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"Maria. Maria, Maria! Wake the hell up!" a voice called from downstairs. Maria rolled over with a groan and a sighed.

'Good god another year of school. Thank God it's my senior year and the last time I will ever have to walk down the halls of Ridge Dale High.' Maria thought as she trudged across the wooden floor. She also thought of the last three years it took her to get to the moment she was in today. After a while her little sister, Morgan, came up the stairs and started banging on the door and yelling.

"Morgan shut the hell up and stop banging on my door with your heavy ass hand!" Maria shouted before opening the door.

Morgan wasn't expecting that because her normal sarcastic and slick mouth attitude was replaced with a face that was unrecognizable. For a moment in time Morgan and Maria had a stare down until Maria finally couldn't take it anymore

"Go get dressed because I'm leaving in less than an hour" Maria said as she went through her jewelry and hair drawer. Morgan was glaring but she ignored her. All Maria cared about was seeing friends that she couldn't see in the summer. As she got ready she sang along to her favorite band, Emarosa.

Oh your eyes they glow

so pretty they've lost their worth

They keep me alone

and I know I'm dead inside

I'm reminded every night

so close just know it won't be me.

She tried on many outfits until she came up with an outfit consisting of black leather skater skirt , a white tank that flowed which maria tucked in, long white and two black stripe tube socks with her pair of black and white Retro 12 taxi's with silver stud earrings , and a silver necklace that had a pair of angel wings attached to it. She curled her hair into waves and pinned it to one side before looking in the mirror. Pleased with the way she looked, she picked up her tote bag and Iphone then headed to my car with her sister in tow.

Feeling his bed go up and down, he opened his eyes to see his two little sisters, Maryse and Jenni, bouncing up and down screaming for him to wake up.

"Wake and get your lazy butt out of bed!"

"Ugh are you two aware of what time it is?" Jeff said as he sat up pushing his colorful hair back. Jenni and Maryse had a pretty good clue of the time because they looked at each other and smiled. Jenni only being six looked up at him and said "jeffy wu have to wake up for skewl." Sighing he pulled back the sheets and headed towards the shower mumbling.

"Your lucky it was Jenni and I Jeff because if it was Matt, he would've been dead before he even reached your bed." Maryse said before walking out with Jenni in her arms

Stepping out the shower, he pulled his hair into a slick bun before going in his dresser and closet to look for clothes to wear. Throwing his clothes onto the bed, he proceeded to put on his boxers and dry the rest of his body. Making sure there is no more water on his body, he threw on his black Aerosmith shirt, dark washed jeans, and his black and white Retro 12 taxi's. Walking down stairs, he was met with the aroma of breakfast. A few minutes later, Maryse pranced down the stairs looking pretty great and surprisingly not wearing short shorts. She was actually wearing a ripped skinny jeans, sandals, and a white Jeffree Star shirt and a jeans vest. Her hair was even pulled back with a headband and was styled into beach curls.

"Come here sweetie and give daddy a hug. I'm so proud of you finally finding the rest of your pants for once." their father Gil said. Maryse just glared while Jeff chuckled at his dad. Mr. Hardy then stood up and put his coffee mug in the sink, gave his wife a kiss, and bid his children a good day. Sipping his orange juice, Matt told his younger siblings to get going.

They all said goodbye to their Mom and Jenni and headed to the door of their car . With smiles on their faces, they started the engine and and sped away.

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