Chapter 9: Hott Chicks with Guns, or Danger Fox

Mainly inspired by Heath's tweet about owning a Magnum (which I assumed was a .38 revolver) & when I asked him if he was any good he said he hit everything he aimed at. About a quarter way thru this scene i realized it wouldn't work with the rest of Jeff's bday party i have planned, but i kept writing the damn thing, so i decided i'd just Twitlonger it, & here it is. Just Southern boys being Southern boys & one confuzzled Canadian.

"Man on the field!"

Shannon scampered to one of Jeff's statues in the backyard, setting empty bottles and cans on whatever surface would hold them. Jay watched, hearing other partiers inside the house and Matt behind him grilling on the deck.

"Last round, guys," Jeff said, his Remington rifle held by the barrel and pointing at the sky."We're starting to lose light." He took a pull from the beer in his other hand and Jay grimaced.

"Aren't you supposed to not drink while handling guns?" he asked.

"Man, you sound like Adam," Jeff said with a grin. There was a reason he only went out shooting when his blonde was coming home late. "We've had one six-pack, chill."

Jay shook his head. True, one six-pack wasn't going to make much of a dent in three grown wrestlers' sobriety, but still. This was one time he didn't mind sounding like Adam, especially where his boyfriend was involved. His boyfriend who, at the moment, was draining his own beer, his handgun sitting on the table with the rest of the guns and ammo.

When Jeff had mentioned he and Shannon were going to do some shooting on his birthday, Heath had begged Jay to let him bring his Magnum. Jay didn't even like the thought of Heath owning one, much less carrying it in his car, but the vixen often felt out of place among Jay's friends. It didn't help that Heath had grown up idolizing half of them. Jay really couldn't blame the kid for jumping at the chance to find some common ground with them outside the ring. That didn't mean he had to love it.

"Shannon!" Heath yelled. "Here's another!" He tossed the empty bottle in Shannon's direction, and Shannon picked it up to set it with the others Jay had gathered from party.

He bounded back to the group at the table and picked up his Marlin .22, shouting, "All clear! We each get four, who's up? Birthday boy?"

"You know it," Jeff said, setting his beer on the table. He stepped up and took his shots, taking time to aim and sending three cans flying and a bottle bursting. The other two cheered as Jeff raised his gun and hollered in victory. Heath slapped Jeff's back as he set down his rifle and Jeff clasped his hand, giving the redhead a shoulder bump and laughing before grabbing his beer. Jay couldn't help but smile to see them getting along.

Shannon stepped up next, raising his camo-painted rifle and looking down the scope. He hit two targets, then swore when the next bullet pinged off the aluminum of the sculpture.

"Cut him off!" Jeff teased, and Heath snorted, hiding a snicker. Shannon glared back at the redhead, who shrugged innocently, then proceeded to hit the next two bottles.

"Let's see you do better, Red," Shannon said.

"Yeah, go for it, Cherry," Jeff smirked, nodding towards the sculpture.

Heath replied with a "Wooo!" and grabbed his gun, reloading as he stepped forward.

"Let's make this interesting," Shannon suggested.

"Let's not," Jay said.

"Interesting how?" Heath asked, and Jay groaned as Jeff giggled. Shannon cocked his hip, resting the butt of his rifle on it.

"I bet you can't hit four targets in ten seconds, not miss one. I got five hundred bucks that will back me up," the mohawked man said. Heath narrowed his eyes.

"I'll do you one better. After I hit those four, Jeff throws his bottle in the air and I hit that, too. Worth another five bills to ya?" He raised a ginger brow and puckered his lips in a smirk. Shannon grinned back and spit in his palm, then held his hand out to shake on it.

"That's a bet."

Heath spit in his own palm and they shook, and Jeff nudged Jay. "Hot chicks with guns, man, huh?"

Jay rolled his eyes. Southerners.

Heath shook his hair back, gun trained on the ground, and lifted his left hand to point at the four bottles, mouthing "pow" at each one, getting in the zone. He then twisted to point at the bottle still in Jeff's hand, mouthed a final pow, and grinned before turning back to cock his gun and level it at the sculpture. He took a deep breath and stilled. "Time me, Daddy! Gimme a mark!"

Jay shrugged and looked at his watch, the second hand sweeping over the numbers. "Mark," he said, and Heath fired.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

Four bottles shattered in quick succession, Heath's arms shifting from one target to the next as he squeezed the trigger. Before Shannon could do more than blink in surprise, Heath bellowed, "Launch!"

Jeff started, then tossed his near-empty bottle in a high, wide arc over the sculpture. Heath followed the trajectory with the barrel for a second then fired again, and spinning brown glass exploded in the air.

"Ho-lee SHIT!" Jeff cried, then burst into laughter.

"How the hell did you do that?" a wide-eyed Shannon asked. Heath himself looked stunned, then threw his head back and whooped.

"Did you fuckin see that?" he shouted at Jay, who just stared.

Matt called from the grill, "I saw it and I still don't believe it!"

The three gunmen hollered and hugged, Jeff and Shannon patting the redhead on the back. "I'm glad that was the last round," Jeff said. "Ain't gonna top that shit no how!"

"Ah man, I really thought I was gonna have to pay you a cool grand, Shannon," Heath said, giggling.

"Fuck that," Shannon said, shaking his head. "Come down to the shop tomorrow, I'll give you the cash and tattoo you for free."

"Sounds good, man. Thanks," Heath said, and turned his bright, wide smile on Jay as his blond approached.

"Um.. 'scuse me, guys.." Jay said, nudging Jeff aside and pointing at Heath's hand before taking it. "I need to.. borrow my boyfriend for a few minutes." He cleared his throat and dragged his vixen past Matt and into the house, heading for the guest room they were sharing during this weekend's visit. Heath giggled and tripped along behind him, waving at the catcalls Shannon and Matt were shouting.

"I told you, Jay!" Jeff cried. "Hott chicks with guns!"

"I know, I know!" Jay called back, ignoring the people gathered inside. Guns didn't usually turn Jay on, and he didn't know why he needed to fuck his vixen hard and dirty so bad right now, but he was not going to question it.