Okay, so before I had decided that I wanted to rewrite this story completely, I had finished chapter 13. But since I'm changing things I wasn't sure if I should post it or not, but now I'm just thinking screw it, why not. So along with this Chapter 3 has been revised and posted. Hope you all enjoy! -DRA

He looked so peaceful, so relaxed, and so very unconscious. Though, somehow, he was still frowning slightly, looking as if he disapproved of something, an expression that I was quite accustomed to. His dark hair was messily strewn across the pillow, proving my point that he was in need of a haircut soon. His eyes were closed, as they had been for a day now, his long, dark lashes much more noticeable when he wasn't wearing his mask. There were multiple bandages on his chest, shoulders, and abdomen, but none of them could conceal his very toned and fit body.

I sighed, looking away, chastising myself for my thoughts going there. Again. He was completely vulnerable at the moment, I had to better control myself. In his state, his mind might be more open than usual and, Azar forbid, he might be able to sense on some levels those feelings and thoughts. What would I do then?

Run away, probably. The thought came suddenly and made me freeze. I didn't really think that, did I? I couldn't actually consider leaving, even subconsciously, could I? I mean, this was my home, my friends, my family, my everything. I didn't want to leave. It was inconceivable. Right?

"Please don't leave me." The voice was quiet, hoarse, and in my distracted sate, I barely even heard it. But it had definitely been there. I looked at Robin's face, searching for signs of consciousness, signs that I hadn't imagined those four little words. He looked exactly the same and I was about to write it off as temporary insanity, when I noticed his mouth. Those full lips that had been in an unmoving frown since the beginning of me treating him, were open, just enough to let a few words pass through them. I hadn't imagined it. My eyes involuntarily widened as I thought about what else he might have heard through our link. I had to be more careful. I closed my eyes and imagined a door, opened a crack, a feeling of his presence on the other side, stronger than usual, and closed the door.

Opening my eyes, I saw that he was back to frowning. It took me a second to notice that I was frowning too. I didn't like closing myself off to him like that, but with the way he was, I hardly had a choice. I sighed again, glancing at the clock. My shift was going to be up soon, but I didn't want to leave. I wanted to be here when he woke up. I could always turn the next person away. Again. But at the same time, I could sense their worry, both for me and Robin.

I took his bandaged hand in both of mine and closed my eyes, leaning my forehead on them.

"You realize that you're being a total baby by staying asleep like this," I murmured quietly. "I thought you were stronger than this. It's just a couple cuts and bruises," I continued, knowing I was downplaying his injuries. Yes, there were a couple cuts and bruises, and a broken hand, and some poison, and one broken rib, but still. I had already exhausted myself fixing the broken bones and removing all remnants of the poison, so there was no reason he was still unconscious.

Just thinking about all the healing I had done made my entire body feel heavier. It was probably better that my shift was almost up. As it was, there was chance of me falling asleep right here in this uncomfortable, hard plastic chair.

His hand tightened on mine. My head shot up, my eyes opened immediately, all thoughts of fatigue gone instantly. His eyes fluttered, his grip on my small hand was strong, and a low groan came out of him. I couldn't help the smile that spread on my face.

"Morning sleeping beauty."

I woke up with a drumming sound in my ears. I couldn't tell if it was my head pounding or my heart beating. Or maybe both. It was a dull, but constant pain. I slowly opened my eyes, trying to let them get used to the bright light gradually but it didn't really work so it ended up that they were only half open. I wasn't in my room. This wasn't my bed. I couldn't even seem to remember going to sleep. So what the hell happened?!

"Okay, we need to ta..." Oh. Right. I was with him and I passed out. Great. But this was a bed, not a cot at the doctor's. Meaning what? I opened my eyes a little wider. The walls were a boring shade of beige that halfway down turned into a dumb tan and brown leaf swirly design thing going on. The floor was brown carpet. The bed had white sheets and a brown comforter. There was a small kitchenette on the other side of the room, complete with a fridge, a sink, brown wood counters and a dishwasher; a small desk and chair to the right side of the bed, a closed laptop and lots of papers strewn atop it; a door with a peephole between the desk and a kitchenette; another door, this one ajar, across from the bed, next to the kitchenette, opening to a bathroom; glass double doors with curtains to the left of the bed, opening up to a small balcony, upon which stood the bird boy. It was an average hotel room suite. To be more precise, it was Robin's average hotel room suite.

I heard the door leading out the hallway have a key slide in and out and froze, closing my eyes shut. The door creaked opened and then was shut. I heard a sigh as someone walked across the room, paused briefly in front of the bed before continuing out to the balcony.

