Princess of sunlight: Hi everyone!

Amu: Hello Princess of sunlight!

Princess of sunlight: Why, hello Amu! Will you do the honors?

Amu: Yeah, heck NO! How about Ikuto?

Ikuto: N-

All, but Ikuto: *Death glare* Don't be a chicken!

Ikuto: *sigh*. Princess of sunshine doens't own anything!

Summary: Amu Hinamori, and Rima Mashiro are both the school nerds, and go to an antient sciene exhibit. At the exhibit some mysterious woman kidnapps them, and changes their lifes forever. How to cope while being 'different' than the average human is hard, but imagine a familliar pervert teasing you nonstop?
Doesn't that really want to make you bite his neck. Fighting urges, and romance involved, Amuto, and rimahiko all the way!

Normal Pov

Amu Hinamori, nasty pink hair, down to her shoulders, all in knots. Dull golden eyes, with only sadness in them. Big dorky glasses, with tape on the rims, and gray braces. Pimples, blemishes,
baggy clothing, and foul garbage scent.

Rima Mashiro, ratty blonde hair, down to her chest, with dirt crumbs in the ends, dull golden eyes,
red skinny glasses, with with tape in the middle, yellow braces, lots of blackheads, and pimples,
dirty clothing, and the scent of a dead rat.

The two girls are extremely tan, with a sickly tint of dirt brown to it.
The skin on those two girl's was rough, and bumpy similar to an cat's tounge.

Those are the two biggest nerds of Seiyo High. There 16 years old, Juniors, and constantly picked on.
The daily routine is getting picked on at the cafteria.

"Hey Amu, do you wanna go to the science exhibit today?" Rima asked.

"The one about vampires, and old Romania?" Amu asked.

"Yeah!" Rima yelled.

"Wow who knew even nerds could have plans?" Saaya spat.

"And it's to the Science Exhibit!" Ikuto said laughing.

"Wow, talk about DORKS!" Nagihiko yelled.

Now everyone in the classroom was laughing at them.
Utau came up next to them and poured her milk on Amu's head, and dumped her tofu on Rima's.

"Yaya wants to play!" Yaya said happily.

Yaya reached into her pocket, and pulled out two big lollipops.
Yaya carefully unwrapped the two candies, and stuck one on Amu's forehead, and the other on Rima's cheek.

"Now, Yaya thinks you look yummy!" Yaya said.

"Ew, Amu this is so gross!" Rima said.

"I know, let's go and wash up.." Amu said.

"Let's go!" Saaya yelled with all of the populars walking away.

The popular group, has Saaya, Ikuto, Nagihiko, Utau, Yaya, and Kukai in it.

Amu, and Rima quickly ran to the girl's bathroom.

XoXoXoXoXo At Amu's house.

Amu's house is a two story house, with a nice white paint job, with an elegant interior design inside.

"What should we wear?" Amu asked Rima.

"Hmm, im not sure, maybe a cozy outfit." Rima suggested.

Amu, and Rima's parents are both dead after a terriable car accident,
and they currently live together. They pay for their expences from their parent's inheritance money.

Amu threw on a pink sweater, with white sweatpants, and blue worn out hiking boots.

Rima picked out a yellow sweater, white sweatpants, and green worn out flats.

"Okay, let's go!" Amu yelled while doing a fist pump.

XoXoXoXo At the Exhibit!

Amu, and Rima were inspecting the various antient iteams.

"Wow, real vampire fangs!" Rima said.

"And, a werewolf paw!" Amu said.

"So cool!" They both yelled in unision.

"Shhhhhhhh!" The people shushed.

Suddenly, Amu, and Rima got snatched by a mysterious woman, and in a random room, filled with nothing.

"Hello ladies." The mysterious woman said.

"W-Who are you?" Amu asked.

"Kurono." Kurono said.

Kurono has straight, raven black hair, reaching her hips, and crimson red eyes. Kurono is wearing a red strapless lolita dress,
with red flats. Kurono's skin was very pale.

"W-What do you want with us?" Rima asked.

"You two, always being picked on. You two girls are the chosen ones." Kurono said.

"We are always being picked on! But how are we the chosen ones?" Amu asked.

"I Kurono, am a vampire. Us vampires burn in the sun easily, and need this." Kurono said,
while pointing her index finger up showing them her black ring, with red antient writing on it.

