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Chapter 4: Beat's POV

This morning was just as crummy as most mornings, but today I have a reason to complain. Turns out someone's stolen the Shrimp's wheels. At first, I didn't care, but Shrimp kept picking fights with Yoyo and it was starting to irritate me.

"Split up you too!" I yelled, pushing them away from each other. They clawed at each other's faces and tried to throw a few punches, while I was in the middle. "I said split up! You guys are acting ridiculous! I'm trying to get some fucking sleep around here, but here you guys are talking about nonsense!"

"Nonsense? You call this nonsense? This guy stole my wheels! I'm sure of it!" Clear yelled, his usually pale and ivory complexion a brim pink red from anger.

"You don't got no proof yo!" Yoyo yelled, flailing his arms, his teeth grinding together.

"This is so stupid! I've only been a GG for three days! Why the hell-"

"Both of you, shut up," interrupted Soda. He skated slowly towards the two of them, his somewhat tall and menacing aura glaring down on the two. They quickly shut their traps and unconciously took a step back, intimidated. "You. New guy. Do you have any proof that Yoyo took your wheels?"

"...no," Clear said, practically whispering. He stared down at his socks and then louder, "No I don't. But who else could have done it?"

"Well then problem solved. Unless you can get some proof that Yoyo took your wheels, you shouldn't be making such a ruckus. Ask Corn for some new wheels, or at least where to find some new ones."

"But! These aren't just any wheels. These are my wheels. They were made just for me! There are none like it!" Clear stammered, his eyes wide trying to exclaim his point.

"Listen Shrimp, why don't you just get some new customs then?" I said, crossing my arms.

Clear fummed, and ran away, while Yoyo stood looking smug. "And Yoyo, that attitude of yours is seriously getting on my nerves," I hissed. The color on Yoyo's skin paled and he looked hurt. I didn't care.

Clear's POV:

Un-fucking-believable! This is so stupid! I should just quit the GGs! They're dumb and are obviously taking Yoyo's side because Yoyo's been here longer then me! I stomped off and grabbed my things, walking out of the warehouse. No one stopped me, and I really needed to clear my head. I didn't have any skates, so it was going to be dangerous for me to get back to the Garage.

I kicked at a small tree-bush and it snapped, not in two but it was still broken. I was so pissed. Now what? Sit around all day while I order some new customs? I sat down, and let the beat in my headphones cool me off.

Yoyo's POV:

"And Yoyo, that attitude of yours is seriously getting on my nerves!" The moment kept replaying in my head over and over and over again. I felt hurt that my family, the GGs would take that dumbasses side. I was there when it first began yo! I hated that they were letting this new kid in and the fact that he walks around like he's all that. He just thinks he's so cool. Cube's been brainwashed, and so has most of the GGs. Especially Beat. We were practically brothers but because of this kid's 'problems' he just had to ruin everything.

I didn't take his wheels yo! I would never scoop down so fucking low! I can't believe this guy! Just blaming me for no reason at all!

I skated around Chuo Street, looking for a spot where I could be alone and just... Just look at the sky. I settled at a deserted hillside that overlooked Shibuya Terminal, Chuo Street and Hikage Street. You could also see the edges of a few warehouses down by Rokakku Dai Heights.

I sighed. I feel so betrayed.

Combo's POV:

I thought carefully about the possibilities. It was true that Yoyo and Clear did not get off on the right side of the bed. No puns intended of course. The way the two acted, the GGs sure were up in a rut. There was no productivity at all this morning. No one set off to do the patrols, no one went to the Garage to get it checked out. I informed Corn about all that is happening, but he just sighed and shook his head. I figured I could get Clear some new wheels, I remember the design on his wheels well, because they were so different from most. They had a nice aluminum inside, strong, that was spray painted bright red. The wheels were translucent and seemed as though there were red lightning bolts coming out of the red aluminum core. Definitely an expensive specimen, so I could agree halfway as to why Clear was so upset.

I skated around Dogenzaka and into a spray-free alleyway. In the deepest point of the maze, was a large door, a forest green colour, but copper from rust. A special worker in Tokyo that no Rudie would ever want to expose. It was top secret, only serious Rudies would come here. I knocked on the door twice, and heard a husky voice yell, "Door's Open!"

The door creaked and I stepped inside. This was the heaven of a rudie. This was the sole reason as to why Rudie's are here today. On the one side of the large room's wall were endless bottles of paint, in every colour and size. The other side had a massive arrangement of Skate parts, from boots to wheels to bolts and laces. Splat in the middle, was a desk where two middle aged men wearing paint-stained aprons worked hard on a set of customized skates.

"Combo! What a pleasant surprise," said Wrench, the older man, brother to Box, the younger sibling who was busy on a boot mold. "Anything I can do for 'ya fella'?" he smiled a toothy grin.

"Yeah... I need some custom wheels."

Corn's POV:

The situation at hand was not something I wanted to wake up in the morning to. Definitely no. It was irritating, that Yoyo and Clear fought like that. They were old enough to know that family was family and the blame game shouldn't be played.

I knew who took Clear's wheels.

But I wasn't going to say anything about it. All I know, is that this person's got something up their sleeve. Seems like there are some secrets going around the Garage and the GGs that I should know about. Seems like someone's planning on mutiny.

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