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Teddy stared blankly at his wife, "Vic how could you?" his eyes stung from the tears he was trying to hold back.

"Well I mean…. She trailed off. "Your never home your always working it was only twice and…" she tried to justify herself.

Here Teddy cut her off "only twice," he laughed bitterly, "but look my daughter isn't my daughter and your always knew. Is that why you didn't want to name her after my mother?" the hurt and sadness still tinged his words.

"Ha yeah right that's why I didn't want to name her that horrid name." Vic snapped back sarcastically what right did he have to judge her she thought he was never around she deserved attention.

Teddy felt like he'd been slapped he looked at this woman his wife the one he loved who he thought had loved him to. He was twenty seven and his life was crumbling in around him. He then glanced over at the door that was partially propped open. In that room in a little white crib he knew that Charlotte Victorie Lupin would be sleeping to think that she wasn't his daughter killed him.

"I'm leaving " he snapped the pain being to much for him to take the look in her blue eyes made him feel to many emotions the thought of the blond baby that was ripped for him broke his heart into a thousand pieces. He grabbed his cloak off the nail and slung it over his shoulders. "I'll be back sometime tomorrow, and I want you out by then and I want Charlotte's last name changed to reflect her true paternity." With those shaking words he appereted away.

Vic stood in the foyer of the house her face chalk white what had she done she had nowhere to go, and if she changed the babies last name her family would kill her they wouldn't understand a Nott and a Weasley together it just wasn't done. It was more taboo then Scorpious and Rose could ever hope to be. She glanced over to the room that held her sleeping daughter and let out a sigh.

Teddy landed in front of Potter manor, not sure what had made him decide to come here but the moment his feet touched the lush green grass he knew who he wanted to see the only one he thought would understand. Not Harry not James or Albus or even Ginny no Lily, Lily would understand what it was to be cheated on to have her heart broken. hadn't she just dealt with this last year when she caught Lucy and Lorcan in a heated embrace.

He made his way shakily towards the front door tentivly knocking hoping Lily would be in. Harry had been reading the daily prophet when he heard the knock expecting one of the boys friends or even one of Lily's he was shocked to see Teddy standing there. Teddy usually just walked in he was practically family. Harry noticed his appearance his hair was jet black his eyes a amber that reminded him so much of Remus. "Teddy what is it what's wrong." Harry had never seen his godson like this he wasn't even this bad looking the night after Andromeda died. He looked like he was almost going to collapse on the front porch steps.

"Teddy come in right now." Harry pulled the younger man into the house shutting the door behind them.

"Uncle Harry is Lily here." Harry was confused Teddy was in the oddest state and he wanted to see Lily but Harry could hear the pleading in his voice.

"She's upstairs go on up." He stepped aside as he watched Teddy make his way shakily up the stairs he stood there ready to catch him if he feel. Worry was evident in his green eyes.

Lily Potter seventeen was laying on her bed her red hair fanned out around her like a fiery halo. She heard a knock on her white wooden door she got off her bed and padded softly across her padded carpet brushing a piece of hair from her face. She opened the door and her green eyes locked on to Teddy.

"Teddy" She gasped he looked like he went from hell and back "What is it, what's wrong?"

"Vic…" He voice hitched. "Vic cheated the baby's not mine." With those words his legs finally gave out from under him and he collapsed on her cream colored rug.

She dropped down beside him shock running through her body and took him into her arms. She knew the heart break that cheating could bring she knew that pain so well that it was almost as she felt his, and it was so much worse that he lost a wife and child in one moment.

She looked at the man she'd known since birth the man that had held her close when she cried over a broken toy when she was three who cried over a scrapped knee at five a lost puppy at seven her brothers teasing at 12 and the betrayal of a cousin when she was sixteen. He was the strongest man she'd ever known next to her own father, and now he looked so fragil so breakable

"Oh Teddy" She whispered as she held him close. She could feel his hot tears on her shirt she knew her own tears were mixing freely with his. Why would Vic do this to this proud and loving man a man that was there for everyone who'd never hurt anyone on purpose.

"We'll get through this Teddy I promise me and you together will get through this you're not alone." She sat with him wishing she could take his pain away and knowing she couldn't

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