Inspired by the fanfic Real World. Search for it if you're interested :D Nothing but a depressing drabble.

Sasuke thought the smile was one of happiness. A one last show of affection towards his beloved little brother.

Oh, if only he knew how wrong he was.

He couldn't see the bitterness in Itachi's smile- the defeat and utter hopelessness Itachi felt.

Defeated…not by Sasuke, not by any human being, but by a disease. Something so small as to not be seen, yet he could not fight it off. Of all the enemies that he has faced, the only one he cannot defeat was his own body, turned against him.

It's ironic, that the thing that ended up defeating Itachi was himself.

Robbed of clan, of home, of lover, of family, of health, still he continued living, all for Sasuke's sake. He told himself 'Just one more day. Just one more day and it will all be over.'

There was always more than just one day.


Madara will tell Sasuke everything.

Itachi doesn't want that to happen.

But he knows it will.

He poked Sasuke in the forehead, transferring the Amaterasu into Sasuke's eyes.

It wouldn't be enough.

But it was all that he could do.

The bitter smile doesn't fade as he falls over, his head hitting the cold stone wall. his faded vision goes completely black, darkening forever. And still he knows that it will not be enough.

His last words echo in Sasuke's mind: This is the last time.

He lost. Itachi lost. The final, most humiliating defeat.

Are you happy now, Madara? Itachi thinks.

You won.

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