Here it is, Chapter 1 take two. Hope you enjoy! -DRA

I could almost see some people standing in front of me. Almost. But it was as if they were being covered by a dense blanket of fog so only the vaguest of shapes could really be seen. Four shapes, four forms, four people. I opened my mouth to call out to them, to these four figures I for some reason felt I knew, even felt comforted by, but no words came out. The fog seemed to be darkening and thickening. In seconds, I wouldn't be able to see even the slightest of outlines of those people.

"Where are you?"

It was like a whisper, barely carried along by the wind. And then it was gone, as were the shapes, and the comforting feeling. It was cold. And there was nothing to be seen. And the longer I stood there, the less I was sure I had seen the people at all. There was nothing to be seen anywhere. And I was all alone. And I could feel it. I could feel it even in my bones. I was alone. And I was cold. And, there was something else...

I was afraid.

I awoke with a start, my heart pounding, my head throbbing, my limbs entangled in sheets I could not seem to get free of. Everything hurt. There was this pain behind my eyes so strong that I swore that my head was about to explode. My arms felt heavy and overstrained, as did my legs, as if my muscles had all been torn. And my gut. It felt hollow. Like something was missing and it was trying to let me know that that was so not okay.

"Message received," I croaked out sarcastically.

"What was that dear?"

My head shot up, realizing for the first time that I was not alone. For some reason, it hadn't dawned on me that I was in an actual place and that there might be actual people around. It was actually pretty careless of me. I had to be smarter than that because….. Well, I wasn't actually sure why. I guess to avoid the embarrassment.

"Dear?" The woman appeared to be in her late thirties, wearing her light hair up in a tight bun, a nice white dress with blue flowers on it, and plain white flats. She had a name tag proclaiming her to be Tina, Nurse. Why was there a nurse? Ignoring her, I finally actually took a look at my surroundings. It was a small, rather plain room. A hospital room, with plenty of machines that beeped and a reclining bed that had bars on the side so you wouldn't roll off in your sleep.

I was hooked up to one of the beeping machines with an IV, a wristband right above it. It said Amy Reynolds. Was that correct? I couldn't seem to remember. In fact, it wasn't just my name…. I couldn't seem to remember anything about myself at all. I didn't know my name, my age, my birthday. Hell, I didn't even know what I looked like.

"Amy? Can you hear me?" It was Tina again. I turned towards her direction, giving a slight nod, but not really paying attention. It was hard to pay attention to some perky blonde nurse when you suddenly realize that you have no idea who you are. I tried to focus on her and calm myself down, but I could feel the panic rising in me. This was all kinds of wrong. I vaguely saw her mouth moving, but no words came out. Or rather, if they did, I was too distracted to hear them. Instead all I heard was the buzzing that muted out everything else.

I could be going into shock. Tina hurried her way out of the room for some reason. I didn't really know why, but it hardly mattered. I couldn't think straight. I could barely breathe. I needed to get out of here. I yanked my IV out, feeling numb, and fumbled with my sheets to get them off me and swing my legs over. Except I couldn't. Oh no. I couldn't move my legs….. I pulled off the sheets, worried about what I might see. They were bound by straps holding me to the bed.

That's better than being paralyzed. I quickly started undoing the straps, when Tina came back in, someone with her. I still couldn't hear them due to the deafening buzzing in my ears, but they each went to one side of my bed and pulled me off the straps, trying to get me to lay back down. The second person then held me down while Tina grabbed a needle from somewhere. She filled it up with something and quickly injected me with whatever it was. Almost immediately I felt my muscles getting heavier and heavier. My eyelids were getting heavier as well. I couldn't quite seem to keep them up. The buzzing seemed to be decreasing, but only to be replaced with this heavy silence that was almost worse. I had one last thought of panic before everything went dark.

I felt weak. I couldn't move or open my eyes. But I could faintly hear something.

"I thought you said the treatment had worked!" It was a woman. Probably. It sounded like it most likely was female. But it was whispered angrily and swiftly. So it was harder to tell.

"It did, okay? Don't question me about it now! That episode was just a tantrum, not a failure in the treatment." A man's voice, low and harsh and very annoyed.

"You better be right."

"I am, so shut up and do your job!" Part of me wanted to tell both of them to shut up. They seemed irritating. But, for better or worse, I didn't get the chance as I drifted back out of consciousness.

I opened my eyes very slowly, a bright light threatening to blind me. I tried to pull up a hand to cover them, but I couldn't. I peaked open one eye to find my wrists bound to the bed. I groaned.

"How are you feeling?" someone asked. I peaked back open the eye and looked beside the hospital bed. It was a man, not extremely tall, with receding blonde hair, and sharp caramel-colored eyes. He was looking at a clipboard in his hand, so I wasn't entirely sure if his question was directed at me, but his eyes met mine expectantly so it must have been.

"Why am I in the hospital?" I asked after a minute went by. My throat hurt being used, my voice scratchy and rough. I don't think I could have yelled even if I tried. I managed to open both eyes to watch his reaction. He gave me an empty smile and returned his gaze to the clipboard before looking at one of the machines.

