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"Hello Ace. Let's make this easy on myself, so why don't you go sit on that chair over there. And don't try anything funny. Not that anything you've ever done has been ha ha funny. More like, it's funny you're still alive," said the Joker as he smiled at her.

"I'm not afraid of you anymore," hissed Alice as she stood her ground.

The Joker's skin furrowed in a frown before a wide grin spread across his face. "That maybe so, but if you don't play my little game, then I'll kill you. Then I'll wait for your husband and children to come home and I'll kill them."

Alice sighed before walking to the wooden chair which was in the middle of the room. She kept her head bowed; however her eyes never left her father. She sat down in the chair and put her hand on each arm rest, knowing what would come next.

Cold handcuffs locked her wrists to the chair. Alice glared at the Joker. "What do you want from me? Killing me won't change anything!"

The Joker backhanded her across the cheek. "I thought I had taught you to only speak when you are spoken to. But you really never listened to a word I said. I guess I didn't hit you hard enough." The Joker punched her in the nose. Blood ran down her lips, chin, and neck. It dripped onto her red dress where it blended into the fabric. It was as if her past and present were mingling at a funeral and Alice was the diseased.

"Now, to answer your question, it should be obvious what it is I want. But, you were never the strongest strap on the straight jacket, so I'm going to tell you." The Joker grasped her left wrists in his hand while he held the pistol to her neck. His breath was hot on her ear as he whispered, "I'm going to kill you Alice. I'm going to taunt you. Then, I'm going to wait for your family to come home. I'm going to kill them. And guess what you'll be doing?"

Alice remained silent. Her eye twitched as she fought to keep control. Please Tim, come home before the girls do. Protect them.

"Come on guess. Never mind. The quiet life really has lowered your already below sea level IQ, hasn't it? You'll be sitting here helpless and watching."

The chair rattled as Alice tried to break free. However, after years of not seriously working out, she wasn't as strong as she used to be. A fist snapped across her jaw.

"Just sit there and watch. I don't want to have to kill you before the time is right," said the Joker. He walked over to the forty eight inch television. "This must have been expensive." He used the butt of his pistol to smash the screen. Black shards fell to the floor and were soon followed by the rest of the television.

The Joker walked over to a lumpy, yellow and purple vase. It had the work Mommy painted on it in shaky hand writing. "Did your kids make this?" He pushed it down to floor where it shattered into a million pieces. Like if a meadow of sunflowers had been hit by a grenade. Its pure beauty had been interrupted, destroyed. Never to be same again.

Alice had had enough. I need to stop him. I have no idea where the hell Tim is. If we live through this, he's going to be sleeping on the couch for an entire month! I need to think of a plan. I'm not strong enough to break out of these handcuffs. She watched her father tear the head off of Delia's favorite cat doll. It's black, furry head rolled to her feet. Its green eyes stared up at her. What would Selina do? A small smile formed on her bleeding lips. I need to pick the lock on these handcuffs. And then I'm going to kick some ass.

She watched the Joker smash a few picture frames. Leaning her head down, Alice quickly pulled a bobby pin out of her deflated up do. She turned it to the side and inserted into the lock. After fiddling the bobby pin, she heard a small click and her wrist was free. However, she relaxed her hand to make it look like it was still locked.

The Joker held a small pile in his hands and he slammed them to the ground. One by one by one.

"Hey, dad!" shouted Alice.

He slowly turned around. "You have something else to say. I am not hitting you hard enough, am I? I must be getting old. Or maybe, you're just punchy. Yes, that must be it. Does your husband beat you? Does he hit your beautifully ugly children? He must because there is no other way to could live this "normal" life. You have battered wife syndrome, just like your idiotic mother."

Alice grinned. Though it hurt when her ripped lips stretched, she didn't care. A chuckle escaped her throat as she stared at him. "I know something about mom that you don't."

Dropping all of the pictures, the Joker walked over pieces of glass, wood and pottery until he towered over her. "What do you mean when you know something about mom that I don't? There is nothing I don't know about her. I made her."

Alice got up a little off the wooden seat. Though she was stilled restrained by the other handcuff, she let her free wrist slide out and become a fist. With a grin she spoke, "I know that in the end, she loved me more than you."

For a spit second, deep in those emerald eyes, she saw doubt. After all of the years of planning and abuse, for the first time, he wasn't sure.

At the moment, she swung the chair and hit the Joker with it. It smashed as it came into contact with him and freed her at the same time. She ran to the gun which had been left on the floor so he could destroy the pictures with both hands. Picking it up, she aimed it at the Joker and pulled the trigger, only to hear a small click.

"You think after all of the time, money, and air I wasted on you that I would just shoot you? No, if you're going to die, it will be slow and painful." The Joker got to his feet and held one of the legs of the chair in his hand like a baton.

"Likewise," said Alice before charging at her father. She tackled him before he had a chance to swing at her. Punching him over and over again, she felt cartilage and bone break under fists. This wasn't for her; it was for her family, her new family.

It seemed like she time was moving backwards with every punch, right back to the moment her life was a small whisper in the universe. The moment Harleen Quinzel had walked into Arkham and the Joker had decided it was time to take up a sidekick. Mom, if you can hear me, I thank you for giving me life. But it's my turn to make it a good life. I'm sending your Puddin' down to you, get ready.

Alice stopped hitting her father and stared down at him. Purple bumps decorated his white flesh; his lips were red with blood, and his green eyes were the same as hers. The Joker began to laugh as blood leaked from his mouth.

"You can't kill me. This is the part where you decide you can't kill your dear old dad and then you turn around to call the police. And I grab a rock, piece of glass and-."

