After finishing with his morning board meeting, which run over its set time frame. Dwayne was mentally fatigued, he knew the city of Detroit had a lot of problems, and that it was the right decision to restart his life here, and helping others while still searching for inner growth. What he did not realized was that the need was so great here in this city. The had over 75 proposals from different organizations that needed funding just to meet operational cost to keep these programs open. They range from youth centers, domestic violence shelters, museums, adult continued education centers, and the list went on. To be honest after hearing each presentation, Dwayne came to the conclusion that each organization added value to the city, but even The Reach Foundation had limited funds at his disposals. The board had agreed upon selecting ten organizations to help, and of the rest Dwayne assign Gloria Clark the task of seeking federal matching dollars to try to help the other organizations. Gloria knew Dwayne was asking her to do a tough job, but he had grown to depend on her for for many of the daily operations of the foundation. After the board meeting was done Dwayne walks into his office where Chord is waiting for him.

"The meeting ran over, that means things must have went bad this morning."

"Chord the meeting did not go so bad, but it did help open up my eyes on just how big of a task that we have in front of us. But this city deserves a break, and we are going to help this city heal."

"Dwayne I love the passion, but you and I both know that it is going to take a lot of elbow grease to fix this place."

"I know Chord that is why I have you to keep me on a realistic track on what is possible and what is not possible, and I have Gloria out front making the connections in the city that we will need in order to make this all work. Have you had any luck with our other project?"

"Yes I have Dwayne, and are you sure that you want to go down this road again? This Rocket Racer is just a kid in high school. He stays with his grandma, and before I go on any further are you sure you want this again? I mean after Alvin, and the Stamford incident ."

"I do not have any choice at this point, because high school kid or not, I am sure our new friend has already made it on Hydra's list right behind me. So please tell me what you think that I should do about him?"

Chord just looks down and shakes his head very slowly and begins to say "His real down is Robert Sims, and he is exceptionally gifted in school, he has been in the honor society since his sophomore year, he has never been in any trouble with the law. He stays with his grandma, and has a part time job that he does to help her with the bills."

"Thats good, but how did he come up with the money for his uniform and arsenal? We both know kind of technology does not come cheap, and it is not easy to come by. Maybe he is already working with someone else, like a sponsor helping him with crime. But if not, then we are missing two important pieces of this puzzle. One, why is he even out fighting crime at his young age, and two where did he get his tech that he uses from?"

As mid-afternoon arrives there is a familiar sound of school bells heard across the city of Detroit letting the public school children know that another school day has ended. At Detroit Cooley High School kids are rushing outside playing, some listening to music, other rushing to their awaiting buses. Other students stay inside the school for a variety of different after school activities. From sports, band, glee club, math club, and the honor society. Inside the Mrs. Wilk's classroom located on the second floor, she is the club's faculty advisor. The students in the honor society are conducting their weekly meeting today without Mrs. Wilks who left school early today because of out of town guest. The students are planning future trips, discussing possible scholarships for college, and upcoming speakers coming to the school. While the meeting is going on, Robert is staring out the window, and worrying about his grandmother. How can he find a better part time job to make more money to help her with the bills. Something out of the ordinary caught his eyes, outside a black unmarked van was parked on Hubbell street in front of the school which is illegal. But why would someone be that dumb, then he look at the driver of the van, and his heart sunk. Sitting in the driver's seat was a Hydra agent, dress in the green uniform, somehow they trace Rocket Racer back to my school. And they must be more agents in the school, "dumbing, dumbing" he thought to himself. Only honor society students were allowed at the reception at Cobo Hall, and now Hydra had figured out that Rocket Racer must a student. Robert stood and told the group that he had forgotten something for his grandmother and left the meeting. The hallway was clear, but the other agents have to be here someone he thought. Then he heard a faint voices, that got louder, he recognize Ms. Glass voice his assistant principal.

"Please don't hurt the students, they are just children," she said.

"Move it lady and show us where you honor society is meeting!"

The sound of broken glass could be heard as Ms. Wilk's classroom door is kick in and the members of the honor society all look on in shock as three men enter the room shoving Mrs. Glass down to the floor. "No one move! You know who we are and who we are looking for, surrender him now or everyone dies in this school. All hail Hydra!"