Alright, this is my first American McGee's Alice in Wonderland fanfiction. This is based after the end of the second game, so spoilers there. The name of the place is for the soundtrack, and yes…there is a hidden twist to this. If you can see through the lines, you had a mad mind. But…in a good way.

Disclaimer: I don't own Alice in Wonderland…Lewis Carroll and American McGee are geniuses…

He was the child. The child...the guardian of Londerland. The beginning of it, the very idea of it. She had created him from her London for her Wonderland, as a guide between the two. One with madness, yet a hold on reality and able to see through the insanity.

And that was the curse of it all.

As he sat on the building, his new form was presented to all...this 'Londerland', a hybrid of her Wonderland and that place of 'reality' called London. He looked to be of one of her kind -long legs and arms, round head, long dark hair-, but he still retained parts of his Wonderland form -a tail, tattoos, pointed ears and teeth, and eyes that bore into any and all things. His eyes scanned below, the place of combined lands, a land she created to balance her mind. A land he would have to guard now, since Wonderland and London were both hells to her.

And he had no choice in that. No choice in being the child of this Londerland. A child who's fate had been cursed, body been warped, and destiny lies with a girl with an innocent heart but deadly aim.

" seem different..." a voice of stern sweetness came from behind him, but his head remained forward, the curious breeze coming back and tugging at his long black hair.

There was a pregnant pause before he replied, his mind trying to riddle up the best answer, "I serve to fit my surroundings. Cats are curious, as are you. We must change to survive or die in ignorant pride." It seemed to answer her, but that was just a honey-coated lie between all lies. He didn't fit to a surrounding, it was forced. Like her returns...nothing here was a lonely choice of the matter.

"I see..." she muttered, an arm crossed over her mid-section, knife in hand. Old habits never faded, less people fall victim to careless mistakes.

But...he doubt she could 'see' what was truly there. Could she not know or see that this was his world...the world where he was born from? A pain of 'reality' and a misfit of Wonderland. A number once write and sold, before it was stolen away into a new form and into a new place.

He doubted that much.

Then a muttered flowed pasted his barely opened lips, something so soft, a breeze could have hidden it -but it didn't-, "How is that you create so much, yet so blind..." It wasn't an insult...alright, much of one. But, he spoke from his heart really. Or...what passed as a heart.

He didn't look over to her but felt her pointed, green-eyed stare on him. Whether those eyes held an insulted look or curious look was unknown to him really. But...he supposed it didn't matter. She would never understand any of this. Not really, not him. Try as she might, the belief that she had given him 'life,' she knew nothing of him. He wasn't something of her 'reality' turned rotten for Wonderland...he had been rotted and let loose in Wonderland. A poison to it. didn't really matter to him really.

This was Londerland, and he was its guardian. The child of a pregnancy that had went wrong and twisted.

But…he supposed a smile could cure that. A child's smile, a cat's smile.

Well, I hoped you enjoyed this. I do fancy this idea on the Cat…which there will hopefully be more to come to try and explain his situation in everything.