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The Day Cat and I Started School

"Here it goes."


"Are you scared, Robbie?"

"Are you?"


"Okay, yes. I'm scared."

The two 6-year old's looked at each other with anxiety in their eyes and butterflies in their stomachs. Curly-haired Robbie Shapiro's small eyes met red-headed Cat Valentine's large ones, and both pairs of eyes mirrored each other's excitement and uneasiness. Today was their first day of Elementary school.

Robbie had been visibly and audibly apprehensive about today, but his pig-tailed puffy-sleeved female friend hadn't shown the least bit troubled. Robbie wished he could have that kind of confidence, but with nothing to believe in but her blind faith, he reached out a hand, and when she took it, they pushed through the heavy doors and into their future.

"Look at this place!" Cat shrieked, squeezing Robbie's hand with her elfin one. She gazed around at the large hallways, brown eyes bulging, taking in the "sights" of an Elementary school hallway. Robbie looked around, but didn't take any notice of anything but their parents, a while in front of them, talking with someone he guessed was the teacher. He managed to pull Cat out of her wondrous state and to their family.

"... Here they come!" His mother announced, pulling Robbie away from Cat and in front of her, hands on his shoulders. "Lisa, this is my son, Robbie. Robbie, this is Mrs. Lillien." She introduced him to the tall woman with light brown hair that lay a little past her shoulders.

Mrs. Lillien reached down and shook Robbie's hand firmly. "Hello, Robbie!" She smiled calmly, tossing a tress over her shoulder. "I'm going to be your new teacher."

"Hi," he managed to sputter, wanting desperately to be reconnected with his best friend. Once he was released from under the woman's scrutiny, he turned to look at Cat. Mrs. Lillen noticed and followed his gaze, eyes resting on the little girl in a denim jumper, with a Hihi Kitten shirt underneath. The girl looked up at her and clung to her aunt's leg, smiling shyly at the woman.

"Hello," Mrs. Lillien approached her and reached a hand. Cat misunderstood and gave her a high-five, upon which the teacher laughed and smiled. "I'm guessing you're Caterina, our only red-headed child this year." She straightened up and looked at Cat's aunt. "You dye her hair?"

She nodded and sighed down at her niece. "It's what she wants. With everything she's been through, I'd do anything to see the child smile. Fortunately, she's got this little rugrat to keep her company." She gestured to Robbie, who turned scarlet.

Lisa frowned at the silent child, who skittered off to Robbie's side under the pressure of all the eyes on her.

"Well," The teacher nodded to them all politely. "It's a good thing you came when you did. The parental rush on the first day of school is always such a pain to get around. With the way some of the adults are around here, I'd prefer to just work with the children." She sighed, pulling a pen out of her jeans pocket and scribbling something onto a clipboard. "If you'd excuse me, I've got 20 6-year old children I have to check in, with parents that act as mature as they do. Bye now!" She smiled, walking away quickly, tugging at the edges of her black sweater.

Cat's aunt leaned down and whispered something to Cat, and she nodded. Robbie's mother did the same. "Robbie, I hope you have a good first day. Be good, don't fight with other kids, and stay close to Kitty, okay?"

"Okay, Momma."

"Good boy." She smiled, fixing his hair and kissing his cheek. "Bye, sweetheart!" She sang out as she walked down the hall, sneaking a few glances backward to make sure he was still there. He waved and turned to Cat, who was chewing her lip and fiddling with the pink bow in her hair.

"I guess we go in here," Robbie decided, taking Cat's hand again and waltzing up to the classroom door.

Cat stopped before entering and turned to Robbie. "You promise, we'll stay together?"


They took a breath and pushed onward, into the classroom.


"Alright, kids!" Mrs. Lillien was suddenly in front of the room, standing over all the children playing with toys in the corner. "Stand up and find yourselves a desk. This will be your desk for the rest of the year, so pick wisely!"

All the children stood and found a desk. Cat had stuck to Robbie like glue that, playing with him only that morning. She had twisted her pigtails into two buns on the sides of her head, pretending to be Princess Leia, and Robbie took off his glasses to be Han Solo, although he could hardly see without them. They hadn't cared that they were playing a romantic couple, as long as they saved the galaxy, and Cat gave Robbie a thank-you kiss on the cheek, which he didn't mind at all. Now, she found a desk between Robbie and a brunette that they had met in Preschool, Jadelyn.

"First, we're going to get to know each other, so when I call your name, please walk up here and introduce yourselves." She waited for any response, then continued, clearing her throat. "We'll start off with Tara. Tara, would you come here?"

A blonde girl behind Cat stood and walked to the front. She turned and smiled at everyone nervously. "Tell them your name, what you like to do, and what your favorite subject is."

"I'm Tara Ganz, I like to shop with my mom and have her curl my hair," She gestured to her curly tresses. "And my favorite subject is lunch time."

"But Tara, lunch isn't-"

"I'm next!"

A brunette stood abruptly and stalked up to the front, pushing past Tara. "I'm Hayley Ferguson, I like being pretty and wearing make-up, and my favorite subject is music because I'm an amazing singer!" She flounced around in her pink skirt as she spoke, and the tiara that adorned her head had fallen in the process. She stuck out her lower lip and barked at Tara, who ran up to her and retrieved the tiara, placing it on Hayley's head.

Many interesting, and not-so-interesting children went by, until it was Cat's turn. She skipped to the front and turned to her "audience". "Hi! I'm Cat Valentine, but Cat as in Caterina, not the animal, because I'm not a cat, which is funny, because I love Hihi Kitten, and look, I'm wearing a Hihi Kitten shirt right now!" She said breathlessly. Hayley exchanged looks with Tara, and they simultaneously rolled their eyes. "And I love to pet kittens, and climb trees, and play with Robbie, and my favorite subject is music because I love to sing, too!"

