Amu's p.o.v

"Hmm, Rima what should I wear?"

"Let's have matching shirts, and skirts." Rima replied.

"Mhmm." I hummed, beating my fingers on the fridge.

Rima dragged me to her closet, and threw me clothes and told me to go change in the bathroom.
I tossed off my sleep wear, and looked at the outfit. It is a gold yellow tanktop, with black lacing around the edges, and a matching black lolita skirt that has golden trimming, and lace, and for the shoes there is black high heels, the heels are much high though, and the heel is thick making it more comfortable.

I walked out, and saw Rima wearing the same outfit, and holding some accesories.

"Here Amu." Rima said handing me the accesories.

There is a black headband, with a golden diamond on the top, and golden braclets.
I quickly ran to the bathroom, and brushed my long pink locks and put them up into high ponytails and curled the ends (A:N Hair looks like when she is transformed with Dia but longer hair.), and then I put the headband in.

I walked out and Rima was wearing a black headband, with a black bow, and black braclets so were not completely matching.

XoXo At school Rima's p.o.v

"Hey Rima-Koi!" Nagihiko greeted.

"It's Rima-Chan, not Rima-Koi!" I said frustrated.

Oh crap Amu told me to act cute, and bubbly.

"B-But that's fine if you want to call me that." I said blushing.

It's a good thing i'm such a good actoress, and able to blush on command.

"Aw Rima-Koi you're so cute!" Nagihiko complemented.

"Thanks Nagihiko-Kun!" I thanked.

"Don't be so formal call me Nagi." Nagi replied.

"Na-gi." I said trying out his nick name.

"Nagi-Koi?" I said just out of curiosity.

I did not just say that outloud!

"Nagi-Koi! Who do you think you are?" Lulu barked at me.

"Since when were you here?" I asked.

"Long enough to see you flirting with my boyfriend." Lulu spat.

"Were you hear long enough to see him flirt with me?" I asked cutely tilting my head.

"Now Now girls, no need to fight." Nagi tried to relax us.

"It's not a fight when theres no competion." I mumbled.

Luckily they didn't hear me.

Nagi lightly giggled looking at Lulu's angry face.

Nagi cupped Lulu's face and kissed her on the lips and then they started making out.
I don't know why but I felt like crying. Crying, and hiding and never coming out.

Lulu accidently bit Nagi's lip causing it to bleed.
The blood was now dripping on the floor.

Blood. Blood. The red liquid dripping oh so gently down his lips.

Nagi saw my nose wrinkle, smelling the scent, and I quickly ran away but not in my vampire speed out else people will get freaked out.

I ran to Amu's class, and walked in to find Amu, and Ikuto.
Hahahaha! I snuck out my phone and took pictures like crazy.

Ikuto was sitting in his chair, with Amu sitting on his lap taking a quick nap. Oh my god, I wonder what Saaya will say.

I scanned the classroom only to find that Saaya wan't here today.
I think Amu bit her.

Aw, Amu you sly bat.

Amu p.o.v

I heard Rima coming with my heightened hearing, and pretended to be asleep.
Rima walked in, and stood by Ikuto.

"You better not touch her." Rima threatened.

"Jealous, Rima-Chan?" Ikuto smirked.

"No I have Nagi." Rima replied.

"Well, your Nagi is dating Lulu." Ikuto said.

I snapped one eye, and looked at the intence atmosphere Rima was producing.

"Eh? Rima you didn't seduce him yet?" I asked.

"Seduce?" Ikuto asked.

"Well did you seduce Ikuto yet?" Rima asked.

"Well. I am sitting on his lap." I smirked.

"I'm lost here." Ikuto said tilting his head.

"Well, Ikuto will you come stay at my house with Rima, and I?" I asked.

"Sure, but only if I can share a room with you." Ikuto teased.

"I don't see a problem with it." I winked.

"You know I was joking." Ikuto said.

"Aww, but I wasn't" I said.

"Okay, enough of the flirting. I'm gonna invite Nagi see you later." Rima said.