"This ring, makes me able to walk under the sunlight, without getting buren't." Kurono said.

"We can eat garlic, crosses don't fase us, and everyone myth like that isn't true." Kurono added.

"We can run at superhuman speed, we turn inhumanly beautiful, our senses are hightened, we have super strength, and we have sharp fangs. Kurono said,

"Wow, you're a vampire!" Rima yelled.

"But why are you telling us this stuff?" Amu asked.

"You two ladies, are the chosen newborns!" Kurono said happily.

"Really?" Amu, and Rima yelling in unision.

Kurono bit her wrist, and shoved in into Amu, and Rima's mouths.
After Amu, and Rima gulped down the blood, a hot pink, and dark yellow emitted around Amu, and Rima.

Amu grew a two inches taller, her bubblegum pink hair went down to her hips, in loose curls, with an black rose on her head. Then Amu's teeth straightened, her blemishes went away,
her skin got a glowing pale color, all of the bumps dissapeared, and her sight was fixed, with new light crimson red eyes. A black strapless lolita dress that ended a little above her knee's appeared,
and a hot pink sash in the middle, and hot pink high heels appeared. Then the final transformation,
Amu's teeth turned perfectly white, and sharp fangs grew in.

Rima grew a few inched taller, her blonde hair, grew to her knee's, and straightened, with an black headband appearing on her head, every blemish dissapeared, Rima's teeth straightened,
Rima's skin turned pale, all of the bumps went away, Rima's sight was fixed, with a mild crimson red eye color. A black strapless lolita dress that eneded a little above her knee's appeared, and a dark yellow sash in the middle, and dark yellow high heels appeared. Then the final transformation stage, Rima's teeth turned white as snow, with her pointed fangs grew in.

Amu, and Rima looked at each other.

"Wow, we look gorgeous!" Amu exclaimed.

"Yeah, we look so pretty! I can't beileve this!" Rima said.

"Yes, you two look gorgeous, and for the final touch. Here." Kurono said.

Kurono handed two black rings, with hot pink, and dark yellow antient writing into it.

"Are these the rings, the things that protect us from sunlight?" Amu asked.

"Yes, they are very special, and they can never come off of your finger, unless you turn back human somehow." Kurono said.

Kurono put the hot pink, ring on Amu's finger, and the dark yellow one on Rima's.

"So.. Do we drink blood?" Rima asked.

"Yes, also animal won't quench your thirst only human." Kurono exclaimed.

"So we have to kill?" Amu asked.

"Yes dear, now I want you to, go outside and kill." Kurono said darkly.

"O-Okay." Amu, and Rima said inusion.

Amu, and Rima walked out of room, and everyone stared.

"Wow, there hot!" Alot of the boys whispered.

With their senses they could hear it all, the hot comments, and wow are they models?

Amu smirked.

"I think i'm going to like this." Amu said.

"Shall we kill?" Rima asked.

"We shall." Amu said holding back a giggle.

Amu, and Rima ran outside in the speed of light.

"Hello misters." Amu, and Rima said.

"Why hello there lovely ladies, you want to go to a club?" they asked.

"Sure." Rima said.

Amu, and Rima quickly grabbed them and brung them to an alley.

"What are two girls trying to pull?" One of the men asked.

"This." Amu said

Amu grabbed the collar of his shirt, and brung his neck quickly to her mouth.
Amu stuck out her fangs, and bit into his neck.
Amu gulped down the delectable blood, and drained his whole body of blood.
Amu licked her lips, with blood running down her lips, and her eyes blood red.

"Hm, I liked it." Amu said.

The guy was in shock. The man tried to run away, but Rima quickly grabbed him, and pulled him torwards her mouth.

Rima's fangs rested on his neck, waiting.

"Do it." Amu whispered.

Rima bit down, on the neck and savored the juicy, blood, dripping from his neck.

"Taste good." Rima said plainly.

"Let's hide their bodies." Amu said.

Amu, and Rima quickly ran super speed, while carrying the two bodies, and dropping them into a river.

Kurono quickly ran up behind them, and Amu, and Rima turned around quickly spotting her.

"So, did you like the blood?" Kurono asked.

"Loved it." Amu said.

"Good to hear, my job here is done." Kurono said.

"Thank you for everything." Rima said.

"Zip, Zap, Gone!" Kurono chanted while pointing her arms into a X, then straight out with red smoke coming out. Suddenly Kurono disspaeared leaving Amu, and Rima alone.

