After the almost confrontation with The Vulturi, The Cullen's and The Denali's bided a thankful farewell to all the friends who came as witness for them, then both families went back to their homes.

The Cullen's plus Edward decided to skip the rest of the day each member taking their own way; Rose and Emmett decided to go for a hunt to Canada, Jasper wanted to go with his nomads friends for a while, but decided to wait until after the "talk", Carlisle and Esme went with the Denali's for a hunt up North. That left an awkward situation; Alice, Bella and Reneesme on one side wanting to spend some quality alone time, and on the other side was Edward with no other option but to wait for the rest of the clan to be back so they all can have this final talk, this closure.

"Alice, I really don't want to be here, we should go to the cottage until everyone comes back…"

"Bella, my Love, I understand that this is awkward, but I don't think it will be polite of us to leave him here…" Alice was well aware that Edward was on the other end of the house, but still was able to read her mind. She wasn't at all happy to have to play hostess for her brother, a brother that she still felt as a traitor to her.

"I want to meet him momma…"

Alice was wary with this request, and she couldn't hide it.

"What is it? Alice?"

"She wants to meet him…" she said with a sad voice. She didn't wanted to think about the possibility of Reneesme wanting to have him as her father; she knew that Bella wouldn't ever agree to have Edward back in her life, she made it very clear too many times, but to hear her baby asking for him only serve her to have doubts.

"Reneesme, no! I won't allow you to…"

"Mommy I just want to tell him that I already have a family with you and momma"

Reneesme made them both hear this, and both of them had tears on their eyes. Their baby only accepted them, not him as her parents and that made Alice's doubts disappear.

"My Baby, I understand what you need to do, but it's better if we wait until Carlisle and Esme come back, we all need to talk and explain so many things. For now I just want some alone time with you and your momma, what do you think?" Bella said to her daughter while looking right into Alice's eyes when asking the last part.

Both Alice and Reneesme agreed and they got ready. Alice told Edward about their leaving with a bit louder voice even though she was sure that he could read her mind as soon as she agreed.

Once at the cottage, they all sat on the small living room, cuddling and snuggling their little baby, in silence, just content to be able to hold each other again after the short absence. A while later, Reneesme fell asleep, with a peacefully expression on her little face. Bella took her to her own bed and tuck her in giving her a sweet kiss to her baby's forehead.

"What's on your mind, Love?" Alice asked as soon as she heard Bella's steps coming out of their daughter's bedroom.

"As weird as it might sound this, I actually feel tired…"

"I know what you mean. But it's all over now My Sweet Bella, no more danger or threats form Aro…"

"We still have to deal with your brother… What if h…."

"Stop right there, I know what you're going to say and let me assure you that is the last thing he wants to do."

"You know." Bella suspected that Alice had had a vision about the outcome of the discussion with Edward, but now she was sure. "You already know what's gonna happen. Tell me Alice, please."

"I don't know for sure, I just can warrant you that he does not want to take Reneesme from you. He just want to explain his reasons and…"

"And what?"

"He want to ask for your forgiveness"

"Well, if that's all, then we can get this over with, I already have forgiven him… I just don't want him close to Reneesme, he doesn't deserve to be near her Alice, besides we have you, and that's all that it matters to me"

"Bella, is not that simple, I'm not so sure that you have forgiven him completely…"


"Just hear me out, ok? I do believe that you want to forgive him, because after all, thanks to him you have your daughter…"

"OUR daughter"

"Our daughter, but deep down you are still mad at him for leaving you, he did it twice and the second one was without a real explanation, and he wants to give you that."

"So… tell me"

"Tell you what?"

"Tell me his reason. I know you know, and it would be easier if you just tell me"

"I can't do that Bella, you know that is not my place to tell you, you need to hear it from him. You need to listen to him and then you will be able to truly forgive him and finally let it go so we can start our own happiness, together as a family. You, Reneesme and me"

"I love you so much Alice." She paused to just think. Alice was right, she did want to forgive him so she could have a real closure and be truly happy with Alice, and she did need to hear him out. "I guess we wait then, until the rest of the family get back so we can talk"

"Thank you my Love" Alice leaned up to press her lips gently against Bella's. It was just a simple brush of lips but the meaning behind it was much more meaningful for both of them.


Being back for Edward was so surreal, even after the confrontation with the Vulturi, being at his old home, his old room… it felt so foreign for him. Watching the bed were he slept with Bella not so long ago, and now knowing that now he has a daughter, well, Reneesme is not his, maybe biologically, but she belongs with Bella and Alice.


Her sister finally is happy, there's no denying that now that she has the love of her life, she couldn't be happier; truly happier.

