Ishtar hurried quickly down the halls crying her eyes out on her way to her room. She was about to turn the corner when she ran into someone. Without bothering to look up she put her head on his shoulder and continued crying.

"What in the world." thought Laphiji, looking at the princess crying on his chest.

"Princess," he said in a soft voice, "Is something wrong?"

Ishtar continued crying then looked up and sobbed, "he's run away!"

" Who has," he asked.

"Duzie!" She yelled and sobbed even harder.

Laphiji understanding that she might want some privacy magicked them to her room and lay her down on the bed. as he was about to leave, something grabbed his arm from behind. He looked down Ishtar holding him back.

"Please," she said looking at him with pleading eyes, "I don't want to be alone tonight."

Laphiji couldn't bring himself to deny her, so he settled down in a chair next to her bed. A few hours later he started to get sleepy he looked over at Ishtar who was sleeping soundly, and moved a strand of hair from her tear streaked face.

"Wow," he thought, "she's so beautiful."

He then fell asleep that thought burning in his head