco entered he saw two neatly made bunk beds. Frowning, Draco walked to bed on the left and climbed the later to the top.

If Draco had to share a room with some snot nosed werewolf brats, he was going to show who was the one in charge. Luckily he remembered Wendy saying room three was empty so he shouldn't have that problem for a while. The boy yawned and rubbed the bandaged wound once again as he laid back in the bed. To his greatest surprise, the howling acted as a lullaby and the young Malfoy boy found himself fast asleep in no time.

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