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Draco watched as Hermione came to stand by him. The Veela in him was overjoyed to have her there again. He would never be able to tell her how much he had missed her. She looked beautiful, and he couldn't say anything. Everything that led to this, to him, it was worth it. He would never change anything. Even the bad had led them to this point, and if they were not here now, Draco didn't think that he could handle it.

As the ceremony went on, Hermione found herself not as nervous as she thought being in front of all these people. At first, she had been, with everyone's eyes on her, but once she had looked at Draco, it made her more comfortable. She had not realized how hard it had been away from him until she had seen him. It had taken almost all of her power not to kiss him the minute she had seen him.

Once it was time to say their vows, they were both ready. They had decided to go ahead with the traditional ones, and as they said them to one another, Hermione felt that they could not be more true. As she had to recite her part, she blushed, but it didn't bother her to much that there were so many people there.

By the time that the old wizard had told Draco to kiss his bride, he was about to go nuts. When their lips finally met, the Veela in him all but purred. He didn't let her go for a long while, until there were a couple of whistles and laughs in the crowd.

"I love you." He murmured to her when they broke free. "I love you too." She said with a giggle.

For the next few hours, Draco and Hermione didn't have much time alone. They were bombarded with friends and family, all wanting to congratulate them. They didn't mind, but they really only wanted to be alone. Luckily, no reporters were in sight, although they all knew that they were right outside of the property, trying their best to get in.

When night came, fairy lights came on and everyone was enjoying themselves. Draco was dancing with Hermione, the only way they could have five seconds alone with each other because no one wanted to interrupt such a private moment.

"Are you still feeling okay?" Draco asked her. Hermione nodded and smiled. He had been making sure she was not to overwhelmed all day long and she found it cute. Draco looked around for Harry, trying to see if he was ever going to do it already. Harry had asked Draco last night if he could propose to Ginny at the reception. He, of course, said yes, and he had been bursting to tell Hermione all day. He had swore that he wouldn't of course, but it was getting harder.

His eyes found Harry, standing over by the D.J stand with Ginny, talking nervously. Draco knew the plan, and only hoped that his friend would be able to do it. At that moment, Harry looked over at Draco and gave the slightest of nods. Draco stopped dancing with Hermione and pulled her closer to the stage.

"What are we doing?" She asked, but he shushed her as Harry got up on the stage. The D.J cut the music, already in on the plan. Everyone was looking at Harry in confusion and he was blushing. He had defeated the dark lord, but he was nervous as hell for this.

"Sorry to interrupt everyone, but I have a couple of words to say. Last night I got the pleasure of making sure Draco didn't run after his bride to be. It wasn't an easy job, he was restless, but we found ways to entertain ourselves." Harry began, making Hermione and everyone else laugh. "We started talking about how anyone that knew us, including ourselves, in school, never thought that we would be here tonight. As anyone could tell you, if you don't already, we hated each other. We never got along and we always fought. We both agreed last night that if someone had said anything to us then, we would have probably cursed them." Harry continued, making everyone laugh again.

"But, somehow, against everything, Hermione and Draco, came together, and now I do not think that either one would be able to live without one another. It made me start thinking about my life and realized last night, that I feel the same way about another person." Harry said, making Hermione gasp. Ginny looked up at Harry with a bright smile.

Harry stepped off the stage and over to Ginny. "I love you, and I am so sorry it took so long, but, will you marry me?" He asked getting down on his knee. There was a collective silence for a moment as everyone waited for her response.

"Oh Harry Yes!" Ginny squealed jumping into his arms. Harry hugged her back and put the ring on her finger, while everyone clapped. Draco and Hermione rushed over to them, and made it to congratulate their friends with everyone else.

Once the excitement was over, Draco and Hermione decided that it was time to call it a night, and invited everyone to stay however long they wanted and then left them to their own devises.

He carried her over their bedroom door, making her giggle. He laid her on the bed gently, and kissed her. "I love you Mrs. Malfoy." He whispered in between kisses. "I love you too Mr. Malfoy." Hermione giggled.

They made love that night like it was the first time. It was slow and loving. They paid more attention to each other then ever before, wanting to show the other how much they loved each other.

They showed the love for one another for the rest of their days. They had their babies, and raised them to be kind to everyone, and to never judge anyone for any other reason then themselves. They stayed friends with the Potters and their children grew up together. They made their world so much better then anything that could have been. They all stayed happy and when the time come, they left the world as a couple. Never once did they ever regret how everything changed. To them, it was always for the better.

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