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Here is the final piece of the Christmas outtake between Bella and Edward. I hope you enjoy!

Merry Christmas to all (Happy Holidays to those of you that do not celebrate Christmas)! As I watched my six children tear into their packages this morning, literally rendering my living room into a war zone, I was reminded of just how blessed I am. I pray that each and every one of you will find health and happiness as we move into a new year, and I also hope that your Christmas Day was filled with as much laughter and love as mine was!

By the way, this is totally unbetaed...sorry for the chaos.

Edward POV

"I'll take care of the candles and bringing the lotion." She grinned before I saw the mischievous look on her face. "I'll see you in our room, Edward." Such innocuous words, but the way she said them made the hair stand up on my arms. How did she infuse so much sexual heat into such simple things?

"Bring the clock…" I croaked out as I backed through the door.

"Ok," she smiled impishly, purposely bending over on the bed so that her shirt gaped more.

I moved quickly away, knowing how little my control was with her. "Your mom is going to kill me," I informed my sleeping babies, but then a wolfish grin stole over my face. "But, I'll go out a happy man."

I heard the music as soon as I climbed the stairs; Ella Fitzgerald's sultry voice crooned about what she wanted for Christmas as I entered Bella's and my room. And what I wanted for Christmas stood by our bed in an outfit that took my breath away. Gone was the cardigan and tights, and in their place was a dark green silk camisole and boy short set. So tightly did my chest constrict at the vision before me, that I literally had to lean against the doorframe to keep from falling over.

"Bella…" I acknowledged her hoarsely, and she slowly turned from where she'd been lighting a candle beside our bed.

She grinned in a wicked manner and brought the match up to blow it out slowly. That her lips made a soft pucker and her tongue slipped out to wet them was most likely carefully calculated. But then again, she was a natural seductress, so maybe not.

"Do you want to change?" she asked, nodding toward the silk pajama pants she'd laid over the end of the bed.

Too tongue-tied to speak, I nodded softly and moved toward her, slowly unbuttoning the shirt I'd worn and shrugging it off before picking the pants up and making my way to the bathroom. I took the opportunity to brush my teeth, attempt to tame my hair, and throw the dirty clothes into the basket we used before moving back into our room. Bella had allowed herself only one small glass of wine because she was still nursing, but I saw that she'd refilled mine. I didn't need it; I was already drunk on her. She patted the cover of our bed, having already crawled to the middle of it.

"Trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?" I teased, nodding to the wine as I joined her.

"Do I need to get you tipsy to do that?" she retorted.

"No, definitely not." My answer was quick and decisive. All she had to do was crook her finger at me and she could take advantage of me. She chuckled at how quick I'd responded.

"So…you have one more gift for me?" she asked in a neutral voice.

"Yes…" I reached for it and tore my eyes from her in the process.

Needing to gain perspective, it was imperative that I redirect my attention for a few moments or all would be lost. To say that I was overwhelmed by the sight of her luminous skin contrasting with the green silk was an understatement. But this gift was important, and I had to express it to her in some way. Turning the envelope over and over in my hands, I wondered what her reaction would be. She might think I'd been too interfering, but I knew how much what the envelope contained would mean to her.

"Okay…the way you're stalling makes me think that perhaps you are really going to be in trouble for this one. And the thought that you would be nervous, after all the other stuff you've pulled tonight, makes me extremely so." She smiled softly, as if she was encouraging me.

"No, it's not that; although, I will admit to you right now that I spent the most amount of money on you…" I emphasized the you, since I was going to go to the grave claiming that the foundation was Emmett's gift "…for this anniversary gift."

She took a deep breath, and it appeared that she was preparing for a fight. So to take the wind out of her sails, I quickly placed the envelope in her hands.

"Just open it, please." I waited anxiously for her to do so.

She slid her nail under the paper, flipping the envelope open. Then her fist flew to her mouth, as if she was attempting to keep the sobs from escaping. "Edward!" she cried out, her fingers pressing to her lips - both trembled. Her eyelashes fluttered quickly as she tried to keep the tears from flowing down her cheeks, but I had to admit that seeing her so visibly moved told me that I'd done the right thing.

"He's really going to be fine?" she whispered, asking about the test results I'd just handed her.

"It seems that way. I spoke with the specialist directly, and she informed me that the latest tests indicate that they've gotten it all, and that the cancer is in remission."

"We're going to see him?" she gurgled, the tears making her words hoarse.

