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"Winter is nature's way of saying, 'up yours'…especially in northern California."

Stiles was freezing. Not only did it suck that it was the dead of winter, but the fact that a snow storm had hit Beacon Hills and left the town without power made it astronomically even more horrible.

His father was snowed in at the police station, so Stiles was home by himself, in a dark and cold house. He had pulled all the old blankets out of the linen closet and piled them on his bed, burrowing into the nest, and only venturing as much as his hand out to grab his cell to make a phone call.

Derek hadn't noticed the power outage at all; the house still didn't have working electricity, so it was just colder than usual out to him. Not that he was bothered by it, his body temperature was higher than a human's, so he was toasty all year round; a real pain in the summer if he was being honest about it, though.

His phone beeped, and he picked it up, happy to hear his mate's voice come through the speaker. It sounded like Stiles was shivering as he stuttered,

"D-D-Derek? I need you to come over. Like now." The Alpha made a face and reached for his leather jacket as he said,

"What's wrong Stiles? Are you alright?" He heard teeth chattering and Stiles grind out,

"Yeah, I-I'm freaking aw-awesome. My power's gone out, which means no heat, which means I'm turning into a P-P-Popsicle. Please, you're a space heater. Come over." Derek rolled his eyes and said,

"Fine. I'll be over in a few." He opened his door and a gust of snowy wind blew through his mostly reconstructed house, sending flakes everywhere in the near vicinity. He scowled; he adored the Camaro, he really did, but he knew it wouldn't make it further than five feet in the snow.

Sighing he shut the door and went into the back of the house, pulling his clothes off as he went. He shifted and jumped out into the storm, running through the snow easily, his thick fur coat protecting him from the icy winds.

It took him all of fifteen minutes to get to Stiles' house, and when he got there did he didn't bother shifting until he had pushed the back door open and was standing in the Stilinski's kitchen.

Without clothes on it was easier to notice the nip in the air as he padded through the eerily silent and freezing house. He walked upstairs and pushed Stiles door open, not seeing the teen, but hearing his heartbeat and seeing the nest of blanket move slightly on the bed.

Walking over to Stiles' dresser he pulled on a pair of sleeping pants and a t-shirt, going to the bed and saying,

"Stiles? Let me in the blankets." A small hole opened up and Stiles hand shot out, dragging Derek in the nest and hissing,

"Hurry up; you're letting the heat out!" Derek smirked and wrapped an arm around Stiles saying,

"You look like you've been here, bundled up, for weeks." Stiles scowled and flicked Derek on the nose lightly saying,

"Just because you never notice the shift in temperature doesn't mean the rest of us lesser beings don't either. Selfish werewolf." Derek raised an eyebrow and said teasingly,

"Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe I had to come to your house and warm you up. I was perfectly comfortable at my own, reading and drinking coffee." Stiles scowled and burrowed closer to the wolf saying,

"You know perfectly why you came over. If I froze to death you wouldn't get anymore Stiles. And everyone knows you can't live without your Stiles." Derek made and face, but smiled whispering,

"Yeah, you got me with that one. C'mere Sti." The teenager hummed happily, wrapping his arms around Derek and moving impossibly closer to the werewolf, pressing his feet against Derek's legs. The Alpha yelped and jumped saying,

"Jesus Christ Stiles! Your feet are fucking icicles!" Stiles raised an eyebrow and replied cheekily,

"Well, maybe if you'd gotten here sooner…." Derek growled and nipped at the teen's neck lightly, smiling at the gasp he received. He growled again; a happier, softer one and said quietly,

"I'm not going anywhere Sti. Promise." The teen smiled and pressed a quick, but passionate kiss to the older man's lips, burying his face into Derek's neck and inhaling slightly.

Derek didn't go to sleep while he held his mate. He stayed up, and eventually the power came back on; the heater whirring to life and sending warm air through the house.

It didn't mean Derek was going to relinquish his hold on the teenager though.

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