Taiki kneeld down, his weight shifting the bed back slightly and then forward as he leaned down. Yaten beamed as Taiki's lips played against his torso and carried up. Taiki bumped his nose against a soft nipple and grinned. He slipped his lips against it, pressing his tounge forward. Yaten gasped at the contrast and arched towrads the warmth, slipping his finegers over Taikis features.

He traced evey conture , dipping against his brow and carring towards his hair line. Taiki nudged against the soft wandering fingers, pressing against the swollen flesh he suckled at. Yaten moaned lightly, pushing his fingers into Taikis tightened hair. His fingers swam against it, and Taiki only nudged forward. Soft brown stands graced each finger, and Yaten pulled back, makeing them spray widly against his forhead and eyes.

Taiki pulled away gently, lips barely grazeing the tender flesh and blew against it, the cool and warm mixtures tugging at his lovers lips. Yaten slipped his palm down against Taiksi face, warm breathe tickling his finegr tips. Taiki licked against his palm, his lips slowly sliding toward Yatens growing pulse. Taiki tooks the other boys hand in his own and cupped it against his kisses.

He watched as Yaten fidgeted beneathe him, his torso twisting slightly against his knees. Yaten held half closed eyes and pressed deeper still against teh pillow. Every little thing Taiki did seemed so seductive, so enchanting, and the fact that Taiki had to do it so slowly made it all the more heart-wrenching. Yaten cocked his head back, and hummed gently. He bucked slightly agianst Taiki, the loose pajamas slipping down soem as he did.

The lamps light caught against teh soft pale skin, and seemed to highlight its gentle tones and glowing shape. Taiki eyed the bared flesh, his lips still tickling against Yatens wrist.

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