A/N: Credit for this prompt and story line goes to, once again, LovelyBritishLies! YOU ROCK! I totally didn't do this one justice, but I tried!

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30) N is for Name.

POV: Tod Hudson.
WORDS: 146.

I needed to know her name.

No, not to be a good brother and know who Nash's new girlfriend was. I needed to know her. She was beautiful. She was witty. She was outspoken, and level headed, and strong willed. Not like any other girl that Nash had dated before. That much I could tell in ten minutes.

And she was a Bean Sidhe. Very interesting.

More interesting than her heritage were her eyes. Those eyes… They were so familiar, somehow. Had we met before, in passing? Had I taken the soul of someone she knew? Why did I imagine remembering those eyes twisting in panic when I thought of how I knew them?

She was a mystery that I ached to solve. The problem was, like any good mystery, I needed my clue. My guide to find out who she was.

I needed her name.

Like? Not?