you're nobody until somebody loves you

A HariPo drabble collection

by mew-tsubaki

Tags: M&MWP, light slash.

- ^-^3

Magorian was still fuming when Ronan found him. "This herd cannot handle bridges built with the humans."

Ronan scuffed his hoof on the forest ground. "You are upset about banishing Firenze."

"Of course I am! As daft as he could be, Firenze was one of our brightest." Magorian hung his head in exasperation.

"Bane is upset, too, you know."

"Oh, we all know, Ronan." Magorian crossed his arms and shook his head as Ronan trotted to him and rested a palm on his lower back. Magorian shivered at the warm touch, but they both knew he was comforted by it.