"Great story dad, but I'm just resting my fists. I'm ending this tonight." Alice reached over the broken piece of yellow pottery and slowly cut the Joker's jugular. His blood squirted over her face and arms. His green eyes stared at her like her mother's did when she slowly bled out. A choked chuckled sputtered from his throat before his head lulled to the side.

Gasping, Alice got off her father. It's over. Thank god it's over. Pulling her knees to her chest, she stared at her father's corpse. His green eyes stared blankly at her. Silently, she stared back at him.

The front door opened with a click which echoed through the demolished living room. Alice jumped to her feet, her heels long forgotten. Standing with his mouth slightly open was her husband. The dozen red roses he had been holding fell to the floor along with a rectangular navy, velvet box.

"Alice, dear god, what happened?" asked Tim.

Running up to him, Alice slapped him across the face. "Where were you? Where the hell were you? We promised each other that we would always be there for each other! We promised!" Tears rolled down her checks in black rivers. She quickly wiped them away.

She was slowly engulfed in a warm embrace. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." He whispered into her hair, which was damp with blood and sweat. "The florist was a jerk. I had to pay an extra thirty dollars just to get them because they were "out of season." Then I had to go to jewelers to pick up the bracelet and the guy was on break and I had to wait another twenty minutes. Then there was traffic because some guy hit a deer and then that deer bounced off the car and hit another car. And then-."

"Just shut up," said Alice as she stared at him. Her green eyes met with his blue ones. She saw sadness in his pupils. "I ended it. We can finally rest."

Leaning forward, he captured her lips in his. "I haven't had a day of rest since the moment I met you. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you."

"I love you," replied Alice. "So… you went to the jewelers?"

"Yes, I did! Hold on," said Tim. He let go of Alice and reached down. Alice smiled as he held up the velvet box. "For eighteen wonderfully, adventurously, amazing years and to how we always found each other." He opened the box. Alice gasped. There was a gold bracelet with diamonds scattered along the top like stars. "Read the inscription."

Alice turned the bracelet over and read out loud. "Always." Tears of joy ran down her cheeks as she kissed her husband again.

Forty Minutes Later:

"Do you have any idea about why the Joker would attack you?" asked the policeman. His eyes were covered in the shadow of his hat and he a bushy mustache resting over his upper lip.

"Well, the Joker was crazy. He did crazy things. At least he won't be doing that anymore," said Tim as he glanced over at the orderlies who wheeled a giant bag laying on top of a stretcher into a white van. The blue and red sirens illuminated their yard as if it was the stage to a Broadway musical and this was the aftermath of the big dramatic ending. Policemen, media, and nosy neighbors littered the yard.

"Tim, I think I'm going to go inside. This is too much for me right now," said Alice as she raised her head from his shoulder. She wrapped the blanket tighter around her shoulders.

"Okay. But are you sure you don't want to go to the hospital?" Though Alice had begun to pull away, he kept a firm, yet gentle, grip on her arm.

"I'll be fine," she said as she gave him a reassuring smile. "I just really need to lie down."

Tim stared at her another moment, still not convinced.

"I'll be fine," she repeated before kissing him. "I'll be waiting for you." She turned around and walked across the lawn. People shouted her name, however she never shouted back. I'll be the talk of the neighborhood for the next twenty years, but that's okay. My family is safe. That is all that matters. When she opened her front door, she noticed that the police had finished their investigation and had left. Blood splatter had dried and stained the walls and floor. I need to call someone in the morning to clean this. Or maybe we should just move.

Sighing, Alice walked up the stairs and into her bedroom. She threw off the blanket and then went to her vanity. Opening the bottom drawer, she reached under all of her miscellaneous paperwork and pulled out a half full carton of cigarettes. In the drawer above that one, she pulled out a lighter. She walked out onto the balcony, which faced the back yard and was away from all of the madness going on it the front of the house.

The night air welcomed her like an old friend as she put a cigarette to her lips. She didn't smoke often. It was only when her anxiety would become very bad and she needed an instant reliever. The lighter was a small ember in the darkness. The cigarette ignited and she inhaled the smoke deeply. Her muscles relaxed and a lot of her tension was gone.

"Those things will kill you," said a dark voice.

Alice took another deep breath before answering, "Really? Is that all?" She stared at him. He towered over her, his eyes looking down at her through the cowl and his lips in a tight line. "Long time no see. You put me through hell, you know."

"So did you. I saw that you finally ended him."

"Are you going to tell on me?"

"No. But I'm only going to say this. This whole thing could have been avoided if you hadn't left a forwarding address at your old apartment."

"What? I needed to get my mail sent to me. What if it was something important?" She took another deep drag of the cigarette. Batman reached over and snatched it from her lips. He threw it to the ground and stomped on it.

"This is serious! You have a family now. I don't want this to spark up old interests," growled Batman.

"And that is why I did it! I had to kill him or he would never leave my family alone! He was going to kill them and he was going to make me watch. I did something you should have done a long time ago," hissed Alice.

Batman was silent. He simply looked at her. "I'm sorry this had to happen to you. I should have taken you away the day you were born but I didn't. I thought that maybe having a child would change Harley and the Joker. But it didn't. I gave you the chance to leave when you were fourteen. And you turned me down. Then you fell in love with Robin. And he fell in love with you. Out all of the madness that has happened, you were still able to create something beautiful. That is what is keeping me from telling the police everything. As long as you be there for your children and Tim, your secret is safe with me."

"We sure did cause a lot of trouble for each other, didn't we? Also, for the record, your secret is safe with me too, Bruce. Good night," said Alice.

"Good night, Alison," said Batman as he turned around.

"Batman," said Alice as she smiled at him.

"Yes, Alison?"

A grin spread across her bruised features to mark the beginning of a new life. "My name is Alice."

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