"You got hurt, we've been trying to patch you up. You seemed to be doing better, but when you woke up early, you kind of behaved erratically so we had to give you some tranquilizers to clam you down," he responded easily, though his answer felt rather vague to me. He fixed his eyes back on me, that smile back on his face. "How are you feeling?" he repeated. I tried to stare him down, but something about his eyes put me off and I looked away, back down to the straps holding me in place. I felt rather than saw his gaze follow mine. "For you safety Amy. You seemed pretty violent earlier. If you're sure you can stay calm, I would be happy to remove them. But first, as your doctor, I would really like to know how you are feeling."

"I ache," I answered tightly.

"Amy, I will need mor-"

"You keep calling me Amy. Why?" I interrupted. I couldn't look at him, so I continued staring at my hands. He took his time answering, as if he was taken back by my question.

"Well, because that is your name, isn't it?" His response sounded a little stiff, but maybe I was just being irritable. But his answer certainly didn't bring me any comfort. Because I wasn't sure. I couldn't remember. And it was driving me insane. I swallowed down the panic that was threatening to reappear.

"I don't know," I finally answered, the three words barely escaping my mouth. I didn't want to tell him. It was making me feel too vulnerable. And I hated it.

"Excuse me for a moment Amy, I'll be right back." And then he left the room. That was definitely not how I was expecting him to react. After a few minutes of me just sitting, slowly going crazy, the doctor came back, Tina and two other people in tow, a man and a woman. The man was tall with curly salt and pepper hair, glasses resting on the tip of his nose, and eyes green as a forest with a glint of something in them. Fear? Hope? Concern? I couldn't quite tell, maybe it was all three. The woman was very different from him, standing at an average height, curvy, with a bounce in her step that reminded me that of a dancer. Her hair was thick and wild, a dirty blonde that was only slightly darker than her tan skin, her dark brown eyes reminding me of coffee. She seemed nervous. They both kept quiet, glancing back and forth between me and the doctor.

"Do you recognize these people Amy?" the doctor asked. From the way he asked, I almost felt like he knew the answer already. I stared at both of them for a good minute or two, waiting for some kind of recognition to maybe kick in but... nothing. I shook my head.

"Are you sure?" the man with the glasses asked timidly. They all waited with bated breath.

"Yes." Tina sighed, her eye brows furrowed together in a upset pout.

"They are your parents Amy. Your mother, Colleen," he said gesturing to the blonde woman who was now fidgeting with her hands in a nervous way. "Your father, Jim," he said pointing to the man. He seemed to have unshed tears behind his glasses. The doctor stepped aside, letting Colleen and Jim walk up to my bedside.

"Dr. Payne, would you please remove my daughter's holds," Colleen requested, gesturing to my straps. Her voice wavered a bit, giving way to her obvious worriment. After he undid the straps, Colleen took my hands in hers. "It will be okay baby, you will be okay. We're going to take care of you," she told me softly. She seemed nice enough but if she was my mother, shouldn't I remember her? I didn't respond, but I didn't pull my hands away either. When I still hadn't said anything, she looked up at Jim, as if silently asking himWhat now?

"When can she come home?" Jim asked, turning away from me, as if looking at me pained him. Dr. Payne looked at a couple machines and then the clipboard.

"Soon I believe. The sooner the better probably, that way she can get reacquainted with what she is used to. Once she gets back into her daily life, her memories should come back," he answered optimistically.

"So the amnesia isn't permanent?" Colleen asked, squeezing my hand a little tighter.

"More than likely she will make a full recovery and be back to doing her nails and texting with her friends before you know it. But for now, I am sure she is tired, so we should probably let her rest some. You can come back later and talk with her some more," the doctor said easily, gesturing towards the door.

"We'll be back later honey," Colleen promised, letting Dr. Payne herd her and Jim towards the door.

"Don't worry. She isn't going anywhere." Something about those last few words made a chill go down my back. And then I was alone. I felt myself feeling more tired and realized that Dr. Payne must have given more more tranquilizer before having everyone exit. I didn't even try to fight it and just let myself slip into oblivion.

It was nighttime the next time I woke up. I was still alone and thankfully the straps were still off. I slowly and quietly crept out of the bed, wincing with every step. Whatever had happened to get me in the hospital, it must have been really bad. Between the amnesia and the pain, they could have told me that I had jumped off a roof and landed splat on cement and I probably would have believed it.

I reached the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

"Whoa." I didn't look how I would have guessed after seeing Colleen and Jim. I was pale, and not just like I needed a slight tan, but more like I hadn't seen the light of day in years. White didn't even cut it, and in the bad lighting, my complexion almost seemed to have a sickly grey tint to it. I was small too, short and lithe, possibly athletic. My hair was short and dark dirty blonde, similar to Colleen's. It didn't look right, like it had on her.

My eyes, however, were the most unsettling about my image. They were dark almost black, except they weren't black. They were purple. It didn't help though, that my eyes were also bloodshot, giving them an eerier look to them.

I stared at myself for I didn't even know how long, waiting and hoping for something to happen, for me to remember something. But I didn't and I was still in pain, so I exited the bathroom and went back to the stiff hospital bed.

"What the hell happened to me?" I murmured to nobody in particular.

Whelp, that was chapter 1 revised. Let me know what you think. Better than the original? Worse? It was definitely longer. I will say this though, because I did already have almost 13 chapters written out, I do have a better idea of where I want to go with this. So the chapters will be different as will the plot line, not by a lot, but definitely some. Thanks for reading! I truly do love and appreciate all the support you all have given me. It means the world to me. Hope you enjoyed. :)