I'd included the travel itinerary with the lab results Sulpicia had cleared for me to receive. She'd wanted a second opinion before getting optimistic and had hoped that my father and I would help. I wasn't an oncologist, but our hospital had a few good ones. And even though they didn't specialize in the type of cancer Aro had, they possessed enough knowledge to smile over the results. Carlisle and I had been able to give Sulpicia very good news…and I'd asked if I could pass them along to Bella.

"Yes. I made all the arrangements with Sulpicia. Aro doesn't know we're coming. We're going to be staying in Phoenix for two weeks; mom is coming with us to help with the babies."

"What?" she barely breathed out, still unable to comprehend what I was saying.

"Carlie, the babies, you, and I are going to Phoenix to be with Aro. Sulpicia wants you there when the doctor tells him the good news, Bella. Mom is coming with us to help out with the babies, so that you can be with Aro at the hospital. Carlie is going to fly back and stay with Jacob and Leah when school starts back. And if all goes as planned, they'll be releasing Aro to come home with us the next week, to be placed under care here. We're taking one of the planes to come and go."

"Edward! I can't…" She was struggling with the words. Crumpling the paper she held in her hands, she pressed her fists to her eyes.

"Love, don't cry. I was hoping this would make you happy." Panic swamped me. Perhaps withholding the information about Aro under the premise of giving the news as a gift hadn't been the best idea.

"I AM HAPPY!" she sobbed again, shaking her head from side to side.

Her crying slayed me, whether it was happy or sad tears, and I pulled her over into my lap, tucking her head beneath my chin and wrapping my arms around her. "Sh…Love. Sh…" I scooted us far enough over to grab some tissues from the bedside table. Dotting underneath her eyes, I tried to comfort her.

For a long time, she sobbed, but I knew we were past the crisis when I felt her hand slide across my ribs as if she was trying to comfort me. She leaned back away from me, and it was then that I saw the love shining through.

"You…" I remained quiet, waiting for her to form the words. "You, Edward Cullen, are too much, and I am the luckiest woman on earth."

She crashed her lips to mine, and somewhere in the distance I heard the papers and other presents fall to the floor. Thankfully, the bracelet I'd had fashioned for her for Christmas wasn't breakable; whether or not her present to me was damaged or not, she'd have to worry about. Because all I felt was her lips on mine and her hands skimming over my skin. It would seem that her intended punishment of making me suffer for an hour before I could "have her" was gone, and as I felt her teeth nibble down my neck, I groaned at the onslaught of desire.

I was perfectly comfortable with the change in plans. "Bella, love…"

"No…" she hissed "…no talking, just kissing and touching." She didn't finish her words either, turning me over onto my back so that she straddled me. "I love you," she murmured softly before leaning down to kiss me.

And kiss me she did. I was gasping for breath by the time she released me from her spell. When she moved against me, I rolled her over, thrilling in the feel of her under me.

"You're wrong you know…" I sighed "…it is you who is too much." Taking one of her hands, I raised her wrist to my mouth, covering the frantic beat of her pulse there with my lips. "From the first moment I saw you…my sin has been that I wanted you too much. I still do. You hold my salvation or destruction in the palm of your hand, Bella." I placed her hand in my hair, silently begging her to bury her fingers in it. She had no clue what it did to me to feel her fingers tugging at me, the lust and sense of her ownership over me it engendered. "So many others could've loved you, and it will forever haunt me that they may be so much better for you. But, I will tell you this; I will not do anything to make you regret giving me another chance, Bella. Tonight, I plan to worship every inch of your body, making sure that you carry the memory of my love in every pore."

I heard her sigh as I placed her other hand above my damaged heart and settled my lips against her throat. I felt the vibrations of her body against mine and incredibly felt myself grow harder and bigger.

"I need to calm the fuck down," I thought, borrowing Emmett's favorite statement to me. There would be time for the hard and fast stuff later. I wanted to make love to my wife on our anniversary. MY WIFE! I lost a little control and snarled into her neck on instinct, reveling in the fact that the woman who was lying below me had chosen me.

"I love you," I murmured gruffly against her throat, letting every emotion and thought I felt infuse the words so that she could hear the depths of the feelings holding me bound to her. "I existed for so long believing the only way I could feel was to hurt, Bella. The pain was my constant companion and made me the shell of a man I was when you found me again. Like before, you overwhelmed me, ensnared me, and irrevocably changed me."

"Edward…when will you forgive yourself?" she asked gently. "You are the man you were always supposed to be. The man I love…the man that owns this." She placed my hand over her heart and the frantic beat of it, heat from her skin, and coolness of the silk held me enthralled. A grin spread across my face, and she responded in the same way. She would never be able to comprehend how perfect she was to me.

