MNC: Exhibition Tournament

Chapter 1: Mysterious Meeting

Mickey Cantor, the mysterious owner of Monday Night Combat was indeed upset that a certain Chris McLean and his reality shows were obviously in the way. Mickey wasn't happy that Chris had ruined Monday Night Combat in stealing its ratings from the past five seasons, but he'd certainly receive some help, the mysterious man who broadcasted his shows straight from his prison cell was going to receive a big break, a certain Lucius Malfoy who had done business before with Chris McLean was allowed to have a private meeting with Mr. Cantor.

"Mr. Cantor, I must say am very pleased with your work" said Lucius.

"Hey, what's a creepy guy like you from the world of magic has to do with a guy like me locked up in his cell?" asked Mickey in his typical announcer-like tone.

"I got a proposition for you, since I did help Chris juice up his reality show, I can do the same with your Monday Night Combat" continued Lucius.

"So, an old adviser of Chris McLean decides to stab him in the back, sounds like my kind of guy to be with" laughed Mickey.

"Well, you're going to love this plan what I have in store, I have assembled around 18, er, volunteers if you'd put it to be part of the HotShots and the IceMen" continued Lucius, "they come from a variety of different backgrounds, a number of them are just simple wanderers who have skills that could be emphasized at your Monday Night Combat tournaments."

"And just how did you acquire them to be willing enough to join my Monday Night Combat?" asked Mickey.

"Easy, I had to send a few former Death Eaters to apprehend some of them, they put up a fight, but in the end they were no match for me" said Lucius, "my son Draco who participated in season three of Chris' reality show helped acquire a number of them by using hi-tech muggle technology we acquired to go to various worlds, since we're being watched in our world."

"Hmm, sounds fascinating, I hope those 18 people you mention do bring me ratings that'd be Chris McLean, that guy is just as nasty as me, except he's not in a prison cell like me" said Mickey.

"That's true, the Dark Lord when he was alive introduced me to Chris McLean to help him out, I got spare time on my hands now to help you out in the same manner" laughed Lucius.

Indeed, Lucius Malfoy did help Mickey Cantor acquire a few new contestants for his Monday Night Combat. A certain Samurai Jack was waking up in his cell, the samurai had been wondering the wasteland of his world when he was ambushed by what seemed like masked raiders, it all went by so quickly.

"Hey, you, you up?" asked a man in the other cell to Jack.

"Where are we?" asked Jack.

"Not sure, but I hear cheering on the other end, smells like old fashion gladiator style fighting" said the man, "by, the way the name's Bill."

"Jack, Samurai Jack" said Jack who introduced himself to Bill.

"Are you ladies done chatting?" asked a large man in another cell.

"And you would be?" asked Jack.

"The name's Brick" replied Brick.

"Don't pay any attention to him" said a woman in another cell, "the name's Lilith by the way."

"Look, we have to find a way out of here" said Jack.

"I like that idea, but we don't have any weapons with us, and besides, we're being watched by everyone" continued Lilith.

Jack had no choice but to sadly sit and meditate on what to do next, as the cell door opened up, a large robotic guard appeared before Jack.

"Get to the locker room, I have already retrieved the others on your team" said the robotic guard.

"The others?" asked Jack who felt there were more than just the cells around him.

"Yea, Mr. Cantor wishes for you to participate in his Monday Night Combat, some of his new advisers have been watching your skills, and the many skills of the others already locked up" continued the robotic guard.

As Jack was shown out of his cell by the robotic guard and into the locker room, Brick was already budding heads with another member of the team who wasn't happy with his presence.

"Say, who do you think you are pal?" asked the blonde haired man to Brick.

"You think you're so tough small fry?" asked Brick.

"No one tells Duke Nukem he's a small fry" replied Duke.

"There will be no fighting in the locker room, save it for the other team" continued the robotic guard.

"I could easily take this freak on" continued Duke to which two masked individuals were behind Duke trying to prevent it, "but these two won't let me."

"Because it won't be a necessary fight" continued the masked man, "by the way, I'm Batman."

"Wolverine" said Wolverine who introduced himself.

"Show this is who I am teaming up with?" asked a masked woman, "Name's Kitana."

A yellow ninja who tried to beat up a robotic guard was thrown right into the locker room.

"No one locks up Scorpion!" roared Scorpion who wanted another fight.

"Sorry, but we're just as strong as the Jackbots, you'll never win" said the robotic guard.

"So this is it then, our team?" asked Duke to the robotic guard.

"Yea, you should head out and take the necessary gear laid out" continued the robotic guard, "good luck facing off with the Ice Men."

"I don't like this" said Wolverine to Batman.

"Me neither" added Batman, "there must be some way where we could escape."

"Everyone of them in the audience is watching us" said Wolverine as he could tell the number of people in the Monday Night Combat stadium was quite huge.

"I hate that" added Batman.

Indeed it wasn't any love for the Ice Men either whom were being ordered out of their cells.

"I could take you on easy" said Serious Sam to the robotic guard who was escorting him to the locker room.

"Sure you could" laughed the robotic guard.

"This beats at least being stuck in a thermos" laughed a certain Dan Phantom who had been released from his cell heading to the same locker room for the Ice Men.

"So these two are part of my team?" asked a certain Beautiful Gorgeous to the robotic guard who led her out of her cell.

"Hey, I don't make the rules, I just follow them" continued the robotic guard.

Both Ryu and Makoto were thrown to the ground of the locker room.

"And I suspect these two were dumb enough to fight their robotic guards, right?" asked Beautiful Gorgeous.

"Look out!" cried Ryu to which Sabertooth who was trapped in a net was thrown right onto the locker room floor.

"Consider you two the lucky ones, he destroyed one of our brothers" continued the robotic guard, "but Mickey Cantor wants him to participate anyway."

Indeed three more contestants for the Ice Men were coming out of their cells, Smoke, Sub-Zero and Louis who had lost contact with Bill before being abducted. The trio were being let to their locker room greeting the other contestants.

"Great, what kind of a wimp are you?" asked Dan Phantom who didn't like Louis being the only one without real superpower skills.

"Listen pal, I wasted more zombified freaks who look exactly like you" continued Louis.

"Say that again to my face" said Dan who continued to threaten Louis.

"Geeze you people never learn, Mickey Cantor says save that for the other team" sighed the robotic guard.

Indeed the 18 contestants who had been abducted by Lucius, Draco and former Death Eaters had no idea what would be in store for them or what the first round would be like. But each one of them was going to be prepared to face whatever would come their way.