A/n: Hey everyone! This is my first fan-fiction and I've worked really hard on it, so enjoy! By the way, there's some profanity... None of that lemon stuff and possibly no fluffs either. There will be some dissing going on, but please don't flame me. It's part of the character's personality, but he doesn't mean it, I swear. c:

Summary: Clear, the new Rudie in Tokyo-to skates the streets, trying to grab the attention of the GGs. He does, but more specifically, he grabs the attention of Beat. At first, things go well, and most of the GGs have accepted Clear into their family, but Yoyo has an unusual jealousy and attitude against Clear. All of a sudden, it's hell within the GGs, and everyone is taking sides. All because Clear blew up the Garage.

Chapter 1: Clear's POV

Skate, skate, skate, that's all I'm doing these days. I zoomed past pedestrians backwards who screamed for me to get off the street, only to receive my reply of a double set of fingers.

"Fuck you!" I yelled, and stopped by an incoming alleyway to catch my breath.

I wasn't the strongest or fastest skater, in fact, I was pretty slow and I couldn't go very far without a break. The only thing I say I am, good at would be tagging. I started covering up a GG turf graffiti, knowing full well that this was going to catch their attention. I began covering the wall with red, white, black and silver graffiti, writing my name, Clear, and spraying a well detailed photo of a DJ wearing my trademark symbol, two sets of middle fingers.

I smiled to myself and nodded.

The sun began setting when I added a few finishing touches to the artwork. I knew that around this time, the GGs set out on patrol, and also during the first few hours of dawn. I cleaned up the empty spray cans and threw them out in an overfilled dumpster, and began skating home.

Home? Well, I don't really have an actual home. It's mostly just camping out under the stars, on a rooftop of a warehouse or if it was raining... well, yeah. Gotta be a man and tough it out. Some "families" offer me a place to stay overnight, because they feel bad for me. I stay around for a few days, but when they start calling the cops or child services, I'm out! I'm only sixteen, but people mistake me for younger, because I'm pretty short. I'm about 5"3 last time I checked.

Today, I thought I would take it easy down my Rokakku-Dai Heights. I found a little warehouse, far from the GG turf zone and have been sleeping there at night for the past few days. I steal of course, because how am I going to get by without food and spray cans? When my boost dashers break down, I pick a fight with a newbie Rudie and take their skates as a payment. I simply replace the boost dashers and tune a few parts. I know it's cowardly, but I don't have anyone else to rely on. As I said, I'm not fast and I can't skate far without dying on the street and coughing my lungs out. Which is why I've been trying to get the attention of the GGs.

I know it's a little risky, but it's do or die here in Tokyo-to. The GGs are pretty sick and I've already received a few offers from gangs like the Noise Tanks and the Doom Riders but I'm not interested in them at all. I want in with the GGs, and if it's suppose to involve risking my life, then I'll do it. I took a shortcut from Hikage Street onto Rokkaku-Dai heights and skated into the abandoned warehouse where I settled for the night, peacefully.

The next morning...

"Wake him up, yo."

"Why don't you!"

"Shhhh... You'll wake him up..."

"Isn't that the fucking point?"

My eyes fluttered open and I realized that I was not alone, like I should be. I snapped right awake and turns out that I was in the... GG Headquarters, the Garage? Surrounding me, were four people, one I knew for sure was Beat with his infamous streak of decking out cops, with his interesting headphones, red hair and non-see through glasses. Another person was someone my age, neon green hair and sunglasses, with an eerie smile, who dressed in blue. Then, there was a Gothic lady who wore nothing but a black tube top to cover her breasts, an interesting tattoo that circled her belly button and a black collar. Lastly, there was an older teenager who wore a dark green hat and baggy clothing, with a calming expression.

"Look! He's awake!" hissed the lady. "Now you've done it Beat!" She slapped him on the arm.

"What? I did you all a favor!" He hissed back, directed this time at the whole group.

"Ignore these fools, my name is Corn." The guy with the green hat gave his hand out for me to shake, but laughed and took it back. "My bad, I forgot you were all tied up."

"What the hell? What the fuck am I doing here?" I struggled only to realize that I was tied up in a chair, my skates were taken away and so was my backpack. "Let me out of here you assholes!"

Beat chuckled and the boy that was my age skated up to me and explained, "We saw your tags by Hikage street and decided to pay you a visit, yo. Boogie saw you down by her hometown, in Rokkaku, especially since you're all color coded." He nodded at my clothes. My hair was a translucent white and my eyes were gray, I always wore these waterproof headphones, which were white with a red ring on the muffs. I wore mainly white pants and a silver and red short-sleeved jacket. I was pale and even my socks were white and red, since my skates were missing. Don't blame me, I quite like my clothing and style. "No wonder you named yourself Clear. You're practically translucent," added Beat.

"No wonder you named yourself Beat, as ugly as you are." I gnarled.

"Hey, don't push it shrimp. Or I'll shove my foot up your ass." Beat growled at me, and I could tell that behind his glasses were a if-looks-could-kill glare. I didn't mean it... In fact, I kind of looked up to Beat, and I thought he was cool. But it's not like I would ever tell him that. Hell no.

"Listen, your only here because we have a proposition to make," Corn said, with a serious look that told Beat to back down. "We want you to be on the GGs, however a few of us don't know whether or not your skill is real. So we'd like to see it in action, then afterward see how fast you can race Beat around Shibuya Terminal."

I looked around and wondered about this. This is what I want, but I'm afraid to disappoint them. You already know about my weaknesses. "The graffiti is real, but I'm just going to say this straightforward as it is. I'm not the fastest skater out there, neither am I the strongest, I can grind and do tricks and stuff like that, but racing is definitely not my specialty."

Corn nodded, "That sounds reasonable I guess. I mainly just wanna see you tag."

"Dude! If he's as slow as he says he is, he'll get us caught,yo." Green hair kid said, with a stubborn look. "I say no. Sure, he probably has something in tagging, but that's all he's got!"

"Give the kid a chance. We still don't know what he's got, or how well he does it. He says he's not fast, okay, but the tag we saw yesterday was skill." Tube woman said. "I'm Cube, pleasure to meet you.

Beat nodded and said, "There's always room for improvement. Even an attitude adjustment if needed."

"Who said you could tell me what to do?" I glared at Beat. I fidgeted at the string out of instinct and looked at Corn, "I'll do it."

Corn clapped his hands together and grinned. "Let the test begin."