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Summary: The journalists and paparazzi find Danny Phantom - again. But this common event couldn't possibly escalate into a huge problem… Could it?


"Ohmygosh! It's Danny Phantom!" Someone from below shouted, just loud enough for the airborne Danny to catch on the rushing wind.

A few audible gasps could be heard coming from the other people on the streets. All were radiating pure joy, surprise, and awe. Danny looked down, towards where the shouting was coming from. Already, a crowd had gathered, just to watch him and try their best to follow him around. Flashes of light erupted like lightning from the growing mass of bodies below him. The photographers had already arrived.

Oh, great. Here we go again, He thought bitterly. Danny paused to wave for only a millisecond, but then zoomed off as fast as he possibly could go, almost breaking his record speed.

Nowadays, he spent almost all of his patrol hours trying his best to ignore the disturbingly obsessive adulation that the citizens of Amity Park were now all so accustomed to giving him. Why in the world did they like him so stinkin' much? Well, sure, he did spend all of his time saving lives, taking care of the impending ghost threats, and being... well, sort of marvelous. But that wasn't the point.

Danny kept on flying, nearer to the ground this time, turning invisible, going intangible through a building, winding around randomly, doing anything that he could think of to try to lose the ever-growing crowd of paparazzi. But every corner that he went around, every single new street that he appeared on, another cluster of people were there, as if they had been standing around waiting for him. He even landed a few times, just to see if he could find a place to transform, but he kept on getting interrupted by more phans.

And he was starting to get really irritated.

So, after a quick plan developed in his brain, up Danny started to fly. Up and up and up he went, higher into the darkening sky. The cold, autumn air whipped through his silver hair, blowing it all into his face. His green eyes became teary from the gusting atmosphere that was constantly hitting his face, so he closed them and left his other senses to enjoy the feeling of flight. The sound of yelling people disappeared below him, the wind started to pick up, the roar of the wind played louder in his ears, and he began to feel free again.

Until he smashed into a brick wall.

Well, it wasn't literally a brick wall. It just kind of felt like it. No, it was, in reality, more like the cold, hard metal of a helicopter. A news helicopter. One that was probably, at the moment, completely devoted to trailing him. Once Danny composed himself and gushed at the cameras for a split second, he bolted off once again, pushing himself to go even faster than before.


It was starting to get late. Notlate late, but the sun was begining to go down, and after almost an hour of non-stop, big-scale hide-and-seek-tag, Danny was completely exhausted. All of that rushing around was so tiring. Sure, it wasn't a ghost fight or anything, but still. Although ghost fights do use up a ton of energy, it's not the same as zooming around at top speed for such a long time. And when he finally found a quiet street, Danny decided to touch down.

As his feet hit the ground, Danny took a quick pan of his surroundings. Everything on this side-street looked... nice.

It's empty. Not filled with crazy, squealing phans. Just a vacant, nice, quiet street… Danny turned around, wanting to find an alleyway where he could transform, when his gaze landed on something.


Danny froze right where he was, and he couldn't help but groan a little to himself. For sitting right in front of him on the front steps of an old, brick townhouse was a young girl. She couldn't have been more than seven or eight years old. Big brown eyes looked up from the book that she was writing in, and upon seeing Phantom, those young eyes immediately lit up. She stopped writing and stared at him with her mouth hung open in disbelief.

"It… it's… You. You're Ph-Phantom," she whispered, only a little nervous stutter present in her voice. "I know you. You're on th-the T.V."

Danny looked at the girl and listened to what she was saying. He just got that feeling, like he almost wanted to melt under the small girl's cute innocence. The slightly annoyed mind-set that he had been feeling when he first saw her quickly disappeared.

"Hello, citizen!" He said, quieter than he usually did, which almost broke his hero's character voice. He then slowly walked up to her, putting a kind smile on his face so he wouldn't scare her away.

The girl just sat quietly and let him approach. She eyed him as he came forward, but didn't seem too scared. When he was finally only a few feet away, a grin suddenly burst onto her face.

"Um, Mr. Phantom? Can… Can you sign this?" She gently held out the pen and the journal that she was writing in.

Danny looked at the girl, then up and down the street. There wasn't any sign of the paparazzi, and it wasn't like he was in a complete hurry to get home, so…

"Eh, why not?" He took the pen, and started writing. "Now, what is your name?" He asked, pausing for a moment.

"Um… M-Maddie."

"Okay… Maddie…" He said slowly as he wrote down her name in whatever message he was writing.

"You know, I know a very nice lady named Maddie," Danny began, which made the girl beam.


"Yup!" He bit his top lip as he wrote, taking a considerable amount of time getting his Phantom signature just right.

