Author's Notes: Written for Asking Me Where My Love Grows' First Kiss Challenge on the HPFC forum.

Light Lily/Sirius with shades of Lily/Severus in the background. Takes place recently after Lily breaks up with Severus.



"Hey Evans."

Lily glanced up, and snorted derisively when she saw Sirius Black making his way over to her where she sat alone on the banks of the lake. Lily sighed. She was in no mood to talk to anyone, least of all Sirius. She wanted to be alone to stew over what a stupid little prick Severus Snape was.

"What do you want?" she snapped at Sirius.

"To talk."

"It's never just 'to talk'. You're always after something. If it's the answers to the Transfiguration homework, I already gave them to Remus."

"You wound me, Evans," Sirius said, sitting down next to her. "Is it really so far outside the realm of possibility that I would simply want to have a nice, pleasant conversation with a charming girl such as yourself?"

"You're not getting a date either, if that's what you're asking." Lily pulled a book out of her bag and opened it to a random page, just so she'd have something to look at besides Sirius.

"You're confusing me with James. I don't ask girls out."

"Normally they just fall at your feet, begging you to take them out, don't they? Well, not me, Black. Now leave me alone or I'm going to have to throw you into the lake for the Giant Squid to eat."

Sirius laughed. "You know what you are, Evans?"


"Spirited," he said. "You remind me of my cousin."

"Goodness, what a compliment. Would this be the cousin who's too dim to string five words together or the cousin who joined the Death Eaters the second her NEWT scores came in?"

"Well, I was thinking of Andromeda, actually," Sirius said with a grin.

"Oh," Lily said with as much sarcasm as she could muster, "so I'm like the cousin who's always going on about Muggle rights without ever actually doing anything to improve them and who can't stay focussed on one subject for more than ten minutes. Thanks ever so, I'm flattered."

"You're impossible, you know that Evans?"

"Bugger off, Black."

"That's not nice."

"I don't care."

"What, are you worried your dear Sev's going to catch us together?"

"I couldn't care less what Snivillus," she said, emphasising the word, "thinks about us."

"Lover's quarrel, eh?"

"Shut that stupid mouth of yours or I'll do it for you." Lily reached into her bag and pulled out her wand, pointing it threateningly at Sirius.

"You're cute when you're mad, you know, Evans."

"Oh just shut up!"

"You know…" Sirius caught a lock of her bright red hair between his fingers and tugged affectionately on it, "you wouldn't be half bad looking if you didn't have Snivillus's grease stains all over you."

"Bite your tongue."

"Do it for me."

Without any more warning than that, Sirius leaned forward and pressed his mouth hard against Lily's. Lily made a noise of protest, but Sirius just pushed her backwards so she was lying on the ground and kissed her even harder. Slowly, Lily's mumbled "get off me"s silenced, and she even opened her mouth a little for Sirius to slip his tongue into.

When Sirius did so, however, she brought her teeth down very hard on it. He yelped, and jerked backwards, the taste of blood filling his mouth. "Bloody hell, Evans!"

"Well," she said, sitting back up, "you did tell me to bite your tongue for you."

"But I didn't mean for you to do it! That bloody hurt!"

"Oh, cry me a river, build a bridge and jump off of it." But Lily's tone was no longer malicious. She looked at him thoughtfully for a while, then said, "you know, Sirius, it's very bad form to steal a girl's first kiss like that."