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Summary: What if Steve was asked to go undercover for the CIA even though he doesn't work for them? What if his current mission had been to apprehend Wo Fat and route the corruption of the Yakuza in Hawaii? How would Ha'iale be different?

Reflections While in Jail

Steve was exercising in his cell and thinking about the beginning of his journey. A journey that brought him to solitary confinement accused of the governor's murder.

Steve had been approached by two CIA agents while waiting for his flight to Hawaii for his father's funeral. He had not been happy to see them; he didn't work for the agency anymore. He listened to their spiel knowing that it must be important to approach someone who was on bereavement leave. Oh, it was important alright. They wanted him to continue his own father's investigation into corruption in the government of Hawaii. In particular, they were interested in the Yakuza's involvement in said corruption. They offered something even more compelling to get him to cooperate. Victor Hesse worked for Wo Fat who was the de facto leader of the Yakuza. Wo Fat ordered Victor to kill Jack McGarrett; the timing of the death was beneficial to hide the Yakuza's involvement.

Steve would have an ally in Governor Jameson who had been trying to help Jack to get enough on Wo Fat and his associates. She was playing a corrupt politician in order to gather evidence. She would offer Steve an opportunity to run a newly created task force in order clean up her island. Wo Fat would think she did it to keep an eye on Steve and monitor his investigations.

Steve would be given the equipment that he would need to keep conversations confidential in his home and at his new task force's headquarters. He would not be able to discuss his assignment with the governor; she was watched too carefully by Wo Fat. He would be allowed to share his assignment with others at his discretion after a thorough background check of course.

Steve agreed to take the assignment. He wanted to capture Victor Hesse for killing his father and the many other crimes the man was guilty of committing. Getting the man who ordered his father's death would be even better since Hesse was merely the trigger man in this instance.

Steve read over Wo Fat's file on his flight to Hawaii. He needed to know how the man operated; it would help him to decide on a course of action. The man was into playing complicated games with his enemies. This could actually work for him. Play ignorant son stumbling around trying to learn what his father had been doing. He had also been given dossiers of possible task force members. He set aside the ones that interested him the most to reread.

First dossier was on a Detective Danny Williams. He moved to Hawaii from New Jersey to be able to stay in his daughter's life. His record from New Jersey was outstanding, though he was not getting on well with HPD. Steve shook his head. He knew about the prejudices against mainlanders in HPD from his dad which ran from mild to outright hate. It would be worse if Williams didn't try to fit in which is the impression that he was getting from his dossier. He would make a great partner. Steve knew he would need a good cop at his side and William's file had been top of the list which told Steve that the man was honest and hopefully could be trusted.

Steve didn't find any other candidates from HPD that really caught his eye. Then he came across Chin Ho Kelly's name. He remembered Kelly from high school, good football player. The CIA documented the unfounded accusations against Kelly claiming he took $280 million from the asset forfeiture locker. Kelly was basically forced out of HPD even though there was no proof that he had taken the money. The CIA did not believe that Kelly was responsible based on Jack McGarrett's belief in Kelly's innocence. That was good enough for Steve; he has now found a second member for the team. Maybe Kelly would know someone that would work out.

Steve would never be able to explain why he picked Danny and Chin from all of the other dossiers, just an instinct that they would fit. Steve had learned to trust his instincts a long time ago; they had saved his bacon more than once.

Meeting Danny had been an eye-opener. He found someone who could stand up to him and stand up for what is right. Thinking about it, he didn't know how they went from barely tolerating each other to the best of friends. Oh, they still banged heads over different issues, but he also knew that he trusted Danny without question and valued his opinion. Steve also knew the reverse was true despite Danny's tendency to rant at his unorthodox methods. He knew that outside the task force it seemed like he disregarded Danny's opinion and did what he wanted to do, but it wasn't the case. It was part of Steve's plan to make Wo Fat think he was some kind of hot-headed lone wolf instead of the team player that he was in real life. He was a SEAL, and SEALs were all about teamwork. An enemy made mistakes when they underestimated you. Danny was aware of what Steve was doing, he didn't necessarily like it, but he understood and supported him. Danny was more than his best friend, he was the brother he always wanted growing up.

Looking in Chin's eyes when he denied taking the money, Steve knew his father had been right. Chin was innocent and he would help Chin prove it while getting back into the game. He was glad that he had picked Chin. Chin's experience and contacts proved to be a valuable asset to Five-0.

Steve had been right; Chin did know someone who would do well on the task force. Even though his cousin Kono was a rookie, she was smart, brave, could kick ass and had fantastic instincts.

Steve was proud of the work Five-0 had done since the start of the task force. They had been able to put away several dangerous criminals and saved a number of people including some kidnapped teens.

Steve believed that his assignment would soon be over and he would be free of the CIA. Some might think he would leave once Wo Fat was in custody, but Steve had decided to stay in Hawaii and keep Five-0 going. He had been offered the option to stay by the governor because she was also pleased with the work Five-0 had been doing even if she couldn't let on to Wo Fat her real opinion. Once he knew the option was available there really wasn't a decision to be made, he was staying with Five-0 and his ohana. Since he knew he was staying, it had been time to tell his team about the assignment. Steve smiled slightly thinking about Mount William's reaction to his disclosure.


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