Edward feels guilty towards Alice, it was his fault. Ever since Alice and Jasper found them, he felt some sort of connection with her, and she once told him about this vision she had about their future, about this brunette girl that would be her mate. He was the only one that knew the truth behind Alice and Jasper's real relationship. They found each other and keep company, but Jasper always saw her as a little sister, nothing more than that. Still, Edward had to go and make her life miserable after they found Bella. Weeks before Bella came to Forks, Alice had a vision of her, just little glimpses that made her know that she was the girl she was waiting for so long, he started to feel jealous, because she not only was sure about her true mate, she also had Jasper as her best friend and confident; and him, in all his years he couldn't find a friend, he was lonely and desperate to have what his siblings had: love, fun, company, friendship. So he made a decision, and he knew that as soon as the idea popped into his mind, that Alice would know. He convinced the family that the vision Alice had told her that this mysterious girl was meant to be his mate, and the proof of that is that as soon as she was in town, he felt her blood calling him. That was enough proof for Carlisle and once he was convinced, Alice didn't had a choice but to be silent and watch her mate love her brother.

Edward seemed to be in deep thought, but still he heard his father entering the house. He leave his old room to go look for Carlisle, he needed this talk to be quick, as much as it pained him, he knew that he wasn't welcome anymore; at least not from everyone.


"Edward, you haven't hunted?" Esme's motherly worried voice asked

"I didn't need it. I was waiting for you both, to beg for your forgiveness. You most of all must be angry at my decisions, I feel that I have disappointed you both once again."

"Son… I must say that I'm not happy with your actions, but I am not disappointed, I, we know the truth now and we understand how difficult it was for you, and for Alice this past couple of years. So no my son, I do not need to forgive you."

"Neither do I, we love you Edward, you are our son, and no matter your mistakes, we are always going to love you." Esme came to hug him close, having missed him so much.

"Well we don't want to interrupt the love fest, but I think we need to talk, isn't it right Eddy?" Emmett's sarcastic voice resounded from the living room.

Jasper was behind him waiting for the rest of the family to enter the room, and Rose went to get Bella and Alice, and well, to see Reneesme. The little girl would be staying at the cottage with Leah.

A few minutes later, the whole family was reunited again. The tension in the room was thick.

"Well, you all know the truth about Alice and Bella, and me…" Edward started

"Yes, and not thanks to you, brother!"

"Rosalie!" Esme interrupted before an argument started

"No Esme, I have the right to tell what I'm feeling, I won't keep quiet anymore in order to not hurt his feelings, he has hurt someone else's enough to last a lifetime."

"She's right, you shouldn't be here, you may be the first son of Carlisle and Esme, but none of us feels comfortable with you here anymore" Emmett refuted.

"I know that I'm not welcomed, and I know that I won't have your forgiveness, I just need you to know how regretful I am, for my decisions that affected others, that affected Alice and Bella. I don't have any excuse for what I did. I was jealous of all of you, because all of you had found what I was so desperately trying to find. You all know what my views on this life are; I was never satisfied with this life… Carlisle, I am forever grateful with you for saving me, but I never wanted this life for me and not for anyone else, specially for you Bella, but I was being unfair with you, not only wasn't my place to decide, it wasn't my place to be with you to begin with. I made so many mistakes; mistakes that I'm ashamed of, this may count as the biggest…" He made a small pause, and walked towards Bella and Alice, he needed to do this in order to finally be at peace, or at least tried to be. "Bella I never wanted to ruin your life, I never wanted to make you suffer the way I did, I am so very sorry, I know I don't deserve any sympathy or respect from you, I won't even ask for your forgiveness because I don't deserve it, I just needed you to hear me. I promise to you that I will never cause you any pain. You have a beautiful family now, and I will not interfere in your life anymore. Be assured that I won't came close to your daughter, or any of you," this time he directed to everyone.

"Edward…" finally Bella interrupted him "I don't know if or when I will forgive you, not only you hurt me, you hurt your sister, the woman that was supposed to be with me since the beginning; this apology needs to be directed to her as well. As for Reneesme, I thank you for her; despite your, our mistakes, you helped me to create her; she knows who you are." She took an unneeded breath "It would be unfair of me to ask you to leave and never come back, after all, this is your family, and I know Carlisle and Esme would never forgive me if I ask you that."

"Edward?" Esme saddened voice asked "Are you leaving again?"

"I have to, I can't live here anymore. I need to be away for a while to clear my mind and to try to find what I've been looking for… I will still be in touch with you and Carlisle if you let me, but I don't want to cause any more trouble to the rest of the family." Now he stood in silence for a couple of seconds before vice his thoughts knowing well that Alice saw what he was going to say to her. "Alice I…"

"I know Edward, it's going to be a while, but someday we are going to be a family again…"

With those last words, he turned and flew away through the back door and into the woods, wishing that the future will come fast, so he could be with his real mate and with his family, reunited again.


This is it. I took me long enough, even though this is not the way i wanted to end it.
Thank you for this long journey, at the middle of it, it started to become really hard for me emotionally, that's why i decided to finish this story now, because i simply didn't have the will nor the enthusiasm to keep going anymore, so I stopped writing. Now I need to apologize to all of you for my inconsistency. I hope you like it, and if you want an epilogue, you need to ask for it... ;P