While I enjoyed the pounding of her heart against my palm, I used the fingers of my other hand to spread through the fine waves of her hair. The deep brown and auburn strands caressed the skin of my fingers, and for a few moments, I relished the slide of it across my sensitive tips. I spread it like a halo around the cherished features of her face. Her skin was luminous, and I brushed my thumbs across her graceful cheekbones. The thrumming of her blood caused the artery in her neck to pulse wildly, and I had the sudden urge to bite her. And so I did…

She cried out in passion, pushing against me. I let her struggle against me for the moment, before breaking away and seeing the slight indentation I'd left on her. It was primal…the pleasure I felt at it.

Thump, thump. Thump, thump... beat her heart.

It was like a literal beacon signal, calling me to the place I would find nirvana. Wafts of desire surrounded me as I watched the flush of passion cover her face. Her chocolate brown eyes were wide in amazement at the unexpected display of aggression I'd allowed and the feel of my body pressed to her. Her pupils were dilated, and her glistening lips had parted drawing pants of air in, stirring it around us. She was beauty incarnate, my vixen, my siren.

Leaning down, I blew gently across her ear. Her groan of pleasure pulled me to taste her, and I moved to place my lips over the right cheekbone and feathered kisses across the delicate structure. It led to her ear, and I took an extraordinarily long time tracing the lobe before nibbling. A growl of pleasure erupted from me when she moved her hips under me, rubbing against my hardness.

"My love…" I whispered softly breathing across her slightly damp skin. She shuddered in reaction, her hand cinching in my hair. "God…you have no idea how much I love feeling you do that," I said, sliding my mouth and tongue along her chin. She attempted to lower her lips to mine, but I wanted to nibble at her other ear as well.

Softly brushing her hair away from the delicate skin just behind her ear, I sucked it gently into my mouth. Her subtle perfume surrounded me, and I slid my hand from her heart across the silk of her tank top to place it to where my fingers lay across the swell of her breast. I felt her nipple pebble in reaction, and she growled at me softly.

"Patience, love," I said darkly.

Drinking in the scent that lingered at the curve of her neck, I ran my tongue across her skin collecting her taste, savoring it, allowing it to soak into the rough texture of my tongue. My hand clenched softly, and I quickly moved it behind her shoulder to pull her closer into my searching mouth. Using the greater access, I bit softly at the strong muscles leading down to the soft line of her shoulder. She moaned at the feel of my teeth against her, and I broke away for a moment a little shocked at the aggression that kept surfacing. Panting, I remained above her, attempting to reign in the lust, but she used the fingers laced into my hair to press my lips firmly against her again.

"Again…" she begged softly.

I grazed my teeth along her collar bone, just hard enough to bring pleasure without abrading her skin. But the silk of her camisole kept me from going further.

"May I?" I asked, pulling back to look into her lust laden eyes.

She followed the retreat of my body and sat up, so I moved behind her. Once again, I took a few moments to run my fingertips through her long hair, enjoying the slide of silk through them. Bringing a section to my nose, I inhaled deeply and noticed the slight vibration of her body. Grabbing the mass of her thick tresses, I wrapped the length around my fist several times and pulled her a little impatiently back into me. Then closing my eyes, I ran my fingertips across the delicate arch of her neck, causing goosebumps to rise along her skin. She groaned in impatience, and I murmured against the skin of her neck. "Allow me my moments, Bella. Making love to you…I've spent years fantasizing about it." Running my tongue up her neck I buried my nose in her hair, enjoying the smell of her. "When we were teenagers, you used your hair to hide from me. Do your remember that? I would watch you from across the classroom, and when I'd catch your eyes…you'd blush beautifully and hide behind this." I tugged at her hair a little harshly.

She stilled, and I used the tip of my nose to trace the line of her hair against the creamy white skin, ending my exploration by placing a soft kiss just behind each earlobe. Gently placing the mane of her hair across her shoulder, I brought my slightly shaking hands to the silk top that kept me from viewing the most alluring body I'd ever seen. Then, inches of glorious unblemished skin were revealed, only interrupted by the lush green that made up the boy shorts. Using my hands to smooth along her shoulders, I thrilled as her shivers followed my journey.

She leaned subtly back into me, bringing our skin together, and pleasure burst across us both. Her head rested against my chest, and she turned her face slightly into me. Using the tips of my fingers to caress the length of both of her arms, I was mesmerized by the uninterrupted view of the slenderness. She finally grabbed my wandering hands, linking our fingers so that she could run her fingertips across my skin. She seemed mesmerized by the play of bone and muscle.