"Why is Raven unconscious in your bed?" The voice was familiar, but definitely not Robin's. It was on the tip of my tongue. Gosh, who was it?

"Don't worry Beastboy, I slept in the chair," Robin answered easily, his tone indifferent. Beastboy! He was the green one! His sad face flashed in my mind and for a moment the drumming got painfully louder, but it died down almost immediately again.

"That's hardly what I am worried about and you know it!" Beastboy answered swiftly, an edge in his voice that made me wonder why I didn't feel as worried about the situation as he seemed to be. What was wrong with me? I mean, Robin had basically kidnapped me when I was unconscious. I was defenseless. And alone, sort of, with him in a hotel room. And yet there was no rush of panic, no faster heartbeat, nothing at all to indicate that I was concerned over my situation. Why wasn't I more worried?

"She passed out in front of me! What did you expect me to do? Leave her there? When she wasn't even supposed to be there? Whether she knows it or not, that girl in there is still Raven! She's still part of the team and she is still my best friend. I wasn't leaving her there," Robin countered, his indifference gone, now replaced with worry and frustration.

"Nobody would just leave her there! But why did you bring her back here? Why didn't you bring her back to her house?"

"This was easier." Beastboy scoffed at that one.

"More like you didn't want to let her out of your sight."

"Well, would you?"

"No, but what are you going to say to her when she wakes up? How are you going to stop her from getting a restraining order against you?"

"I'll figure that out when she wakes up." He sighed. "Everyone else?"

"Already back home, picking up the pieces since our untimely leave. The two of them can handle the city without me, you know. If you want me to stay, I will." The two of them were so silent for a moment, I almost wondered if they were still out there. But eventually Robin responded to the green boy's offer.

"No, you should head back too. We're not making much development right now anyways. You're needed more there. You know I'll call you guys back if I need help," he answered calmly. I heard Beastboy sigh.

"Bring her back to us," he said very quietly before I heard his footfalls going through the room again. The door opened and closed. I opened my eyes slowly, trying to keep up with everything I heard. C3P0 and Sailor Moon had already skipped town, with Shrek on his way out as well. Which left me with the kidnapper, who was still thoroughly convinced that I was a part of his freak show. It just gets better and better. And yet….. I still wasn't panicking.

"Oh, you're awake," Robin said standing near the foot of the bed. I jumped involuntarily. I hadn't even noticed he had come in. "Morning sleeping beauty. Now, don't freak out, okay? I can explain," he began calmly. "We were at Doctor Payne's building and you passed out after I helped you avoid getting caught in the closed building. I brought you back here because it was closer and easier. You slept alone in that bed and have been asleep for about 15 hours now. You're safe, okay?"

All I could do was nod as I sat up in the bed. He was watching me, waiting for me to freak out, to start yelling, something. I could tell. He was going to be disappointed, in more ways than one.

"I'm not her," I said very calmly. He didn't even blink.

"Yes, you are," he replied just as calm. A sigh erupted from me as I ran a hand through my messy hair.

"No I'm not, okay? I have two parents waiting for me at home. I've got a couple of best friends who have been putting up with all my difficulties. There is a boy that I hurt who has been waiting for me to remember how much he means to me. How could I possibly be your friend when I have a whole life here?" His perfectly calm face had turned into one of frustration, a frown firmly locked into place.

"Why can't you even consider that maybe it's all a trick, that I'm right? You've seen proof of what I say! You've broken light bulbs, hell, you blew up my motorcycle! I know it's you! I've seen flashes of recognition in your eyes! Why are you so hellbent on not believing me?" he yelled back.

"Because I can't!" It took me a moment to realize that those words had left my mouth. My voice had sounded strange in a way. Deeper, darker even. "You don't understand, I can't," I heard myself saying. "It's like every time I even begin to consider the slightest possibility, it's gone. It's impossible. I can't do it. I can't even consider it. Okay? I just can't." I didn't like the way he was watching me. He looked... motivated. Determined. His frustration was gone now. Something I said awoke something in him. But I hadn't meant to say any of that. It had almost come out against my will. A minute passed by before he responded.

"Do you trust me?"

"What?" That seemed like a very dangerous question. My head kept was screaming at me to say no. I mean, how could I? Ever since he came riding up on his motorcycle, he has been nothing but trouble.

This was a bad idea. A very bad idea. What birdbrain could really think that this was a good idea?

"You ready?" I opened my eyes to see Robin staring expectantly at me. That birdbrain could think it was a great idea. He had this air of excitement to him. He looked... young. Fresh. Kind of like how he did when we first met all those years ago. Of course back then, he didn't tower over me the way he does now and while he had certainly been in shape, he had not been this toned. But that boyish, mischievous grin of his was exactly the same.