Amu, looked at the sky.

"It's about 2:00 AM." Amu said.

"I wonder if we need sleep." Rima questioned.

"I guess we'll find out tonight." Amu answered.

XoXoXoXoXo At Amu/Rimas house.

"Hey, you wanna do girly stuff?" Rima asked.

"We never really did girly stuff.. Why now?" Amu asked.

"Because were beautiful now! Duh!" Rima stated.

Amu giggled. "Haha, ok. Let's paint our nails!" Amu said.

"Okay, i'll get the nail polish." Rima said while running to get the nail polish.
Rima was back in a few seconds, and got three colors. Hot pink, dark yellow, and black.

Amu, and Rima painted each other's finger nails. Amu's are pink, and black, while Rima's are yellow, and black.

Suddenly a random, thin peice of paper, landed infront of them.
Amu grabbed the paper, and read outloud.

Dear Amu, and Rima,
Hello ladies. To fit the theme of your new life, I've bought you a new house. 711 Black Bat Lane. It's near you're current home.
There you will find everything you need. There will be blood bags, in the fridge, and some raw meat. Theres a whole new collection of clothing, in your closets. You each get a master bedroom, with there own bathrooms.
There's also a hot tub, and a pool. There is many more to explore.
-Farewell. Kurono.
P.s: Press button to teleport to home. O - Button.

Rima pressed the button, and smoke appeared around the two vampires.
The smoke quickly teleported them to the new house, at the door mat.
The house is grey, with black windows, and it was around three stories.

"It looks so fancy. I like it!" Rima said happily.

"Hey look at the key hole." Amu said.

"Woah." Rima said.

The key hole, was fit, in the shape of the rings, Amu, and Rima have.

Amu stuck her ring in the hole, and turned it. The door glowed green, and it opened slowly.

Amu, and Rima walked inside, and the house was simply amazing.
There is white carpet, black furniture, elegant charm, and black curtains.

There is one kitchen, a dining room, living room, four master bedrooms, gameroom,
three bathrooms, and a laundry room. The kitchen has white tile flooring, black cabinets,
and in the freezer there was blood popsicles, and raw meat. In the refridgerator, there is blood bags, variety of fruits, pizza, and soda's.

The living room, has one big black sofa, with white carpet, a big flat screen t.v, two foot rests,
and two side table that were by each end of the couch. One has a white house telephone on it, the other one had a red lamp, with a purple lightbulb inside.

Amu's master bedroom, is painted pink, with black stripes going down, and black carpet.
There is a black king sized bed, with an black, and white comforter on, and pink pillows.
It had one flat screen t.v, a dresser, desk, closet, and bathroom. The closet is full of clothes of Amu size. There were mainly lolita dresses, cute skirts, and nice shirts. In the bottom of the closet,
there is a variety of shoes. High heels, flats, boots, sandels, flip flops, and tennis shoes.

Rima's master bedroom, is painted yellow, with black polka dots, and black carpet, with occasional white strings.
There's a black king sized bed, with a yellow, and black comforter on, and black pillows.
It has one flat screen t.v, a dresser, desk, closet, and bathroom. The closet is full of clothes of Rima's petite size. There is mainly sun dresses, lolita dresses, and graphic tee's, with skinny jeans.
At the bottom of the closet, there is a variety of shoes. Ballerina shoes, flats, and strappy sandels.

The gameroom, is painted midnight blue, and had various games.
There is a pool table, shuffle board, air hockey, bowling lane, ball pit,
pac-man, jet ski adventure, and many more video games. There is a bar, full of drinks, and finger foods.

The bathrooms, is each painted orange. There is a toilet, shower, bath, jacuzzi, and mirror vanity, filled with makeup, hair supplies, and hair electronics. There is purple candles surrounding the jacuzzi, all lit up, dimmed lights, and bottle full of rose pedals.
There was vanilla scented shampoo, and cupcake scented perfume.

The laundry room, is painted green, and has a washer/dryer machine.
There is three baskets for dirty clothes, laundry detergent, and boxes full'of different scented laundry sheets. The flavors consiste of orange, banana, strawberry, vanilla, beach paradise, honey, basil, and cupcake.

"This house is so amazing!" Rima squeled.

"I know right! Let's go to our rooms, and go to sleep." Amu suggested.

"Okay, goodnight Amu." Rima said.

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