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Tunnel of Love


I pulled my truck into the parking lot and cut the engine. The silence that usually followed the dull roar it gave out was interrupted by the strains of Car Wash by Rose Royce.

Why had I been talked into this? And why are they playing this god awful Motown?

Grumbling to myself about thanking Angela for this wonderful employment opportunity, I gathered up my backpack and iPod and locked up the truck. Why I bothered to lock it up, I have no idea. Nobody would think twice about stealing the thing but if they did, I wanted to get home tonight.

I threw on my backpack and put my headphones in, turning it up as loud as my ears could stand. Anything to drown out the wailing coming from the tiny speakers which were now blasting out Play That Funky Music. I knew if I heard it more than once I would start singing along- which would not be pretty!

It was the first day of my summer break between finishing my senior year and college, and I was now an employee of the Isle Esme Fun Park in Port Angeles.

I had planned on spending the summer doing... , well nothing, but that plan failed before summer had even started. Angela had mentioned that she had gotten herself a summer job in front of my father, Charlie, and well, that started him off!

"You need a summer job, Bella"

"I'm not paying your way this summer, Bella"

So after a day and a half of the annoying father routine I gave in and called the Isle Esme office.

A girl with a horrifically high pitched voice answered the phone.

"Hello, you've gotten through to Isle Esme Fun Park, how can I help?"

I disliked this girl already, her voice was piercing and she was just too perky to be normal.

She also said the dreaded word... Fun.

Come on Bella, you need this, I thought to myself and put on my best 'fun' voice

"Hi, this is Bella Sswan. I'm calling about the job vacancy you have available. Angela Webber recommended I call." I tried not to sound too desperate, but with Charlie withholding any summer funding, I really did need this job.

"Ah yes, Angela. She said you would be calling and we have a spot open for you, you can start next week and you can collect your uniform at the beginning of your first shift."

Wow, the shrill voice had given me a job!

"Oh, erm… ok that's great. Thanks, I think," I said a bit taken back that getting a summer job was that easy.

I wonder if I could get into college this way, just a quick phone call. The whole 'I know someone there so they can tell you I'm no trouble' should be all the interview you need.

"Do you have a pen and I can give you the details 'the' the voice said breaking me from my thoughts

"Details, yes of course…"

Walking through the parking lot, the smell hit me.

Sickly sweet cotton candy, burnt onions and Diesel. My stomach turned, that's not good!

"Suck it up, Bella" I said to myself as I walked through the gates of Isle Esme.