Hayley laughed, and Tara mimicked her laugh almost perfectly. "I bet you're no good at singing, Kit!"

"That's not nice!" Cat cried. Mrs. Lillien placed a hand on her shoulder and guided her back to her seat. She then called Robbie.

He stumbled up to the front and ran a finger through his hair before beginning. "Hi, I-I'm Robbie, and I, ah, like puppets." Everyone laughed. "Yeah, ha, and I um, my favorite subject is, uh, well, art?"

"That's good, because today, we're going to start off with some art, so I'll pass out some coloring sheets and crayons." Mrs. Lillien took some sheets of paper and a box of crayons out of her desk drawer and started handing them to the children. "Pick your favorite colors, so you can draw someone a picture!"

She started handing out pages and colors to children down the first row, and finally reached Cat and Robbie in the second row. "Cat, what colors would you like?"

Cat examined the box of colors. "Well, I love all the colors, which is why I love rainbows, because they have all the colors! But if I have to pick my favorites, I'll pick Pink, and Red, and Purple. Ooh! And Yellow, and Green, and-" The redhead started to reach for crayons in the box.

"How about you just pick a few, Cat?" Mrs. Lillien chuckled at the girl's eagerness. "Red, Pink and Purple?" Cat nodded and giggled, accepting the colors that the teacher handed her, and the coloring sheet with a picture of a striped kitten on it.

She turned to Robbie and held out the box of crayons. "I want Red, Blue and Black, the colors of Arachniman!" She smiled and handed him the colors, and he gladly accepted the picture of a large-eyed puppy.

She turned to the girl on the other side of Cat. "Jadelyn, what colors would you like?"

"How many shades of black do you have?" The girl in the black sweater asked dully.

Mrs. Lillien blinked. "One, ah, just one. Would you like pink, or green?" She asked hopefully.

"Do you have any scissors?"

The teacher sighed and handed her a few bright crayons, along with a black one, and some Zany-Cut safety scissors. She found a picture of a penguin and handed it to her without asking if she wanted it.

Cat started to playfully shade in the kitten on her piece of paper, slightly sliding out of the lines from time to time, turning the animal bright red with pink ears and purple feet. She showed it to Robbie and looked at his drawing, which was a mess of blue and red. They exchanged smiles, but Cat's quickly faded as she turned and saw Jade, with a fully-black penguin drawing, cutting up the colorful crayons Mrs. Lillien had given her. She feared that her new friend would be caught by the teacher, and might be in trouble. (Fortunately, Mrs. Lillien didn't seem to noticed the pieces of crayon on the ground until after class).

"Alright, kids." Mrs. Lillien had been walking around, examining their artwork. "Would anybody like to show their pictures to the class?"

"I would!" Tara bounced up, but Hayley grabbed her shoulder and pushed her to her seat. She then proceeded to stand and smile at the teacher.

"May I?"

"Yes, Hayley."

She strutted to the front and pushed her artwork in everyone's faces. It was a picture of a princess, which she had given brown hair and big lips. "This is me, because I'm pretty and a princess because my daddy, who's rich, says so, and rich people are always right!" She turned her nose up to everyone and walked to her seat, leaving Mrs. Lillien speechless.

"I'll go next!" Cat squeaked, rising from her chair and walking to the front. "This is a kitten, but not Hihi Kitten, just a regular kitten. She's got stripes and brown eyes and-"

"It's awful!" Hayley snorted.

Tara laughed. "Really bad! You call that art?"

Suddenly, everyone started laughing with them, and the whole room was involved in the misery-making of Cat Valentine.

Jade looked around at everyone, the only one that wasn't laughing, and stood up. "Why don't you all just leave her alone. Your art was freaking awful. Hers was actually pretty good." Everyone fell silent, and she took her seat.

Cat walked back to the desk, counting to ten, taking deep breaths. You can do this, Cat.

But something pushed her over the edge. She heard Tara whisper, "She's not that bad of an artist, though."

Hayley smirked at her. "Yes, but she's ugly. And fat. So who cares?"

They obviously weren't trying too hard to be quiet, since everyone heard them. Cat stood quickly and ran out of the classroom, trying desperately not to let them see her cry. She ran down the hallway, toward the door, and paused before exiting. Her aunt had said to never go outside without parental supervision, and she didn't have super-vision, so she couldn't go. So she just sat at the door and cried.


"Cat?" Mrs. Lillien walked up to her, with Robbie. "Are you okay?"

The spent redhead looked up at her and frowned. "No! Those girls were so mean to me!" She crossed her arms. Robbie sat next to her, and the teacher crouched down.

"I know, and I'm going to talk to their parents. But can you please come back to class?"

She shook her head vigorously. "NO! I'm not going back in there!"

Robbie looked at Mrs. Lillien, and she whispered "Can you talk to her? I have to get back to class." He nodded and she walked away.

"Cat, you have to come back to class!" Robbie told her.

She looked at him sadly. "No, I don't! I just won't go to school!"

"But then you won't be smart!"

"What's THAT supposed to mean?"

Robbie reworded. "Nothing, it's just that you can't learn anything if you don't go to school. That's what my mom told me." He scooted closer to her and rested an arm around her neck, hugging her. "I don't want to go in there alone, Kitty! Can you please come with me?"

She met his eyes and slowly nodded. "Okay, I guess. Thanks, Robbie!" She instantly perked up, and leaned over to him, placing a kiss on his cheek. She stood and reached out a hand, which he took to stand up. As he walked up to the room, he was in total shock.

She had kissed him; and not as Princess Leia. As Cat.


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