"You, young man, bring nothing but trouble, I hope you know that," I answered instead. He raised an eyebrow.

"Young man?" he questioned amused. Oh goodness. He found me amusing. I rolled my eyes.

"You are going to get us both killed," I grumbled. He just laughed at me. "I'm serious! We had a day off. Star is at a spa. That's relaxing. Cy went to some car showcase something, which I don't find particularly relaxing, but at least it isn't life threatening. And Beastboy is out doing," I paused in my rant trying to remember what BB had said he was doing. "Okay, I don't know but something probably relaxing or something. So do you care to explain what I am doing here?" I asked gesturing to the setup he had made. He continued laughing at my objections.

"Well, you're here partially because I know you won't let me die," he began, flashing me that dumb boyish grin. "And you're also here because this is going to be a lot more fun with you than it would have been without you. And anyways, how else do you think these things get tested? But remember, no magic unless we are literally about to die, okay?" I rolled my eyes as an answer. He got into position and turned back to me.

"This is a bad idea," I put in one last time. He raised an eyebrow and outstretched his hand.

"Come one, Raven, don't you trust me?" I sighed, taking his hand and pulling myself up beside him.

"You know I do."

"Do you trust me?" he repeated. Say no! Say no! Say no! Say no! Say no! He waited, his demeanor almost a little nervous. He was like a child waiting to hear whether or not he had gotten permission to do something.

"Yes." Wait. What? Did I just say yes? I meant no! What the hell am I saying? And yet, I couldn't seem to convince myself to open my mouth to change my answer. A big smile stretched across his face, momentarily making me forget my internal argument.

"Okay, first you need to change," he said turning and going to the closet. I looked down, already having forgotten what I was wearing. I had thrown on a baby blue sweatshirt and I had white and purple checkered shorts on and next to the bed were some white wedges. I mean, it wasn't necessarily high fashion, but I didn't think I looked horrible.

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?"

"It's making me uncomfortable," he answered simply, as if that made sense. "Here," he said, throwing me something black. "Since I'm assuming you don't want to wear the spandex uniform, this will have to do," he continued, bringing with him some blue ankle boots.

"Wait, what, spandex uniform?"

"Yeah, and you look great in it too. But this might be a little easier for you to handle until you regain all your memories." It didn't seem worth it to argue that the memories I would be regaining were not necessarily the ones he was hoping. I just sighed and looked down at the clothes he'd thrown to me. It was a black tank top and a black pair of shorts.

"I'm sorry, it's going to be big, but here is a belt for the shorts," he continued, handing me the belt. "You can change in there," he said, gesturing to the bathroom.

"It's all black," I stated looking at the clothes. He grinned at me as if I had just said the best thing ever.

"I know. Now go change," he insisted. I frowned a little, but got up without saying anything and went into the bathroom. I couldn't find any reason not to. Changing out of my pastel colors into the black clothes seemed a bit odd to me. I couldn't really remember the last time I had worn black. The black tank was loose, but not in an 'Oh shit I'm going to flash everyone' sort of way. It just wasn't hugging my every curve, which was fine with me. The shorts we large around the waist, but appeared to be cut so that they weren't overbearingly long and with the belt, stayed up just fine. The me that stared at me through the mirror looked relaxed. It was odd, because it made no sense for me to be relaxed. If anything, I should have taken this time to probably climb out the bathroom window and call the police. But I didn't. Instead I sighed, again, grabbed my discarded clothes off the floor and went back into the main room.

Robin had changed into dark jeans and a red shirt and had a black leather jacket in his hands as if waiting to put it on. Oh and he was staring at me. His eyes completely unguarded. That same gorgeous, familiar, overwhelming blue made me hold my breath. I didn't even realize that I had until he looked down and I let the breath out. He held out the ankle boots to me again and silently I put them on, all the while thinking about the way he had looked at me. There was a relief in his eyes. It didn't make sense to me. All I did was change my clothes. And yet, when he had looked at me with that relief and hope and determination, I couldn't even move. I had been paralyzed. It made no sense. At all.

"Come on," he said the moment I was done with the boots, handing me the leather jacket and opening up the door leading out. I looked at the jacket he had handed me questioningly, having already assumed that it had been for him. "Well?" I looked up to find him watching me expectantly. I just stared at him blankly, looking at his nose to avoid those enticing eyes. "Are you coming?" I looked down at the jacket again, snuck a quick glance at his eyes and then exited the room.

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