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The Badboy and his crush

"Hey Blaine."

"Oh hey... Uhh..." Blaine stood there for a moment thinking. "Louis right?"

"Its Sebastian."

"Oh. Yeah... Whatever."

Sebastian sighed and walked over to Blaine standing next to his crush. "Well I was just wondering if you wanted to come over to my house and play with my Hot Wheels."

Blaine looked over at Sebastian and quickly pocketed his own Hot Wheels. "No. I'm good."

"Well then... Do you wanna play here? We could play hide and seek or I could watch you play with your Hot Wheels some more." The young boy smiled brightly hoping that the other boy would play with him.

"Hide and seek sounds fine. You can hide first." Blaine turned around and closed his eyes. He slowly started to count to ten as the other boy went off to hide.

About thirty seconds later Blaine was looking around for Sebastian.

"Blaine? What are you doing?"

Blaine turned and saw Kurt standing there looking at his curiously, his head tilted to the side.

"I'm playing hide and seek. Wanna help me find him?"

"Who's him?"


Kurt got a bit upset at the thought of Blaine playing with that other boy. He'd seen it in movies. People like Sebastian always tried to steal the prince away from the princess. "Sure. I'll help you find him." Kurt smiled lightly then grabbed Blaine's hand.

After a few minutes Blaine and Kurt finally found Sebastian hidden under a slide.

"What's he doing here?" Sebastian almost growled as he slowly slid out of his hiding spot.

"I'm helping Blaine find you." Kurt smiled and started to swing his and Blaine's conjoined hands.

"That's cheating Blaine!" Sebastian stood there upset at the fact Kurt had joined in on their game. it was only supposed to be him and Blaine. Kurt wasn't allowed. It wasn't fair.

"I don't care. If Kurt wants to play with me then he will." Blaine squeezed Kurt's hand tightly.

"Well I don't want Kurt to play with us. Only me and you Blaine." Sebastian crossed his arms over his chest and looked away from Blaine. If Sebastian wanted to play with Blaine then he will play with Blaine. Sebastian always got what he wanted.

"Well I don't want to play anymore." Blaine shrugged and started to look around getting bored with the conversation.

"Blaine my Mom helped me pack a picnic for us! Would you like to do that now?" Kurt smiled and looked at Blaine hoping he would say yes.

"Sure." Blaine started to walk over to the bench where he knew Burt would be sitting. "Hi Burt."

"Hey kiddo. Here for the picnic Kurt made?" Burt handed the small basket over to Kurt knowing that the young boy would want to set everything up himself.

"Yeah." Blaine let go of Kurt's hand and put his hands in his pockets.

"C'mon Blaine. Picnic time!" Kurt slowly walked over the grass and put the basket down. He smiled as he slowly set everything up.


Blaine quickly turned around as Sebastian ran towards them. "What do you want Sam?"

"Its Sebastian."


"Well I was wondering if I could join you guys. I mean... At least then we can hang out Blaine."

Kurt looked over at Sebastian once he was done setting everything up. "I'm sorry Sebastian but we don't have enough food. Me and Mommy only made enough for me and Blaine."

"Oh... Ok than." Sebastian glared at Kurt before looking to Blaine with a smile. "Well I'm gonna go. Maybe we can play tomorrow Blaine?"

"Uh sure. I guess." Blaine looked at Sebastian somewhat confused as to why the boy wanted to play with him so badly.

"Ok! Bye Blaine!" The boy quickly ran off leaving Kurt and Blaine behind.

"I don't like him Blaine." Kurt grabbed Blaine's hand and pulled him over to the picnic blanket he spread out. He sat down then patted the area next to him.

Blaine shrugged then sat down. "I don't know Kurt. he seems ok. just likes to play with me a lot."

"That's it tho. He only wants to play with you. I think he likes you." Kurt wrapped his arms around one of Blaine's arms and held it close to his chest. "I should be the only one who likes you."

Blaine sighed and patted Kurt's arm. "Its ok Kurt. I don't like him. I only like you."

Kurt smiled and cuddled into Blaine's arm. "I like you too Blaine."