A/N: Hey, everyone! This is going to be an updated-hopefully-daily drabble fic. Which means that each chapter/drabble will have a different prompt (Word that triggers the story, which I get from an online word generator) and be anywhere from 100-200 words long. Some will be funny, some will be sad, most will be fluffy. All will be Taylee. If you haven't read If I Die yet, I'll try not to spoil it... Unless you want me to! But just assume, if you haven't read it, that Tod and Kaylee are together. :) Enjoy! I'll be posting more than one tonight. (I've got a 10 drabble buffer!) I promise that my ANs won't always be this long! I'm just trying to introduce it all, and I'm hyper, so I'm rambling.

1) Movie.

POV: Tod Hudson.
WORDS: 122.

Choosing the right movie to watch is an art; one that I've perfected with time and practice.

Some people don't understand. They simply pick a movie they think will keep them occupied and stare at the screen mindlessly for hours. This is not the way to pick a movie.

You see, there's a formula.

Find something that you and your girl will both moderately enjoy. If she doesn't like blood, no horror flicks. If she hates gushy movies, no Rom-Com. But the trick is to get a movie that's predictable - you can guess what the ending will be within the first ten minutes, so that the rest of the movie is relatively boring.

Then, proceed to divert your date's attention... accordingly.

Not to happy about this first one... But tell me if you enjoyed it! Got the idea from Tod's latest Q&A From Rachel Vincent.