Questions with a side of answers—The team tracks down a couple of the guys working for Ramos and find out why Ramos wanted O'Conner dead.

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Jeremy Thorton was in front of his apartment working on the engine of his GT40. After hitting O'Conner, the front bumper had sustained damage and that lead to a couple wires disconnecting from the engine (A/N I don't know much about engines so I don't know how true this is). He was busy reattaching the last wire when he heard engines roaring. He looked up in time to see four cars racing toward him. The first car came to a stop in front of him and Dominic Toretto jumped out followed by Vince. Jeremy looked scared and before he could pull his gun, Dom had him pinned against the hood of his car.

To say Dom was pissed was a major understatement. He wanted answers and by god he was going to get them. Dom said with quiet anger, "Tell me where I can find William Ramos and I might just let you live."

Jeremy, though scared for his life, didn't say anything. Dom said, "You keep quiet and I kill you right now." He pulled out a small hand gun and pushed it to the back of Thorton's head. Thorton stiffened in fright and slowly began to talk "He usually works in Berlin, but you're in luck. He's back in the states for the weekend and he is currently in Detroit."

Dom, not taking his eyes off Jeremy, said, "Han you and Mia go find out if he really is in Detroit while Vince and I keep an eye on Thorton."

Han turned to Mia and said, "Well, you heard the man, let's go." They took off with the promise to let Dom know anything once they found out if Ramos was in the states or not.

Vince turned to Jeremy and asked, "Why did Ramos want O'Conner dead?"

Thorton laughed and said, "Because O'Conner got in the way of a deal between my boss and another man. Ramos got 25 in some prison in LA and just recently got out. Now he's out for revenge and he got it. O'Conner is dead and Ramos is out of jail."

At his statement Dom shot Vince a look that said 'Do not say that Brian is alive' and Vince nodded in acknowledgement. They took Thorton into his apartment and slammed him down into a chair and while Vince kept an eye on him, Dom took a look around the apartment. He was going through a desk in the den when he came across a newspaper article. He started reading it and by the time he was done, he headed back to the kitchen where Vince and Jeremy were.

Dom slammed the paper in front of Jeremy and asked, "Are you a cop?"

Jeremy got a brief look of shock on his face before it passed and he asked, "No, why?"

Dom looked at Vince and said, "Because why else would you have a stack of articles about the country's most wanted? These were in a false bottom in the desk in the den. Along with this." He pulled something out of his pocket and it landed on the table in front of Thorton.

Thorton's face paled as he recognized his police badge. Dom looked like he was about to murder someone so Thorton began talking, "I'm undercover as a street racer slash buddy of Ramos'. I won a race a few weeks ago and now I get to work for him. I have to haul illegal drugs from here up to Arizona. Ramos has a gang up in Tucson."

Dom looked shocked at the turn of events and even Vince looked like he didn't know what to say. Before either one of them could say something, Thorton continued, "I never meant to kill O'Conner. All I knew was I had to unless I wanted Ramos to kill me. I am so sorry I went through with his plan."

Dom, still not trusting the guy, said, "I need all the info you got on Ramos and his gang. I am going after him for wanting one of my team dead." The tone of his voice booked no room for argument so Jeremy gave the info to him.

"William Ramos is a wanted drug lord who, like I said just got out of jail. He deals in any illegal drug and will kill anyone who gets in his way. Including other cops and any law enforcement. The last I heard he was in Detroit and his gang was in Tucson. I think you can find them hiding out at 4638 West Transit Road. It's an old back road that no one uses anymore."

Vince looked at Dom and Dom nodded. They needed to call Han and Mia and tell them what they just found out. Dom pulled out his cell and dialed Mia's number.

"Mia." His sister's voice answered.

"Mia, its Dom. We just found out that Jeremy is an undercover cop working for Ramos. He said that Ramos got busted years ago by O'Conner. He got 25 years and just recently got out. He wanted revenge on Brian and told Thorton to get rid of him. Also, Thorton just told us that Ramos is in Detroit but his gang is in Tucson, Arizona." He finished telling her where they could find Ramos and hung up the phone. He turned to Thorton and said, "You're coming with us."

Thorton nodded silently and followed Dom and Vince out the door. They were going to regroup and come up with a plan to get Ramos and his gang. Because nobody messed with Dom and his friends/family.

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