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It was the year of 1995, the streets of Surrey, England were dark and muggy. Perfect time for a certain someone to go on a killing spree.

Tom Riddle Jr., or better known as, the famous Lord Voldemort, was walking through the streets of Surrey, his long black robe flowing behind him, his hood up to hide his grotesque face.

Lord Voldemort had a snake-like face. His nose were just slits, his skin color was a sickly greenish-white tone, but the one thing that stuck out the most, was his blood red eyes.

Those red eyes scare his Death Eater's into submission. Never wanting to cross their red-eyed Lord.

When Voldemort rounded a corner, he stopped right then and there. He saw something- no- someone, lying in the middle of the street. He swifltly looked around to make sure no one else was outside, or in their vehicles.

He saw not one person out, so he slowly walked up to the person that was lying in the street, his wand at the ready.

Once he got close enough to the person, he gasped. A little girl, who looked to be around four years old, was lying in the street.

The little girl must have heard Voldemort's gasp, because the next thing he saw were these bright blue eyes looking straight at his blood red eyes. He never even noticed that the wind blew his hood back before the little girl looked up at him.

Voldemort noticed that the little girl was wearing tattered clothes, and her long, wavy black hair was in a tangled mess. He looked back at her face, which was tear stained, and dirt clunged to her face.

Voldemort kneeled down next to the little girl, and her bright blue eyes never left his blood red ones. He reached out a hand, which made her look at his hand curiously, and a long finger touched her cheek. "What are you doing in the street, little one?" he asked while brushing her bangs from her eyes.

The little girl never answered him, which frustrated Voldemort a little. No one ignores my questions. But he had to remind himself that this was a little girl who didn't know him, so he pushed away his angered thoughts and put his full attention on the little girl.

He took one of the little girl's hand in his and said, "My name is Tom." the little girl looked at him curiously, then she grabbed Voldemort's pointer and middle finger, and shook his hand. "What's your name, little one?" he asked after she let go of his two fingers.

Instead of answering him, she sat up, and raised her arms as a silent request for him to pick her up. Since Voldemort wasn't an expert on children, he didn't know why she had her arms up like that. The little girl saw the confusion on his face, so she jumped up and put her arms around his neck, which startled him. Then his eyes widened with realization. So that's what she meant.

Voldemort stood up, with the little girl in his arms. "We are going to go to my Manor, alright?" he asked the little girl hesitantly. The little girl nodded with a yawn, then put her head on his shoulder.

Voldemort tensed at this. This was something new to him. This little girl wasn't afraid of him. She should be though. He shook his head and grabbed his wand so he could apparate to the Manor.

Right before he apparated them to the Manor, the little girl whispered, "Jemima." then they were apparated to the Manor.

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