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Stiles' blue Jeep pulled up in front of the half burned down Hale house. The werewolf who he'd come to be sorta-kinda friend with sat on the porch, twirling his phone in his hands with a distant look in his eyes.

He glanced up at the human, who had started to walk towards him and sighed saying,

"What do you want?" Stiles shrugged his shoulders, expecting that reaction from the wolf. He shoved his hands in his pockets and said,

"I don't want anything. It's just that I know what day it is." Derek narrowed his eyes before spitting out,

"Well, I bet your father is really proud Stilinski. You finally learned your days of the week." The human sighed, not willing to let the wolf's jabs affect him as he said,

"No sour wolf. I know what day it is." He shot a look to the ruins of Derek's house as he said this. The werewolf growled and his eyes flashed blue menacingly as he said,

"You had better watch where you're going with this Stilinski. I don't want to be even more wanted then I already am if your remains show up on your father's doorstep." Stiles rolled his eyes and said angrily,

"You know, that whole thing is getting really annoying, and you should probably stop with it." Derek snarled and stood quickly, stalking over to the human and grabbing the front of his shirt. Getting in Stiles' face the werewolf replied viciously,

"What the hell are you talking about now Stiles? What should I stop?" Stiles was usually very mild mannered, what with his easy going humor, and laid back sense of being, but right now Derek could've mistaken him for an angry werewolf if he didn't know better.

The teen's eyes darkened as he shoved Derek away and shouted,

"You should stop acting like you're the only person who's ever lost someone! Because it's honestly starting to piss me off more than usual. You know what, screw you. I came here to try and make you feel a little bit better. Maybe give you someone to talk to about the whole thing. But now? Now I'm gonna leave, 'cause you're being a total asshat." He was breathing heavily out his nose as he stomped away leaving the werewolf wondering,

What the fuck just happened?


Stiles was sitting on his bed cross-legged, leather bound photo album in his lap. His eyes were filmed over with unshed tears as he flipped the pages. He didn't look up when his window opened and a dark figure slipped inside.

Pushing the cuff of his shirt against his eyes he looked up and said thickly,

"What do you want?" The wolf stared him down for a moment before moving to sit in the chair at Stiles' desk. He wheeled it forward before snatching the photo album out of the teen's hands, ignoring his sound of protest.

The werewolf narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at the pictures. A tall, thin woman with dark blonde hair and copper brown eyes was swinging a toddle around. In one picture there was a man, who Derek recognized as the Sheriff; younger, and happier, but the Sheriff.

He looked up and saw that Stiles had pulled his knees to his chest and was purposefully avoiding the wolf's eyes. Looking from the woman and the little boy to the teenager sitting across from him the wolf put two and two together before saying,

"Your mom?" The teen nodded and Derek looked down again, seeing the happy smile that graced the toddler-Stiles' face. It wasn't like the ones that sometimes shone through now. Even when the teen was cracking jokes and laughing Derek could tell it was a falsified account.

Flipping the pages again he could see a picture of the woman, his mother, and Stiles. Stiles couldn't have been older than ten, with his mom crouched down next to him smiling. Stiles' knee was bouncing rapidly and he finally stood saying,

"Okay, give it. You're finished." But Derek wasn't finished. He simply held a hand out and pressed against Stiles' chest, effectively stopping his movement as he flipped to the very back of the album.

Taped to the back cover was a letter. On the cover, in neat print was, "Genim 'Stiles' Stilinski". Derek's eyebrows quirked up as he opened the flap and pulled a piece of well-worn paper out of the envelope.

When Stiles' saw that the werewolf had the letter he growled authentically enough that if Derek hadn't known better he would've thought he was a real wolf. Grabbing for it he snarled,

"Give that back! You don't need to read that Derek!" But the werewolf did. He read the letter in his head, still holding Stiles away with his hand.

"My dearest Stiles,

I know you're not old enough to understand it now, but one day you will be. It kills me, no pun intended, that I won't be around to see you grow up anymore. These years with you and your father have been the best years I could've ever hoped to share with anyone.

I want you to listen him, because this is just as hard for him as it will be for you. And I want you to support and love him, just like I know he will support and love you. As I lay here in the hospital, watching you sit out in the waiting room playing with Scott I can't help but wonder who you'll be when I'm gone.

I just want you to remember one thing my little Genim; I love you. And no matter if I'm in this life or the next I will always be there for you. Promise.

Your mother,

Emma Lynn Stilinski

Derek dropped the paper, and before it could hit the ground Stiles had grabbed it, folding it tenderly and holding it to his chest. Blinking back tears he said,

"You done now? I mean, you've taken defacing my personal space to a completely new level. Congratulations Derek, you've made me-" The teen's words were stopped by a bone crushing force constricting around his torso. Trying to gasp in a breath Stiles tried to wrap his head around the fact that the werewolf's arms were wrapped around him.

His nose was buried in the fabric that covered Derek's chest and the scent he inhaled instantly calmed the teen and made him feel comfortable. The smell of wood smoke, and sandalwood flooded his nose and Stiles unconsciously inhaled deeper to get in more of the intoxicating scent.

As quickly as it happened it was over, with Derek back in the swiveling chair and Stiles standing in the middle of his room alone, letter still crumpled to his chest. Derek had pulled his wallet out of his pocket and took a worn piece of paper of the side compartment.

He held it out silently and Stiles took it, gently unfolding the paper and almost dropping it when he realized what it was. A picture of Derek's family. It was old, Stiles could tell that much, and Derek looked to be about his age in it. He was smiling. A true smile, not one of those fake smirks he usually gave when something went his way.

His eyes traced over the photo, taking in everything that he saw. From the elder couple in the center to the other adults and children crowded around them. He looked over at the werewolf and said,

"Why are you showing me this?" Th7 wolf looked up from his hands and said,

"Because I kinda shoved my way in your business. I figured it was only fair to let you see some of mine." Stiles watched the werewolf cautiously before saying,

"Okay, you're being ridiculously calm and surprisingly….nice. Are you going to rip my throat out while I'm sleeping tonight or something?" Derek raised an eyebrow and scoffed saying,

"Stiles, if I wanted to kill you, and yes the thought has crossed my mind more than a few times if I'm being completely honest, then I would have done it already." The teen's heartbeat sped when the werewolf said his name and he said,

"Okay, don't go all mushy on me. People will start questioning your reputation or something if you do." Derek simply smirked and walked over to the window, sliding it open and putting a foot out of it.

He froze for a moment before turning his head and saying quietly,

"How did she die?" Stiles looked down and mumbled,

"Cancer. I was only 8." Derek nodded and said softly,

"You were too young." With that he dropped from the window and Stiles felt his heart clench as he heard the soft thump that signaled the wolf's return to the ground. Blinking softly for a second he ran to the window and flung it open saying,

"Thanks Derek. Thanks." Thinking he heard a soft chuckle come from the woods adjacent from his window he smirked and closed his window slightly, sighing when he folded up the letter and placed it back in the envelope.

Sitting on his bed with the album he realized that the wolf's picture was still closed in his fist. With a soft smile he clipped it into any empty holder next to a picture of him and his mother.

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