"There you go!" He said, finally done. He then handed the journal back to Maddie, who took it with shaking hands. Danny stood there as she read the message slowly out loud.

"'Eat your v-veggies, Maddie! Your f-friend, Danny Phantom.'" She looked back up at him, her attention leaving the booklet completely. "Oh, thank you, Mr. Phantom!" She squealed, her eyes starting to tear up with joy.

"Just call me Danny. It's fine."

She nodded her head enthusiastically, "Thank you, D… Danny! Danny Phantom!"

She skipped back up the steps to her front door and ran inside, only flashing a quick , laughing grin over her shoulder one more time. Once the door closed, Danny could just make out a muffled "Mommy! Daddy! Guess what just happened!"

Danny smiled to himself in satisfaction and started going along on his merry way, deciding to call the rest of the patrol off. Besides, he was already tired from a few ghost fights earlier that day, and if his ghost sense didn't go off anytime soon, then he wasn't going to waste any more time flying around and attracting even more unwanted attention. If he did get home without any inturruptions, then maybe he would actually get some sleep tonight. Maybe he would have time to work on his homework for once. Maybe those wild paparazzi people wouldn't find him before he was able to change into Fenton. Maybe-

"Hey! There he is! It's Danny Phantom!" Danny tensed up at the sound of his name.

"And he just signed a girl's journal!"

"HEY! I want his autograph!"

Danny sighed. Great. Just great.

He tried running off again, but the crowd was too close. They started surrounding him. Then they were closing in on him. And then they started yelling out requests.

"Phantom, could you sign my newspaper?" Some face-less voice shouted frantically

Danny's eyes widened, "Yeah, just one moment, I-"

Another voice was easily picked up above the roar of people. "Could you sign my shirt?"

"Um," Danny started, "Sure? But guys, I just have to-"

"Hey, Phantom? Could you sign my…"

The list went on and on. Danny tried to start signing his autograph, but the group shifted around too much, and then some people started trying to hug him, and they were getting way too excited that he still had that girl's pen in his hand, and he was getting way too claustrophobic, and it was getting way too loud, and–

"QUIET!" Danny yelled. The entire group was immedeately put to silence, all eyes on him.

"Single file, please!"

After a few murmurs, the group complied. The line up was quite messy, with a lot of whining and pushing to get in front, but it was a line nonetheless.

The first person up was some guy that Danny had never seen before. The man handed him a fresh, just off the printer newspaper that had some article about Danny on the front page.

"Here, can you sign this? It's for my girlfriend, Lizzy!" The guy mentioned.

"Yup," Danny took the pen that he was still holding, and quickly scrawled a message and his hero name.

"Can you sign this?" The next person asked, "It's my good-luck baseball jersey!"

Sigh. "Sure." Scribble.

"Hey, Could you sign this? I'm your biggest phan!" The next person, a girl, exclaimed, handing him one of his most famous photograph. Danny nodded and reached his hand out to take the picture from her, when-

"No, I'm his biggest phan!" A Latino-sounding girl's voice shouted, pushing the other girl out of the way before Danny had any time to sign the picture.


"Hey, Phantom," That last voice squealed, "My name is Paulina, except that you probably knew that already, I mean, we're still dating, right? Oh, and here's my diary, it's all about you and all of those times we've had together! So if you could sign it…?"

Danny just wanted to do a face-palm right there, but he chose against it. Who knew how Paulina would react? Instead, he considered how he could respond, and finally settled with, "Um, answer to your first question: No comment. Answer to your second question: Sure." He took the pen and scribbled out: To my biggest phan, Paulina. From, Danny Phantom,in her diary.

Where did that diary even come from? Does she carry it aroundeverywhere?He wondered silently before handing it back to Paulina. "There you go."

Paulina took one look at the signature and started squeaking really high-pitched, a smile spread from ear to ear. "I love you, Danny!" She yelled as she was pushed aside by the next person. Her comment just caused more uproars of "I love you, too!" from random disembodied voices coming from throughout the mob.

"Um, yeah... See you around..."

The rest of the crown surged forward, everyone wanting him to sign something of theirs, all at the exact same time. They all scrambled around, trying to keep the line moving, but everyone wanted to spend as much of their precious time with Danny as they could get away with. All of the praise and adoration... It was kind of creepy.

In order to get everyone through in the fastest amount of time possible, Danny started signing only his autograph. Nothing else, no more little personal messages, just his Alter-Ego's name. He, at first, hoped that the little scribble of a name was enough to satisfy his phans, and to keep them at bay for a few days. But as the signing frenzy continued for another thirty minutes, and as Danny started to develop a seriously painful writer's cramp, the less he started to care if they were all really that happy.

But the people just kept coming.


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