title: Apocalypse Now

pairing: RinShiemi...eventually

dedication: to the packet of hobnobs I've hidden in my knicker drawer. also, to train tickets home and poetry workshops on a Friday morning.

Apocalypse Now

The night sky is awash with a rainbow palette of beautiful colours; pinks, purples, deep indigo's and sunshine golds. It would be a beautiful evening, one of the best sunsets since she used to watch them with her beloved grandmother all those months ago, if not for the terrible sinking feeling in the middle of Shiemi's stomach.

There are only vague suspicions and uncertainty at the Vatican's recent purge, fuelling the feeling of unease, but Rin is missing and Yukio is Paladin and she cannot help but feel that something is about to go horribly, dreadfully wrong.

It is the same feeling she had as she watched Rin – kind, hot-headed, impulsive Rin – lose himself in the madness of his blue flames at the three-day training camp, after coming out of the stupor the green-haired demon had put her in.

"We must hurry!" she gasps, her heart pounding like a drum beneath her ribcage, as she runs with the rest of her classmates to the roof of the Academy. That, they have decided, is the place where Rin is being held.

Beside her, Izumo nods, her brows contracting with a look of grim determination, her long hair billowing behind her. Renzo, she notices, looks worried as he clutches his K'rik staff and Ryuji just increases his pace, all their footsteps melding together in a staccato rhythm that settles in time to the frantic beating of her heart.

It is as they reach the final floor and emerge on the rooftop, speeding towards a set of thin, gold gates that the sound of screaming rents the air apart.


It is Rin screaming – screaming as though he is in utter agony, as though his very bones are being split apart inside his body and the sound rips through Shiemi like a knife. She almost staggers under the weight of it. She thinks she might be sick.

Somehow the colours of the sunset do not seem so beautiful anymore.

notes: so I've never written a drabble!series before. Actually, I've never written Ao No Exorcist before either. BUT IT IS MY NEW LOVE. I AM ADDICTED.

notes2: the flatmates are bitching each other out over the state of the kitchen. I have lime flavoured doritos and a packet of hobnob biscuits in my room; with enough food, Imma gonna sit this drama out until it goes away. Like waiting out a seige. YOU CANNOT STARVE ME OUT INTO THE FIRING LINE.