But she then ran her fingertip across the thick band on my finger, and for a moment, sexual tension was tempered. "It almost seems too good to be real." I hissed softly when she brought the tip of my ring finger to her mouth. She nipped slightly before sucking it into the warmth and swirling it with her tongue, looking seductively up at me under the cover of her long lashes.

A soft moan of contentment gathered between us as Bella connected our lips again. This time she twisted her body and slowly pressed us to the bed. Her lips softly feathered over mine before she took my bottom lip into her mouth to suck at it. She nibbled softly at the flesh before she slowly pressed for me to open wider. Then I had the exquisite pleasure of feeling her tongue brush over mine. We spent lazy moments of tasting each other, tongues softly exploring and then as the time passed becoming more aggressive.

When she rose to straddle my body, I was stunned anew at the beauty of her. She threw her hair behind her shoulders, and I was able to look on the expanse of what she offered. As I gazed into her dark eyes, I placed my hands at her waist and softly began the transverse upwards. My thumbs came to rest under the weight of her breasts, pressing them high into the air as I rubbed the soft skin underneath. Her nipples pebbled harder, and I could no longer deny my need, sitting up to take one in my mouth, rubbing the tip with my tongue. Bella screamed my name, and my hips ground into the heat above them. My arm wrapped around her back, pulling her into me as I stroked her other nipple with my thumb. I alternated between nibbling, licking, and sucking to tantalize them both. I could stay focused on this area of Bella's delectable body for hours and attempted as much as possible to ignore the grinding of her wetness against me, but I knew I was losing the battle.

"Edward…god…." She tugged at my hair as she rotated into me, dragging herself across the length of my arousal. "Gonna…"

I could feel it…she was on the cusp, and so I bit slightly into the swell of flesh I was worshipping and grabbed her hip with one free hand to secure her tightly to me so that I thrust against her, sending her over the edge. Her body went rigid, and she drew a harsh gasp of air. Brushing my hands along the strong muscles of her back, I soohed her, until I felt her begin to shudder against me. She slumped slightly, laying her face on the top of my head. "You are going to kill me," she muttered in satisfaction.

"Impossible, that is only the beginning," my husky voice replied. I wanted nothing more than to tear the shorts from her and dive into her body.

She groaned in need, putting her lips at my ear. "Really…what's stopping you?"

I chuckled darkly. She found herself flipped to the bed below me, her silk shorts in shreds. The plane of her abdomen caught my attention, and I placed my cheek to it, smoothing our skin against each other in an attempt to calm myself. But the smell and heat of her hit me full force, and I was surprised she didn't growl at the way I gripped her hips. I knew her taste, savored it, and after allowing a snarl to erupt from my chest, I began moving to the very core of her.

"Edward…I want…I want to taste you…"

"Later!" I growled, going all primordial male on her.

I groaned in bliss when her fingers tangled through my hair holding me to her, and she rocked her hips into my face. The taste bloomed over me, filling my mouth and senses as it had the first time I tasted her. She was wet from her earlier orgasm, and I lapped at her, running my tongue through her folds and diving into her, mimicking what I fully intended to enjoy soon. When I swirled around her clit, she cried out in pleasure.

"Again!" she demanded. My Bella was no shrinking violet.

I did as ordered but flattened my tongue against her, knowing from the tension throbbing through her that it would be all that it would take. She shattered against me again, panting my name.

Was three times too much to do before I joined with her?

I wanted to make our anniversary as memorable as possible…so I moved my fingers to her wetness and smoothed across her, sliding into the scalding tightness of her body to delicately stretch her.

"Oh…my…god. Edward, please…please. I need you inside of me." She put her hands to the side of my face and pulled me to face her. I saw the black of her eyes as I continued to pump inside of her slowly, stretching gently.

"Edward," she growled, attempting to threaten me against what I wanted from her.

I smirked and enjoyed the sight of her losing the fight as passion flared across her face, and her mouth slackened softly as I pushed slowly back into her swelling body again. Her face was a masterpiece as she prepared to orgasm. Her eyes were heavily hooded in desire, and she ran her tongue across her lips. Her hair fanned out around her in a riotous mess as she arched subtly into me. I ran my thumb across one of her nipples as I curved my other fingers inward and was enthralled by the soft shudders that followed as she twisted and arched against me again, hands grasping at my biceps forcefully, face frozen in the throes of release. With a breathless sigh, she slumped down into the bed in satiation.

