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Author's Note: Another fic about the episode Restless. Tony thinks that Lindsey is lucky because her family loves her anyways.


He sits there in the car watching as Lindsey aka Daisy and other kinds of names walk up to her foster parents. They hug her and tell her that it's going to be okay. I think how lucky she was. Here she was this two weren't her own biological family, but her foster family and they didn't care who she was. They cared about her anyways no matter what names she had been using and how old she was.

She was so lucky that she had family like that. I remembered the time that my father disowned and disinherited by my father. His father even sent him away to boarding school and then to camps because he couldn't bare to see him, or even care for him. It was almost like he didn't care for him.

He would have loved to have a family like Lindsey's who loved her who she was and didn't care about how old she was, or how many names she had. They cared for him no matter what. His own father never cared about him likes these two people cared for a child that wasn't even theirs.

He often thinks what he did to make his father not to spend time with him, or love him. There were the times that he was hit in anger, but he thought that was at least something. He often got into trouble in boarding school, so that he could see his father, but even sometimes after that his father got mad at him.

He wondered why he was never good enough to have his father spend time with him and give him attention. Was he worthless like his father told before he told him that he was going to end up in the gutter. He looks back at Gibbs and tells him about the story that he had told everybody to protect himself.

The End