Chapter 17: Chickey Cantor the Ultimate Challenge

The ultimate challenge for both Jack and Dan Phantom was going to be well arraigned. Lucius Malfoy who had another secret meeting with Mickey Cantor still in his prison cell was very impressed with what was going on with the contestants.

"I must say" laughed Mickey, "this is a good season for Monday Night Combat."

"It is indeed" continued Lucius, "in fact we're prepared to take it to bring your second season to where Chris McLean had his second season."

"You mean deep within the jungle itself, sounds like a good thing to me" laughed Mickey.

"We'll get things ready as soon as possible once this match is over" laughed Lucius.

Indeed Dan was well prepared to take on Jack to fight off Chickey Cantor who was in the center of the arena itself.

"Time to claim my prize with a side of revenge" laughed Dan as he flew right into the arena itself.

Jack leaped from jump pad to jump pad and landed within the arena on the other side.

"Time to end this" said Jack who was prepared what was approaching the two.

Indeed a large chicken appeared right in the center of the arena, it was Chickey Cantor himself.

"That's right folks, here is Chickey Cantor, let's hope these two contestants can take a good beating from my best friend" laughed Mickey.

The large chicken started to first charge at Dan and ended up smacking him sending him nearly right out of the ring if it were not for his own ghostly powers that stopped it. He then charged at Chickey and first his ecto-energy blasts at him, Jack using his sword ended up whacking Chickey from behind. Jack was the first one to leap onto Chickey and ended up riding him.

"It seems that we have one of the contestants is rather getting more points than the other riding old Chickey" laughed Mickey.

"That's my ride you're stealing" said Dan as he used a large ecto-energy blast to knock off the samurai from Chickey's back.

Dan then immediately split himself into three clones and started to blast Chickey with ecto-energy blasts.

"Wow, looks like Dan Phantom is having a blast, literally!" laughed Mickey as he was displaying Dan's antics on the big screen.

Jack who was hurt but not out noticed poor Chickey was outmatched by Dan.

"I am going to gain my prize and revenge at the same time!" laughed Dan.

The samurai ended up sneaking around Dan and his clones and climbed up on Chickey again.

"No, you won't get that prize" said Jack as he was in command of Chickey.

"Ha, I and my clones can take you both on" laughed Dan.

"We'll see about that" continued Jack.

Jack then orders Chickey to charge at one of the Dan clones and ends up knocking the Dan clone right out of the arena. The samurai then instructs Chickey like a typical horse to turn toward the other Dan clones and Dan himself.

"Let's see how you like it" said Jack.

The samurai then commands Chickey to squash the two remaining Dan clones, and then orders Chickey to pin Dan right onto the floor of the arena.

"What are you going to do to me, peck me to death?" laughed Dan.

"That might not be a bad idea" laughed Jack.

Poor Dan indeed was literally being pecked to death, or at least being rather bruised up by Chickey who obviously did it as revenge against Dan for picking on him earlier in the round.

"Uh oh, looks like Dan is in trouble" laughed Mickey as he displayed Dan being pinned down on the big screen and being pecked by Chickey.

"You will pay for this!" roared Dan who then fired an ecto-energy blast trying to knock Jack off Chickey.

"I don't think so" continued Jack.

Chickey then grabs Dan's cape as if he were a mere worm and then tosses him onto the other side of the arena.

"Ready to give it another go?" asked Jack to Chickey to which Chickey typically made a big chicken cry.

The large chicken made a turn around the arena and began to charge at Dan, with its sharp beak it managed to smack Dan across the arena.

"I'm going to turn you into fried chicken before I deal with the samurai on your back" said Dan.

Dan unleashed a large barrage of ecto-energy blasts along with his Ghostly Wail, but Chickey ended up standing his ground along with Jack.

"Try to get closer to him, I'll end this soon enough" said Jack.

The large chicken continue its path toward Dan to which Jack leaped right off of Chickey's back with his sword, he ended up injuring Dan with his sword.

"I will make you pay for this!" roared Dan.

"Ha, I have already won" laughed Jack as the scores showed Jack was ahead of Dan.

"Looks like the samurai has indeed won the ultimate challenge here, and his prize is of course a real time machine that works so that he could go back to his own past and destroy that Aku fellow" laughed Mickey as the time machine itself was being raised from a platform within the middle of the arena itself.

"Not if I could help it" laughed Dan.

As the time machine itself was raised to the arena, Dan unleashed a large ecto-energy blast which ended up destroying the time machine.

"No!" cried Jack.

"Ha, now you will never get your prize!" laughed Dan.

"The time machine may have been blown to bits, but that doesn't mean Jack can't have these hi-tech weapons" laughed a Pitgirl who handed a large hi-tech laser gun to Jack and his original sword.

"Hey, I was just kidding back there about the entire time machine" said Dan as Jack had the laser set on Dan.

The scene ends with Dan being chased by Jack with the hi-tech weapons and his original sword.