But before I knew what to expect, she wrapped her arm around my shoulders and turned us to where she straddled me again. What was it with her and wanting to mount me?

But the question rushed from my brain as she brushed her fingers across the structure of my face and then down my chest, lacing through the fine hairs there. She proceeded to nibble at my jaw, alternately sucking at my skin and licking across it. I was hard as a rock, and the feeling of her hands and lips across my skin set fire to my body, pressing me closer to losing what little control I had. I enjoyed though the play of interest across her face as her eyes followed the pathways she took in her exploration. Finally, she moved lower to run her hand across my abdomen, and I watched her eyes as the inches of my flesh appeared as she pulled the pajama bottoms slowly down my legs.

"You're beautiful," she whispered softly.

I shook my head and smirked at her. "I'm not certain a thoroughly aroused male body is considered beautiful, Bella."

"Yours is."

I leaned up and connected our lips, bringing her body against mine, growling when her breasts touched my chest and her heated sex settled against my erection.

"Make love to me!"

I chuckled in pain and joy to hear those words. "I thought that is what I'd been doing."

I buried my hands in her hair and let go, bringing her lips back to me. Plunging my tongue into her mouth, I demanded a reaction, and her hands slid across my ribs and stomach to touch me. My eyes rolled back into the back of my head, and my mouth tore from hers as I uttered a particularly prolific curse.

"Edward Cullen!" she snickered at my outburst, brushing her hand up and down my length. I was incapable of responding.

Unintelligible sounds escaped my throat as fire spread through my bones and body, pulling at my abdomen. Her gentle caresses were heaven and hell combined as they ghosted across me, and I was literal putty in her hands. Bella leaned down and stole a passionate kiss as she continued to run her small hands across me. When she circled me and began to apply pressure, my hips moved against her, increasing the friction, and I broke the contact between our lips to growl out her name. It was exquisite torture, but I startled when she started kissing down my chest. As much as I lusted to feel her lips wrapped around me, it would all be over if she did that, so I rolled us across the bed once more, ending up with our bodies perfectly aligned.

I looked down into her face, amazed at her beauty. My love…the reason for my existence. When she smiled softly, I contemplated, for not the first time, my extreme good luck

"Edward, all I ever dreamt about was being with you, loving you," she said softly, feathering her fingers across my cheeks.

"Bella, you are mine…forever," I murmured just before pushing into her.

The tightness and wet heat of her threatened to destroy my ability to focus and go slow. We both gasped at the feeling of completion our eyes locked in adoration. I was surrounded in heat…amazing, scalding, all-encompassing heat…nestled in the body that was home to me.

"Mine." The word tore from me.

"Yes, mine." Her reaction was just as adamant.

Bella wrapped her legs around my hips, bringing our bodies flush against each other. The position allowed me to slide even further inside her and the slickness of her sex drove me crazy. I grasped her hips, angling her body more, and I drove deeper, faster, wilder against her. Miraculously, I felt her begin to swell again like a vise grip around me.

"Fuck…fuck…fuck…not yet…" I muttered, enjoying the push and pull of her around me, wanting it to last forever.

"I want to feel you come apart inside of me…Edward…please."She then screamed my name as she came again.

"Please." The magic word.

Everything in my body focused on the feel of her…wrapped around me…seeing her head thrown back in abandoned…neck exposed, and I snapped, literally. I bit her again as I exploded, grinding into her selfishly, rocking my hips back and forth to prolong the mind encompassing feeling of claiming her. Our bodies took over, sinking our minds into the delicious oblivion, riding out the rest of the waves. Aftershocks rocked through my body for what seemed minutes as I lay on top of her, totally satiated and at peace. Then, horror rose in my mind as I realized just how hard I'd bitten her.

"Oh my God, Bella…did I…" I struggled up to lean over her.

She started laughing, her fingers to her neck, just over the spot where I'd marked her. "What was that about?" she asked, the humor at least breaking through my immediate horror.

"I'm…I'm not really sure." I wanted to bury my face in her neck and hide in embarrassment.

I could feel her laughter still in the rumbling of her chest against me. "Well…other than the fact I'll have to wear a scarf or be unmercifully harassed by Emmett…I kinda liked it."

I groaned in defeat as she wrapped her arms around me and held me tight as the final shudders of the mind-blowing sex made me as weak as a baby.

Then, as if a part of a miraculous plan, the clock struck midnight.

"Merry Christmas Edward…" she said into my hair, and I felt the soft brush of her kiss against me.

What more could I say… "Merry Christmas, love."

And to those who I don't speak to before that...a Happy New Year!