Gibbs stole around a parked mercedes, scanning the potion of the parking structure he could see. Tony did the same on the other side of the building, nodding to Gibbs. A flicker of movement revealed McGee behind a dinged up mazda.

Now they waited.

As the minutes ticked by, the NCIS agents tapped their comms to confirm strategy. Ziva poked her head out of the parking elevator, making eye contact with her teammates.

The screech of tires began to resound around the structure, signaling that their target was about to appear. All the agents tightened their grips on their sigs, and waited. The team was to take down a drug and arms deal before it even happened.

A black volvo shot up the ramp, screeching through the structure. Gibbs made a signal, and all agents jumped out form their hiding spots, raising guns.

"NCIS!" Gibbs yelled out. The volvo didn't stop, careening towards the car McGee was behind. He saw it coming and leapt away before it crushed the mazda into the space where his legs had been.

Gibbs ran towards the car, shooting at the driver. two shots and he was down, flooring the gas pedal as he slumped over the wheel. The car jerked forwards, narrowly missing Gibbs as it crashed into the guardrail. The hood steamed.

The tailgate opened, revealing a mafia crime boss. He slid out of the car, coming towards Gibbs.

"Put your hands in the air!" Gibbs yelled. The man did, also raising a detonator. The car behind him exploded, not giving Ziva, who had gone to inspect the car, enough time to get away. The former Mossad agent flew through the air and landed on a car, laying still. The rest of the team was thrown to the ground.

The man with the detonator received the brunt of the explosion and skidded along the pavement, still managing to roll out of it and limp away.

"Oh, no you don't" Gibbs growled, on his feet quicker than a flash, DiNozzo on his heels. He raised his gun to fire at the escapee, but was met with a barrel himself.

"You let me walk out of here, agent Gibbs... And I don't kill any more of your agents" The man said in a heavy russian accent, raising an eyebrow.

"Put down the gun" Gibbs said quietly, fixing the other man in his cobalt blue gaze. Beside him, Tony did the same with McGee mirroring them. Ziva stirred gently.

His opponent shook his head, cocking the gun with a smirk. He pointed it in turn at Tony and Gibbs.

"You shoot me or my agents, and I will have a bullet through your brain before the trigger is even pulled" Gibbs said in a deadly tone.

"So put it down" Tony finished. "When Gibbs gets pissed, people don't end up looking so good"

The mafia boss put his weapon down on the floor, putting his hands in the air. Tony went up and began to check him down.

Before any of them really knew what was happening, the mafia boss had Tony out cold on the ground and was holding his gun back to Gibbs' forehead. McGee ran closer to put a better fix on the attacker.

"Damn you" Gibbs said. "I give you one more chance, and then I blow your brains out. Surrender"

"You agents never learn" The mafia boss said, spitting out some blood. With that and a smirk, he fired the gun.